How To Attract An Aries Man: Top Tips For Getting Him To Fall In Love

See the kind of woman he is after and how to win his heart.

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Top five tips:
  1. Be confident and take initiative.
  2. Keep your optimism levels high.
  3. Don’t be overly jealous.
  4. Show interest in his passions.
  5. Be a little bit mysterious.

With the Aries man, it is best that you let him lead. He is known for taking initiative and always being where the action takes place. While often self-absorbed, you can capture his attention if you start an interesting conversation.

This guy is highly energetic and fun. He would need someone like himself in order to be attracted and interested. It’s important that you don’t waste your time thinking how to attract him. Don’t hesitate and take action.

Be confident and honest. He likes people who are extroverted and in the center of attention. It can’t be said the Aries man enjoys subtle suggestions and hidden messages when someone likes him. He prefers to be clearly shown that you are interested in him. Masculine and intense, he is more attracted to feminine women.

Making him jealous doesn’t work

The lady of his dreams should pay very much attention to what she’s wearing and how she presents herself to the world. He likes someone who cares about her appearance.

Be fit, have good hair, wear a light makeup and some elegant clothes. You will surely make him curious, and he’ll want to know you better. If he starts to keep his eyes on you, you are doing the right thing.

Humorous even when the situation is bad, the Aries man needs to be entertained. This guy is in a continuous search for good fun. Therefore, don’t be shy or too melancholic when around him. Crack a joke and be positive. He’ll like your optimism and appreciate the fact that you are like him.

Talk about life matters and how you feel about certain things happening in the world. Don’t be afraid to share some of you secrets either. He’ll appreciate that you are sincere and that you’re trusting him. Whatever you say, don’t be vulgar. He hates it when people are swearing or are talking dirty.

While jealousy works with many, it is definitely not the strategy with the Aries man. Don’t even think of flirting with others when you are around him.

Ruled by Mars, this guy will simply not accept that he failed at making you like him. If he has decided that he likes you too, no one should be more important in your eyes than him. He will want to be the center of your universe.

Don’t even suggest that you may be curious about another man, or you’ll lose him forever. It’s essential that you keep the relationship exciting and fun all the time.

The Aries man gets bored easily, and he’s always enthusiastic about what adventure he should take on next. If routine intervenes in the relationship between you two, he’ll eventually decide to leave.

A feisty woman is what he needs

He wants a woman who’s creative and has the same amount of energy as him. If he’s into dancing, you go and take tango lessons. If he does karate, go ahead and talk to a sensei to teach you some dojo.

Show him you have interests too, and he will be delighted and surprised. At the same time, be a mystery for him. He doesn’t like to read his lover like an open book.

A fighter, the Aries man needs to feel like you are someone in whom he needs to invest some time and effort. He likes to chase, so don’t fall into his arms immediately.

If you have an opinion different from his, don’t hesitate to express it. He likes it when the woman he loves is feisty and intelligent. He has this way of carrying himself like a winner all the time.

Someone to contradict this idea would intrigue him a lot. Show that you are interested, though. Don’t be his enemy, but be the person who challenges him in the most interesting ways.

Always busy with something, the Aries man will want his partner to be the same. He is honest and he expects others to be the same. If you are trying to deceive him, he will attempt to escape you, without looking back.

Don’t expect them to settle if he doesn’t think you are perfect for him. Only when he has found the ideal woman, he will be completely devoted. Constantly show him that you are ambitious and intelligent, and he will love you.

Be sexy and at the same time innocent. He likes a woman who can be dual when it comes to her sexuality. You’ll need to be as active as possible when with this guy, and on more than one level.

Get your innocent flirting on

He expects you to be funny and foolish while in the same time capable of dealing with an important issue. More than this, you should be someone with ambitions and high hopes. He doesn’t want someone who’s only interested in the relationship with him, he wants a girl who can be independent and has her own life.

Whatever you do with the Aries man, don’t try to take his place as a leader. He is the one meant to rule, and he will very much appreciate if you would trust him to do so. You will notice him at any party or gathering.

He’s usually the alpha male or the one with a bad boy look. Independent, this guy needs to have his freedom and to test his abilities, even if this means trying to see if he still has it with the ladies. You should be ok with this, if you want to be with him for a long time.

Some innocent flirting doesn’t hurt anyone. He will be supportive whenever you will be trying to do something new. Not pushy, he knows how to make someone feel like they can do anything. If you want to keep his interest alive, look like you are enjoying no matter what you may be doing.

He loves people who are outgoing and positive. But make sure you don’t forget about him in your quest for a more happier life. Let him keep up and continue to pay attention to his needs. He should be the center of your world still.

As said before, making him jealous doesn’t work. He’s the most aroused and happy when he’s the only one to make you feel great and in love. If you start to flirt with someone else, he will immediately lose interest and leave. Don’t threaten his independence in any way.

He needs to know that he’s free to engage in all sorts of adventures. A woman who’s controlling and manipulative won’t be in his life for too long. Be obvious from the beginning that you want to have fun, not to get married.

He has so much to offer

The most difficult thing with the Aries man could be keeping up with his impulsive ways. He’s quite tempered and he tends to act as soon as he has been stimulated.

He can be quite explosive, so many women may find it hard to keep up with him. He gets angry easily, but the good part is that he doesn’t hold on to resentment for too long. He can forget what caused him to be upset in a minute. And he wouldn’t like it if you would hold a grudge either.

Just be easygoing and relaxed in the relationship with him, and everything should be fine. Forgive and forget is what makes this man tick.  If you are the type who wants to cuddle, hold hands and stay in bed all day, try a man in another sign.

The Aries doesn’t mind being affectionate and physical, but he wants someone able to offer him much more than that. This guy needs to go out, to do fun things and enjoy life as much as possible.

You should be able to stand on his own when he’s busy with one of his adventures. Have hobbies of your own and he’ll love you for it.

However, don’t completely forget about him. He would still need to feel cherished and appreciated. Be honest when you’re praising him. He doesn’t want someone who lies about his qualities and abilities.

Also, you should be able to understand his impatience and desire to always be on the first place. Realize that you are with a man who’s meant to make you feel good in the first place.

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