How To Get a Sagittarius Man Back: What No One Tells You

To win him back you need to make sure you demonstrate how things can be different practically, this second time.

Sagittarius man back

If you’ve been with a Sagittarius man, you most likely got to feel hopeless during the breakup from him. He most likely has never been too emotionally close and always seeming like he’s only in your life to pass by and to not get involved that much.

This man probably made plans for both of you and never asked for your opinion because he ruled and you were only there to support him. If you’re thinking of how you could reach out to him again, try being less available. When offered sincere and joyful companionship from a woman, he will want to be in that relationship for a very long time.

Top 5 tips on how to get a Sagittarius man back:

  1. Be persistent so he knows you really want back.
  2. Don’t be manipulative, no matter how subtle you think you are.
  3. Keep it casual and don’t put too much pressure on him.
  4. Show that you will be even more open minded.
  5. Show him a glimpse of your fascinating life without him.

Show you really want the reconciliation

If you want to get back your Sagittarius ex, it’s important for you to be honest and a part of his life. He wouldn’t mind hearing what you’re feeling, but you should avoid being manipulative or devious when talking to him about this.

Make sure you’re acting fast because he can unexpectedly disappear on you and go searching for the next new adventure in his life.

You’ll have to be forgiving and to never make him feel tied down or that his freedom is being threatened.

It’s possible for him to often hurt you by being too direct and brutally honest, but you should get used to this man being like this.

If you can’t keep your emotions under control, you’ll most likely drive him away from you because he’s too sensitive himself to put up with others’ feelings as well.

There are a few things you should do if he happens to walk out on you. For example, you could start by not obsessing over the breakup or him.

He should decide on his own if it’s time for him to come back into your life. However, you could do a few things that will make him think of a reconciliation with you.

First of all, you have to never act smarter than him, even if everybody knows that you really are. He can get scared of this, your temperament being what makes him pay more attention to you.

It’s okay to express some emotions when around him, he’ll try and understand everything, but don’t overwhelm him and it’s important that you take good care of yourself and look dashing each time you’re around him.

The Sagittarius can forgive a good-looking woman anything, not to mention a makeover could as well work when he’s starting to lose interest in you.

He shouldn’t be made jealous, so if you are trying to get this man back, don’t flirt around. It will cause him pain to know you’re only a player and can start to become very cold when with you.

He really thinks cheating is the most shameful thing someone can do and is known to never trust again if he has been betrayed in this manner.

Show that you are open minded

It’s in the Sagittarius man’s nature to always question conventional methods. He’s never happy to leave things the way they are, so if you want to get his attention, just think outside-the-box and be open to express your ideas.

If you’re bothered when breaking rules, by doing things in a nontraditional manner and by discussions the meaning of life and the origins of the Universe, it’s very likely the Sagittarius man will make you feel uncomfortable.

He loves talking and using his talent with words in order to discover new concepts and to share ideas. This man will never make small talk because he’s too deep and interested in abstract notions.

When talking to him, it’s possible to discuss everything, from religion to space technologies. If you are the type who likes open and honest conversations, then you should definitely get together with him.

Keep it casual

The Sagittarius man will never connect with a needy woman, not to mention he won’t re-commit to anyone if not ready for it. You could invite him over for the football game or for a cold beer at anytime, but just avoid talking about commitment or some long-term plans you’ve made and are involving him.

He’s famous for taking love slowly, so he’ll really appreciate if you’re being relaxed, especially if you two have happened to be together in the past.

When starting again, he may be terrified you want things to go back to the way they were. If he notices this, he’s sure to leave again, which means his needs have to be respected if it is for your relationship to last this time.

Famous for always joking around and for being too blunt, the Sagittarius man can sometimes make hurtful but funny comments. You should understand this is his nature and that no one can stop him from being honest.

This man will always say what goes through his mind, which means he’s never hiding any motive or has a different intention than what he expresses.

You’ll always know where he’s standing, but don’t think he’ll say your new haircut is awful, even if he’ll make a really accurate joke about it.

With this man, you’ll need a thick skin and a cheerful attitude because he’s not trying to hurt anyone, he just wants to see you smile and to always tell the truth.

You should know how to laugh when you’re making mistakes, not to mention how a joke or two about it could really have him falling in love deeper with you.

He’s very funny to begin with, so he’ll simply adore a woman who has a good sense of humor and a positive attitude.

Show him a glimpse of your fascinating life without him

The Sagittarius man will completely fall in love with the girl who loves reading, going to museums and who has many interests.

He’s a great intellectual himself, so he won’t be happy with the lady who’s just following him around and changes her interests according to his. You should be passionate about your own things.

He’s very intelligent and not in any way self-centered to not appreciate a smart woman. This man doesn’t want a woman who needs to be taken by the hand and shown the world because he’s looking for a companion, someone who wants to learn from him but at the same time to know a few things herself.

He’s one of the best students in the Western zodiac as he’s always looking for answers and trying to gain new knowledge, even if this makes them seem a little bit pretentious. In any case, he wants a woman who has a lot of insight herself, not one who keeps agreeing with his ideas.

Join in on his hobbies

The man born in Sagittarius loves spending his time outside, not to mention how playing a sport out in the sun can make him really happy. He’ll most likely want to take you camping, hiking and even doing bungee-jumping.

This man wants to sleep under the stars and to climb the highest mountains just to take a picture.

If you’re not the type who likes staying outside for too long, then you should think of getting together with a Taurus or a Cancer because these natives are true homebodies.

However, if you love doing the same things as him and consuming your energy with physical activities, the Sagittarius man may re-think his choices.

Talk about similar examples

You don’t want to make your Sagittarius ex jealous because if he happens to see you flirting too much with others, he may decide he doesn’t like you at all anymore.

He may still be madly in love with you, the jealousy game will only make him act colder. Therefore, instead of doing this, you should just subtly show him your relationship together has all the chances to work out.

When talking to him on the phone, talk about how couples you both know have had some problems themselves.

Archers love being the best at everything, so if they’re hearing someone else is going through hard times as well, perhaps having even more difficult problems, they start to think what they had wasn’t that bad after all.

If you want to get back together with your Sagittarius man, be on top of your game as well. He’ll again fall in love with you if you’re always moving forward and accomplishing great things. Be passionate and at the same time rational, and he’ll want to fight in order to get you back.

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