How To Get a Taurus Man Back: What No One Tells You

To win him back you will need to focus his attention on what he is losing if not being with you, but without making him jealous.

Taurus man back

The Taurus man can be both sweet and bitter, at the same time a bully and a sensual. He may seem very strong and tough on the outside, but on the inside, he’s a soft human being. Therefore, you must accept that while the mask he puts on for the public is of a big and important man, he’s not in any way like this when it comes to his true personality.

In case he’s the sensitive type who gets mad when things aren’t going his way, you may want to ensure him you’re going to be by his side, no matter how difficult the times may get. If he’s the tough type, you need to offer him a little bit of space and to engage with him only after he has stopped being angry.

Top 5 tips on how to get a Taurus man back:

  1. Don’t waste his time with displays of neediness.
  2. Appeal to his senses and memories in a subtle way.
  3. Don’t criticize anything about him, even if he is to blame too.
  4. Avoid making him jealous in any way.
  5. Be patient but resilient with him.

Don’t waste any precious time

As soon as the Taurus man has dumped you, don’t wait on him to get back to you very fast. Just like he takes a lot of time to decide on a breakup, you may also want to be patient with him if you’re expecting a makeup to follow.

If you want your Taurus ex back, just tempt him with a delicious dinner, a massage session or a gift that has cost you a lot of money because he’s very materialistic and can be impressed by anything expensive.

He’s too stubborn to ever admit that he may have been wrong in some situations, so if you love him, having a lot of patience in order for him to come back to you on his own may just do the trick.

This can happen only if you two didn’t have a major conflict in the past. In a different situation, you may want to know everything about what makes him weak and vulnerable.

If you know how to approach this man, he may forever fall in love with you. A little bit of a controversy for many, the Taurus man is also practical and fair, not to mention he may come back to you just because he doesn’t want to deal with an unfamiliar environment.

If you know how to take advantage of all this, it can become easier for you to get him back.

Make sure he knows what he loses if deciding to give up on you. Talk only about facts and avoid discussing emotions at any costs. If you know how he’s behaving and many of his traits, it becomes easier to revive a relationship with this man.

However, keep in mind that each time you are breaking up with him, the chances of you two getting back together become much smaller.

Determine how much you’ve offended him by asking your common friends how he’s feeling about your breakup.

When he’s acting weird, prepare yourself for a conversation about separation and even choose what to wear when this will happen. He won’t want to lose someone who’s gorgeous.

It’s important that you allow him to talk when he wants to because he’s the type who’s thinking out loud, no matter how quiet and reserved he may seem.

You’ll have to possess a good sense of humor because all Tauruses are known to fall for the people who can make them laugh.

Setting up a good atmosphere when talking to the Taurus man about your relationship may also be a good idea because he likes being in nice surroundings.

He loves practical jokes, but he also needs to be seriously explained what good things a relationship with you may bring him.

He’ll surely have a difficult time giving up on the stability he has with you as he gives a lot of importance to this aspect of life.

He won’t resist getting back together with you if he sees many advantages in it. It’s very important that you keep being natural and relaxed.

You shouldn’t yell at him, especially if you have respect for the conversation. If you’re the one responsible for the breakup, apologize and be sincere about it.

Making him forgive you may be the most difficult thing you’ve ever tried because natives of this sign can easily get hurt and get very angry when insulted.

He needs to be given time when not willing to get over some past conflicts. If he starts shouting, you’ll need to have a lot of patience with him.

When the Taurus man doesn’t display any emotion, it may be a sign that he’s in fact indifferent, so seeing him angry may be a good sign.

Let him take his time

The man born in Taurus is famous for moving a little bit slower than others, for being cautious and deliberate.

He’ll take his time before making any decision, but he surely can stick to what he has concluded. It’s very likely for him to mule over the subject of breaking up with you because it’s in his nature to be like this.

You’ll never get a clear answer from him on the spot, so patience is of utmost importance when dealing with this composed ad stubborn man.

He simply likes to think things through and to take it slow. Be prepared to work with this and to give him all the time that he needs.

You can be sure he’ll stick by his decisions, no matter what. It’s almost impossible for the Taurus man to change his mind after he has reached to a conclusion.

Make sure there’s trust left between you two

When two partners are not trusting each other, it’s very likely for a breakup between them to take place as soon as possible. Trust is essential for any relationship to really work.

The Taurus man will never give you an opportunity to be suspicious of him because he doesn’t even look at another woman if he happens to be in a relationship.

He loves stability and having a routine more than anyone else, which means he’s not the type to fall in love very fast or to jump from one bed into another. You can trust he’s really committed to you and that he doesn’t even dream of belonging to someone else.

Appeal to his senses

Being an Earth sign, he’s more connected to his senses and eager to taste all life’s pleasures. This man’s emotional reactions to smells, touches and beautiful scenery are more accentuated because he likes judging the world based on what he’s feeling.

Make sure you’re always looking good and smelling amazing because he’s a man of pleasure and beauty.

Being ruled by the planet Venus, he’s a sensual creature of love and creativity. You can use this in your advantage and ensure that when he’s looking at you, he’s feeling pleased.

Wear a musk or floral perfume because beautiful smells turn him on. You can always put on some good music when with him, not to mention how much he loves being touched.

He’s a man of comfort, so if you happen to be the same, it’s possible for you two to enjoy a beautiful life together.

Don’t criticize his choices

Many couples can fight over money, but the Taurus man doesn’t seem to have a too big of a problem when it comes to finances. When someone meets him for the first time, they may think he’s a spender who doesn’t care about how much is left in his wallet.

He can spend a lot on pleasure and be very materialistic. This man loves going to the most expensive restaurants because he really likes good food.

Generous and loving, his loved ones will always be showered in expensive gifts. In spite of being very interested in the materialistic side of life and comfort, the Taurus man can really make a budget, not to mention he has a good eye for value.

He’ll never spend on low-quality things or waste his money and he has a way of earning faster than he spends.

He wants to have financial security, which means he’ll invest in good opportunities and get more than what he has invested back. This man is aware of the terminology and different strategies of money making, so it’s a good idea to let him help you invest or make a budget.

Avoid trying to make him change

Just like a real bull, the Taurus man has an unequaled stubbornness. He’s set in his ways and doesn’t like change.

In case you’re thinking many of the problems that led your relationship to its end were your fault, think again because he’s the type who would never make an important change or accept the opinions of others.

Don’t ever ask him to be someone else because this is not a good idea when it comes to partners of other signs either, so he shouldn’t be treated differently.

As a matter of fact, it would be even worse to ask him all this because out of all the other men in the Western zodiac, he’s the most difficult to accept change.

The Taurus man is very capable of investing many efforts in your relationship together and doesn’t mind making a compromise from time to time.

Very generous and tolerant, he’s one of the most stubborn out of all the 12 zodiac signs. He doesn’t mind working hard and persevering, so if he really wants to make you happy, he’ll keep putting efforts into your relationship, until harmony becomes the keyword for it.

He gives a lot of importance to his own peace of mind, so he may see arguments and quarrels as real threats to his stability.

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