How To Get a Pisces Man Back: What No One Tells You

To win him back you need to turn his attention to how you can improve your relationship.

Pisces man back

In case your ex is a Pisces man, you can consider yourself a lucky lady because he’s probably still thinking about the times you two had together. He’s very nostalgic and deep, so it takes him a while to process his emotional state.

Because most of the people born in Pisces are very creative, your ex will probably try to express his feelings by creating art. Therefore, let him process what just happened between you two after a breakup, only to get back into his life and to appreciate the work he has done to validate what he was feeling inside.

Top 5 tips on how to get a Pisces man back:

  1. Don’t be too harsh with him or too emotional.
  2. Turn the attention on something you two used to be good at.
  3. Explore one of his passions that you weren’t previously interested in.
  4. Give him time and space to think but stay in the picture.
  5. Get your shared friends to drop some hints about your relationship.

What are you waiting for, do something

It’s never easy to get the Pisces man back into your life, but if you’re okay with the way he sees the world and lives in a fantasy land brought on by Neptune, you may be able to convince him to take you back.

If you happen to be with a Pisces man, you probably already know how much he hates dealing with scandals when having to break up. He wants to just leave in quiet and to not attract too much attention when doing it.

This is why many of his exes never managed to understand how he decided to dump them. More than often, the man born in Pisces is too scared to make any serious decisions and tries to run away from responsibilities.

He has decided to leave many of his girlfriends because he wasn’t ready to commit. Therefore, if you need the Pisces man into your life, be ready to take action on your own.

If he was the one telling you that he wants out of the relationship, you have probably failed him when it comes to romance. This means you should do everything in your power to bring back the passion into what you’re having together and make him laugh as often as you can.

If you’ve had great times with him at some point in your life, it’s very possible for everything to happen again, but only if you’re playing your cards right.

The idea is to keep your word after closing a new deal with him and to work hard on your relationship.

Prior to a breakup from the Pisces man, hang around your common friends and convince them to tell him you’re his best choice. He should think many men are at your door, but you only want him in your life.

Make sure you “accidentally” bump into him and don’t hesitate to use any trick in the book: you could appear at his work for business and be at the cafe he often goes to because you’re meeting someone there.

It’s not at all bad if he understands you’re around for him because he’ll appreciate all the efforts you’re investing in getting him back and that you’re not being pushy.

He loves being of help, so you could play the damsel in distress, just don’t ask him for any money.

Talk about the many admirers you’re having, but say you’re interested in none of them because you want someone like him.

He needs to see you’re very good on your own and that you may never need him to financially support you. At the same time, pay attention that he doesn’t spend too much with you and if he does, appreciate him for it.

If he lets you choose some flowers on the street, take the least expensive bouquet and say why you liked that one in particular. Don’t mention anything when he’s spending only a little and often.

Remember the more he invests in you day by day, the less he’ll want to leave your side because this would mean for him to lose money. If you want to get the Pisces man back, trust him all the time and don’t be jealous.

Suspicions and too many questions about another woman can have him running away from you. He’ll feel insulted if you’re making a suggestion he may be cheating as he considers unfaithfulness something very serious and ugly.

Avoid throwing the blame and being too harsh

It’s difficult for the Pisces man to accept being criticized. As a matter of fact, people who don’t really know him may think he’s exaggeratedly sensitive.

Different from the more assertive natives of other signs, he’ll never ignore you. Instead, he’ll listen to all you may have to say about him and feel deeply hurt.

He can be very wounded by criticism, so telling him he doesn’t do anything right can only push you further away from him.

He’ll probably never discuss about the fact that he’s unhappy, but you’ll get to feel his coldness. Be respectful of the fact that he’s sensitive and keep in mind he only wants a kind and giving woman next to him.

Avoid any form of manipulation

While possessing great intuition and being sensitive, the Pisces man can be considered gullible and easy to manipulate or influence.

If you’re only taking advantage of his good nature, your relationship with him is doomed from the start.

Furthermore, you should have morals and respect him for being so sensitive and attentive to what others may need. Honesty, kindness, diplomacy and openness are the keywords in the relationship with this man.

It’s important to be assertive and at the same time kind when talking to him and trying to resolve the issues you two are having as a couple.

Out of all the men in the Western zodiac, he’s the most collaborative and responsive one. The idea is to be honest and to base your judgment about him on the way you’re feeling and not on what he’s doing.

As a matter of fact, it would be better to focus only on yourself when talking to this man and to never blame him for anything.

He can easily be influenced by others, so if you’re telling him something hurtful, the chances are he’ll strongly take it to his heart and not make the connection between you two in any way better.

If you show respect and are kind to your Pisces ex, he may be very receptive and wish to hear everything you have to say.

He can change according to your moods and your ideas because he’s not at all fixed in his own ways. In case he decides to make a change in his behavior, he won’t have a difficult time doing it.

As a matter of fact, the Pisces man is very open to change, so he’ll immediately take action when seeing you’re being hurt by what he’s doing. He’s known for his compassion, kindness and reflective nature.

This man will always appreciate the woman who supports his dreams and encourages him to succeed, even if she may be realistic and much more pragmatic than him.

There are many ways to describe this native, but he can never be called a realist. He should be allowed to dream because this is what he wants to do all day long anyway.

His dreams are part of his mind and they may also be the reason why you felt attracted to him to begin with.

It’s true you’ll have to remind him to be more realistic from time to time, but don’t crush his spirit, no matter what he may be doing. He needs to be appreciated for his dreamy side, not opposed by someone too realistic.

Appreciate his psychic abilities

Men born in Pisces are famous for their psychic capacities. You may not believe in this sort of thing, but they surely are very intuitive and able to feel others’ emotions.

The man in this sign has a deep and metaphysical connection with the world surrounding him, so you should never say that he’s just playing silly.

No one can take his spirituality and thoughts, so you may only hurt his feelings when saying there’s no such thing as a different realm or a connection with divinity and the Universe for that matter.

He possesses a transcendental soul and you should appreciate him for it, regardless of how he’s presenting himself in the world.

More than this, when someone is respecting his intuition, the Pisces man is more likely to share his deepest thoughts and feelings with that person. He can be very helpful when important decisions need to be made because he’s insightful and sensitive.

Make sure he has space to explore his passions

All men born in Pisces possess a strong imagination and are very creative, which means many of them are working as artists. Being the dreamers of the zodiac, they don’t seem to mind having bold hopes and high ideas.

The man born in Pisces needs to use his imagination and to create. He may not be able to pay the bills too often, but he can be real food for the soul, not to mention how much he appreciates the woman who’s supporting him and his goals.

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