How To Get a Libra Man Back: What No One Tells You

To win him back you need to take the initiative and don’t let him dwell on any choices by showing him that you have changed and can be better.

Libra man back

Men born in Libra are always going to live up to their sign and bring balance everywhere they may be going. Wanting a partner to complete him, your Libra ex may have felt you weren’t his soulmate when you two used to form an item together.

If you want him back into your life, first take a look at your own behavior. If you happen to be a little bit extreme regarding some aspects of your lifestyle and you exaggerated with how much or how less you used to want him around, consider being more moderate this time because he really wants for everything to be balanced and wouldn’t even think of getting back together with the woman who didn’t offer him peace of mind.

Top 5 tips on how to get a Libra man back:

  1. Take the initiative but don’t hurry him.
  2. Negotiate your second chance, he’ll love this.
  3. Ask about his expectations from you and make some promises.
  4. Say what’s on your mind but be kind and don’t throw blame.
  5. Suggest for you two to do something new and exciting together.

Have a little patience and determine what you can do in order for your Libra man to be truly happy with you. He would be fascinated if you’d have new hobbies and a different lifestyle, so don’t hesitate to let him know what changes you’ve made when it comes to the way you’re behaving. Talk to him about how you’re no longer the person with the problem he used to hate and you could have him back into your arms in no time.

First rule: Talk openly to him

If you want to get back together with your Libra man, be ready to give as much as you receive from him and to understand all of his ways.

People in this sign are more than happy to make compromises when required, but you should remember they’re expecting the same thing from others as well. They can operate very smoothly, not to mention their talent for negotiation can’t be equaled by any native born in a different sign.

They’re very skilled at making you feel you’re the one who’s ruling when in fact, they’re the ones controlling the situation.

In case you’ve argued with your Libra man while you two broke up, don’t hesitate and take the initiative to get back together again because he may be too indecisive to do it himself, not to mention he prefers to wait on you because he’s very scared of rejection.

Be diplomatic and apologize if you’ve done something wrong. While talking to him, bring into discussion logical arguments on why your relationship should continue.

He has a good nature, so he’ll most likely forget about the conflict between you two in a moment. This man needs a woman who can be understanding and capable of bringing harmony into his life.

When feeling like something is lacking in his relationship, the idea of a breakup may flourish in his mind with every day that passes. He’ll leave you without making a scene, not to mention he’ll be ready to explain to you why he has decided for things to happen this way.

It’s important you’re trying to get him back soon after the breakup, so take the initiative for reconciliation as soon as possible. He may not even think of you anymore if he’s with another girl.

This isn’t a reason for you to give up on him, so be his good friend for a little while and observe how things are evolving. Have a kind heart and be diplomatic when trying to win this man back because he doesn’t like drama or being threatened that things are going to be bad for him if he doesn’t come to you.

As a matter of fact, this can only make him want to no longer have anything to do with you for that matter. He needs a calm and composed woman to be by his side, so he won’t be impressed by a lady who can’t keep it together when abandoned.

Because he can easily detach, he’s a good observer and a curious listener. He can analyze his behavior by seeing it in his other half, which means he’ll respond to what you’re saying or doing in the same manner.

If you notice there’s no vibe between you two anymore, abandon all your plans of getting back together with him. He wants someone to respect and admire him, not to mention how appreciative he can be when seeing intelligence in a woman.

Make sure you’re telling the truth

All the men born in Libra have a good sense of justice and are only interested in the truth. If you are trying to get your Libra ex back, keep in mind that he may be very hesitant when it comes to a reconciliation between you two.

While in love with being in love, he can be difficult to trust, especially after he has been hurt before.

By admitting what mistakes you may have done when with him, he’ll see that you know what justice means and may wish to hear your side of the story.

Talk to him about the way you’re seeing things and be ready to hear his opinion. He’s symbolized by the scales after all, so he’s very much interested in equality, justice and balance.

If things between you two have already went downhill, it’s very likely the balance of your relationship no longer exists.

While negotiating with him for you to get a second chance, make sure you’re convincing this man to no longer be skeptical about the balance in his connection with you being regained.

It’s important that you’re always listening to him because he’ll want to see that you’re doing it, especially if you want his respect.

Indulge his need to always be right

People born in Libra have the tendency to think they’re the only ones right, so you should be neutral when having an argument with them.

If you’re Libra ex is insisting about something, just act like you’re agreeing with him and he’ll start to like you more. After a few weeks spent trying to get him back into your life, start a discussion about what you’re expecting from him.

He’ll be very honest when giving his opinion about your relationship, and if you want him back as soon as possible, make sure all of your attention is on him and that you don’t admire anyone else more.

Besides, try and make him see how bad his life will get after you’ll no longer be around. Because he’s always looking to improve, he may agree with the idea that you’re making his days better.

Be patient and don’t rush him

All Libras are famous for being indecisive, which means they’re more compatible with straightforward and determined people, like the ones having their Sun sign in Leo or Gemini.

If you happen to be in a relationship with a Libra man, you should be the one who guides him in making his decisions. However, if you’re trying to get back together with the Libra man after a break up, don’t put him in the position of making choices.

Have a lot of patience and respect his nature. It’s very likely he won’t welcome you back into his life in the beginning because natives of this sign have a tendency to think their relationships have ended for good reasons.

However, this doesn’t mean your Libra man won’t take you back, he’ll just spend more time making the decision.

Avoid becoming too emotional

The Libra man likes a woman who’s honest, expressive and assertive, but also one who can keep her calm and doesn’t cry too often because he’s a seeker of balance and harmony.

People in this sign don’t like conflicts and can be very uncomfortable when someone is acting emotional. If you’re trying to make them guilty of something, they’ll completely resent you.

When trying to get your Libra ex back, say what’s on your mind and which way you want to go, but in a calm and quiet manner. If he becomes upset, give in to what he has to say and don’t be emotional. He’s the happiest when in a comfortable and peaceful environment.

Show affection and dedication

The Libra man needs to be shown you’re dedicated to experience new things. In case he suggested to be more adventurous when you were together, make sure to show him you’ve seriously taken his advice into consideration.

Seeing you open to change, the Libra man will very much appreciate that you’re trying to improve. Suggest doing something new and exciting together because this could be an opportunity for you two to create new great memories as an item.

All Libra men have a special kindness and are very affectionate. They like holding hands and looking the woman of their dreams into her eyes, in a romantic environment.

Obviously, you shouldn’t force this side of him to come out, but you could pay attention to when he’s being special and show him how much you appreciate his behavior.

When he seems ready, become affectionate as he’ll feel closer to you and the passion you two once had for each other can come back.

Surprise him with something nice

The best idea to convince the Libra man to take you back is to invite him for a delicious dinner and some good wine. Natives of this sign are simply in love with everything that’s refined and classy.

You could take your Libra ex to an expensive restaurant where everyone needs to dress elegantly and behave as polite as possible.

Libras really don’t appreciate people with no manners, so make sure you’re not embarrassing your former, perhaps future partner.

Make an effort for your conduct to be impeccable and treat people serving you with politeness because he may just think of getting back together with such a lady.

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