How To Get a Scorpio Man Back: What No One Tells You

To win him back it’s important to give him some space but at the same time appear more attractive than you’ve ever been.

Scorpio man back

People born in Scorpio are very passionate, so your ex probably doesn’t make any exception to this rule. It’s not easy to determine what makes them so attractive and incredibly sexy, but they surely are noticeable and intriguing.

These men give a lot of importance to high quality and everything long-lasting, so will treat their ladies like queens. Very attracted to women in power and of great success, if you’re looking to get back with an ex who happens to be in Scorpio, act like a celebrity and be victorious in everything you’re doing. It doesn’t matter if you’re only accomplishing small things, make sure to let everyone know about it and that it gets to your ex’s ears.

Top 5 tips on how to get a Scorpio man back:

  1. Show him what he is missing out on but don’t make him jealous.
  2. Give him time to make up his mind unhurried.
  3. Spend time with him even if you need to “accidentally” bump into him.
  4. Don’t be nagging or needy and overly emotional.
  5. Be ready to take any blame and accept some of his behaviours unconditionally.

Show him what he’s missing out on

It can be truly exciting to date the Scorpio man, but much more difficult to get him back after a breakup. While not at all known for letting go of resentment, he’s also the sign of transformation.

If you really want to get back together with your Scorpio man, you’ll have to show him what a great person who’s worthy of his love you can be

To do this perfectly, you must give the situation a lot of importance and determine what made him leave in the first place. If he used to resent you, don’t expect him to ever want to come back.

He’s famous for his good memory and can remember people who crossed him for a lifetime. If you haven’t done anything wrong, your chances of getting back together are very good.

Furthermore, it’s suggested you don’t try and play his sympathy or beg him to come back because he can’t stand needy women.

In case a lot of time has passed since he dumped you, just “accidentally” bump into him and act indifferent. This will touch him deeply, especially if you have a lot of sexual mystery surrounding you in that moment.

He loves sex more than anything, so this kind of energy is his religion and lifestyle. You should act mysterious and give him looks full of passion and lust.

He’ll most likely not resist the temptation to find out more about you because this curiosity is what makes him a Scorpio. If you want to win back your Scorpio man, you must understand he’s in the same emotional pain as you about the breakup.

He tends to feel very deeply about matters of the heart and he tends to fall in love with the idea that every time is the last time.

After the breakup with you, he may be just as destroyed and feeling down as you are, so it’s important to allow him some space in order to think of his feelings.

As a matter of fact, some time alone could do you very well too. Distance is also a key factor in the attempt of getting back together with the Scorpio man.

After the separation, he’ll want to avoid you as much as possible, being afraid to not get hurt again and to suffer. This suggests you may have to temper him and to be careful with everything you’re saying when in his presence.

Just letting him know that you’re dreaming of reconciliation won’t have this man back into your arms and loving you more. You’ll have to act differently and to rebuild what you two had together, step by step.

Whenever meeting him, don’t mention anything about the breakup because this issue should be left in the past. Just focus on building a new future with him.

It’s very important for you to understand that the key to winning him back now is to make him trust you again. Only this can have your Scorpio ex getting back together with you.

Keep your jealousy in check

Famous for being jealous himself, the Scorpio man doesn’t like it when his lady is being tormented by jealousy. He’ll always have the attention of women because he’s very attractive and fascinating, not to mention charismatic, strong, mysterious and looking like the bad boy who’s ready to belong to only one woman.

He seems the type that just breaks hurts and plays by nobody’s rules because his own are the best.

It would be better to never nag or tell him what to do, also to not forbid him to speak with other women. You should trust him regardless if he’s flirting from time to time. He won’t do anything about it, so you shouldn’t worry.

The jealous and clingy girlfriend or wife can make him even more rebellious and eager to never return to her. No one can dictate this man what to do.

Make sure you give him space

It’s difficult if not impossible for the Scorpio man to be with a needy woman, a girl who wants to know everything he feels and thinks.

So be careful if you two are trying to get back together after a damaged relationship. He likes having his secrets, not to mention he suspects everyone is trying to know more about him, so he can’t be very close with someone he doesn’t trust completely.

Just like the scorpion in the wilderness, he likes to have things about himself that absolutely no one knows about. He’s terrified about being vulnerable in front of others, which means he may never come out from behind the walls surrounding his heart.

However, this doesn’t mean he can’t love you because it’s only his nature to be secretive. This man needs his own space if he’s to be happy with you or any other woman for that matter.

Be ready to get physical

The Scorpio man has an immense sexual energy, thing that makes him passionate as a lover. If he decides to focus all of this into making the relationship with you happen again, he’ll most likely approach you in a very physical way.

It sometimes seems like this man is made of pure passion, so there’s no one more sensual and lustier than him in the entire Western zodiac.

If you desire to be the woman who captured his attention, make sure you can put up with his passion and libido. If you’re not the type to make up this way, don’t bring it up suddenly because he’s too proud and sensitive for such an approach.

If you’ll start lecturing him, he’ll think you’re only judging or trying to hurt his feelings. While seeming enigmatic and detached, he’s in fact quite sensitive.

Practice forgiveness and take the blame

In case you’ve done something to hurt him or to break the Scorpio man’s trust in you, you’d better apologize to him and be sincere when doing it. Explain what you’ve done wrong and how the relationship started to become a disaster.

It won’t help if you’ll apologize and not feel it, so make sure you’re aware of every little detail on what you’re about to say.

The Scorpio man takes some time to really forgive, so you’ll have to be patient and not expect to get back together with him soon after you’ve said you’re sorry.

It can be tricky to make up with a Scorpio, but not impossible if your attitude is the right one. Being more sensual, understanding and patient, you can have him back into your arms in no time.

Show that you accept him unconditionally

Not at all changeable like the Gemini man is, the Scorpio one seems to be constantly transforming. He’s meant to be in a cycle formed of death and rebirth, so he can completely let go of parts in his life and even his personality, meaning he can revive like the phoenix, from his own ashes.

As his partner, you’ll have to get used to this and not get upset when he’s bringing new things into his life or changing at a profound level.

It may not be very easy to watch him how he’s simply destroying everything about his past from time to time.

He can forget all about old friendships, careers and even behaviors. All his life will be in a continuous change, so if you may attempt something to have him doing things differently or to go against his own nature, he may leave you behind without saying goodbye. Accept him the way he is and you’ll end up being hypnotized by the way he can love you for a lifetime.

In case you and your Scorpio ex have ended your relationship together badly, he may not be prepared to forgive things just yet.

Just like the scorpion defends itself with its tail, the Scorpio man can fight back when others are hurting him.

However, if he’ll realize you’re on his side, he may forget all about what happen and not fear you in any way. This will happen because Pluto, his governing planet brings him a regenerative energy, making this man unable to stay angry forever.

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