How To Get a Leo Man Back: What No One Tells You

To win him back you need to subtly feed his ego and to show him a different, more exciting side of yours.

Leo man back

The Leo ex man who used to be in your life was probably all over the place all the time, even if more introverted than other people in the same sign. He most likely always knew what to say and when to say it, so you shouldn’t be surprised if after the breakup with him, he’s spending a lot of time with his friends and no longer remembers what you two used to do together.

However, when the day will be over for him, he’ll go home and think of the great memories you’ve made together. The Leo man seems to love beautiful moments in his life just as much as he loves the attention of others. He’ll always have the movie of you two being together playing in the back of his head, so the more time will pass without him talking to you, the more he’ll remember about your connection.

Top 5 tips on how to get a Leo man back:

  1. Don’t lie if you want him to trust you ever again.
  2. Try to feed his ego but be subtle about it.
  3. Avoid any insults or throwing the blame
  4. Show him that you can keep up with him.
  5. Be pragmatic about why you should be together.

A text reminding this man of the times when you two were together or a picture from the old days can really make him reminisce about the way you used to make him feel. He’ll surely go crazy about the good moments you used to have and text you back in no time.

What are you waiting for, do something

As he loves being flattered, it’s easy to win the simple Leo man back, even if you may have to humiliate yourself a little bit.

Admit that you’ve been wrong and may have done some mistakes when you two used to be together, no matter if what you’re saying is true or not.

This man needs to have things done his way, so you should consider making a few sacrifices for him, especially if you really want him back into your life.

You should complement and praise him because this is how he can end up purring like a cat. In case you’re getting along very well with his friends, try and find out from them what determined your ex to think of a breakup with you.

Furthermore, you could ask them to tell him what a great person you are and how his relationship with you was simply perfect.

He gives a lot of importance to what his loved ones are saying, so it’s possible for him to think of reconciliation with you if his best friends are saying he should. However, keep in mind it won’t be easy for this man to contact you again.

If you want to get him back at any cost, don’t ever mention what he may have done wrong when you were together because he surely doesn’t think the breakup happened from his fault, not to mention that you wanting him back suggests you have already forgiven all of his mistakes.

Remember he may never want to come back to you because he refuses to admit he may have made a mistake and his apologies are out of the question in this case.

Your initiative should only be focused on making him yours again. While breaking up with the Leo man, be dignifying and proud of your decision.

He won’t forget being cheated on, so don’t expect reconciliation if this has happened. It’s important you don’t insult him either, no matter how much he may have hurt you in the past.

Make sure you’re always looking good because he loves well-groomed women. Just go with sudden changes in your appearance and he may become interested in you once more.

More than this, don’t be afraid to have all the eyes on you as he likes being with a woman who’s attracting many men. This should also go beyond your looks and have something to do with your intelligence, the way your career has developed and how well you know to cook.

When his lady has all the attention on her, he gets the chance to become a person of interest as well, thing that he very much enjoys.

This man wants to be first at everything, so he’ll really appreciate being with someone who’s wanted by many.

Furthermore, you should keep in mind he wishes for a lady with a royal air who can keep calm in any situation because he’s too passionate and enthusiastic anyway.

It’s difficult for the Leo man to be happy when all the attention of others is not on him. He’s the type of lover who showers his other half with expensive gifts and a lot of affection, making her the center of his Universe.

However, he won’t accept being neglected because his main purpose is to perform for others. Not paying attention to him can have this man wanting to argue.

Feed his ego

The Leo man can be truly impressed when being paid a sincere compliment. He’s always open and easily trusts people when he truly loves them.

This person is always honest, so don’t lie to him because you may truly hurt his feelings. When talking to this male native about you two getting back together, don’t hesitate to mention how much you want him to return to you as he’s very proud and self-centered.

He may pay more attention to what you have to say if you keep flattering him all the time. Being a true dreamer, he has high ideals for which many are considering him irrational and childish.

Always feeling good about himself, he wants to use all of his confidence and positiveness in order to make the world a better place.

It’s possible he has many plans on how to change everything, so he may be thinking of volunteering for different causes or photographing all the bad things happening in our society.

If you happen to be the realistic type, you may have the tendency to make him more practical, which is not in any way suggested because he won’t give up his optimism, not to mention he has all the chances to really accomplish what he wants in life.

Make sure you’re expressing your admiration for his dreams and are supporting his ideas. He’s most of the time successful in what he’s trying to do, so you’ll have the chance to enjoy his accomplishments with him when these will happen.

Don’t lie to him

More than anything else in this world, Leos hate being lied to. Be honest with your Leo ex because this is the only way for you to get back together with him.

After being told a lie, he’ll no longer want to trust you ever again, not to mention how much his stability would be shaken.

He wants a woman who can protect and love him very much because he’s offering the exact same things when involved. If you can open up and sincerely talk to your Leo ex, he’ll most likely be very curious about what you two could have together as a couple.

Believe things between you two can be sunny and don’t close up when around him because this is a sure road towards a permanent breakup.

Avoid any insults or throwing the blame

The Leo man imagines himself being a king because his sign represents honor and royalty. Therefore, he wants a woman to be his queen, especially when the two of them are out in the public.

As soon as you and him are behind closed doors and arguing, make sure you’re being straightforward because he’s like this himself and can truly appreciate you for your honesty.

However, don’t even think of hurting his ego by insulting him. Also, avoid disagreeing with this man in the presence of others.

As his queen, you’ll have to be by his side, especially when people are looking. The man born in Leo will never stay next to the woman who keeps nagging him in front of his friends. He simply can’t forgive such a behavior.

Keep up with him

The Leo man has an immense passion and his creativity can truly take him many places. He’ll look to all the time take on new challenges and to invest a lot of his efforts in what he’s doing.

No one can beat him at being passionate and at having a lust for life or expressing himself. Never try and change anything about him because he’ll get tired at some point and rest into your arms.

Let him indulge

Just like the lion in the jungle, the Leo man needs to hunt, to explore and to invest all of his energy in many projects.

However, this means he also has to rest, so he’ll spend many days in his pajamas and purring like a real cat.

Don’t force him to do anything when he’s feeling lazy because his relaxation is very important to him, especially after a long period of agitation.

If you want this royal and enthusiastic man to be by your side for a lifetime, be happy with the changes happening in his energy levels.

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