How To Attract A Scorpio Woman: Top Tips For Getting Her To Fall In Love

The kind of man she wants in her life and how to seduce her.

Top five tips:
  1. Show that you are different.
  2. Include her in your plans.
  3. Don’t be too controlling.
  4. Surprise her with fancy gifts.
  5. Respect and nurture her independence.

Given our Scorpio woman’s intense drive and determination, she cannot resist a man who has similar personality traits. So a little bravado and showing-off wouldn’t go a miss here, and in a similar sense, playing the low-key nice guy will have little success.

Flaunt your achievements and strength and she’ll want more. A self-assured man who knows his path and his end goals is what she is looking for. Even if that self-assurance is at odds with what she believes, it won’t matter – a strong sense of conviction is what she seeks in her man.

Although her ideal mean is someone who is headstrong, truth be told she does want someone who is more headstrong than her, although her pride prevents her from ever admitting so. That said, you should be under no illusion that she is one incredibly tough woman.

In a way then, she is cut from a similar cloth to Leo women – only Leo woman want to take centre stage and be the dominant partner.

Scorpio women ideally want their man to be at the forefront of things, using her own steely drive and determination to help him get there.

As alluded to earlier, she has an uncanny ability to see through any kind of dishonesty, so it is highly important that you remain 100% genuine with her at all times.

While she won’t punish you for deceit, she will turn her back on you with the intent to never let you in again.

Her drive and need to be productive can often lead her to make, what would seem on the surface, rash life choices. In reality, this is just the influence of the underworld God, Pluto.

In her eyes, there is an ongoing cycle of life, death and rebirth, though not in the literal sense. It should come as no surprise then if you come home one day and find that your Scorpio woman has quit her job to embark on a new project of some kind. This process of rebirth, rebuilding and accomplishment fuel her decision making.

This is something you’ll have to learn to dedicate yourself if you want a long-term relationship with your Scorpio woman. Though on this evidence there aren’t many more exciting relationships than with that of a female Scorpio.

Scorpio women have a burning desire to be in control of their lives, and they almost always are. When she is in a relationship, this then extends to her man’s life as well. Her headstrong nature means that she believes she is in the right all the time and will not deviate from it, even if she is confronted head on about it.

Naturally then, she is drawn towards men who will pander to her requests and her lifestyle. Those who can do so will earn the love and devotion of his Scorpio woman for years to come.

She needs to feel like she is the most important thing in your life right now. When speaking to her, everything and everyone in the room should fade into an insignificant blur while you show her the attention that her experiences, goals and accomplishments deserve.

Acknowledging her every word is only half the story however – she needs to know that you are also different from the rest of the pack and have the strength required to gain her attention.

Appeal to her need to discover new things

Your Scorpio woman will have a unique and mystic aura about her. It is vitally important that you maintain a similar sense of mystery about yourself too.

This is because your Scorpio woman will gain no pleasure in having your entire character presented to her. She wants to be fascinated by you and have to think.

An easy way to do this then it by simply holding back everything about yourself over time. She will love finding out new information about you just when she thought she already knew everything.

She’ll won’t be able to keep interested if you blurt everything out about yourself within the first couple of dates.

You could also try keeping the restaurant you’re taking her to a secret, maintaining a sense of discovery.

For the truly brave, giving her the challenge of discovering you is a sure-fire way to keep her wanting more. There is a fine line however between giving her the said challenge and maintaining 100% honesty. Remember, any kind of deceit will ruin your chances with your Scorpio woman.

Despite her outwardly tough exterior and steely resolve, Scorpio women are emotional and sentimental.

This woman loves the classic gestures of love like a bouquet of flowers, a hand-written letter or even a simple hug and kiss, as it tells her that you care and that will go down very well.

Keeping her guessing and keeping her surprised will be key to building something special. But as always, remember to be genuine. She’ll quickly be able to tell if you are actually genuinely interested or if you’re not.

Generating a high brow conversation will speak to her depth and keep her interested. Add a touch of spontaneity to your date too – showing her some indulgence in having a bit of fun is a great way to keep her guessing.

Scorpio women need security. They need to know that a potential relationship is one that they can still be in for years to come. With this in mind, you need to envision the future for her.

Show that you are a forward planner and that you have goals and aspirations. Not only that, but you also need to emphasize her role in those plans too. Speaking about “we” rather than “I” is a fundamental way of doing this.

Given her natural desire to be in control, you can let her have some input on the near future, as this gives her the chance to visualise the next few years with you.

Being a person of quality is an important factor for Scorpio women. She demands this in every facet of her life, so it goes without saying that she expects this from you too. Put away the cheap and unexciting and flaunt the expensive and flash.

If you’re in a position where you don’t own anything that fits the criteria, talk up your goals to soon acquire some. Winning a Scorpio woman’s heart will involve making it clear that you’re driven and know what you want – she has no room in her life for the weak or timid. She may even test this on you a few times too, to see how well you stand your ground when needed.

What to avoid with your Scorpio lady

Scorpio women love intrigue and mystery, but they hate dishonesty and lies. Deceit is a very quick way of losing your female Scorpio forever, as she is simply protecting herself from vulnerable situations. She might not unleash her wrath on you, but she most definitely will not forget nor forgive.

Going through your past dating history is generally a no-go regardless of who you’re dating, but this is doubly so with a Scorpio woman.

She has little room for sob stories that highlight any weakness in you. Not only that, but she expects you to respect the secrets of those you have been involved with previously, after all, if things go south with your Scorpio woman, she will want to know that you will respect her privacy too. Initially then, it is best to keep conversation on interesting but neutral grounds.

Scorpio women know that they have a natural allure to them that draws men in. They play on this and use it. Don’t force her as she will lose interest.

Allow for enough room so that her natural attraction towards you can grow. She’s far more likely to respond to the more measured approach, rather than a more impulsive one.

Female Scorpios like to be in charge and in control. Anything that threatens this control won’t go down well. In truth, beneath the iron exterior and strong drive, she is actually insecure, so it is best to tread carefully when attempting to draw her in.

In order for her to be in absolute control, she wants to be putting herself out there as little as possible. In her eyes, her secrets are her secrets and for her alone.

Prying into her life too much or too soon will arouse her suspicion, increasing the likelihood that she will cut off all involvement with you.

By her very nature, she is incredibly territorial. If she has any kind of current involvement with a man, whether it’s early days or a marriage of many years, it is a huge no-no for anyone to make any kind of attempts to seduce her if they know about her current status. If your Scorpio woman is involved somehow, back away or risk losing her forever.

Naturally she expects this from you too. Even entertaining the idea of harmless flirting is a massive act of dishonesty for her.

She loves to indulge in the more luxurious side of life. This isn’t to say that she is materialistic, but physical gifts are important to her. Again, that’s not to say she only expects them – she will shower you with gifts if she really feels strongly about you – but when buying her anything just remember that only the best will do.

Surprises go down very well as she gets bored easily. The Scorpio woman fancies different kinds of dates or adventures and you’ll soon find that she will want more.

What you need to keep in mind about the Scorpio woman

By their very nature, women belonging to the Scorpio sign have a mystic aura about them and keep a very keen eye on all those who come into their personal space.

As a result, they can tell pretty much all the time who is genuine and who isn’t, so it’s always best to stay honest around them, as they will be able to see straight through you.

She also gets a kick out of discovering things for herself, as opposed to being given everything on a plate. So, when it comes to you, try not to spill out the contents of your mind or your heart upon the first few meetings.

She loves someone who is ambitious, determined, confident and in control – primarily because these are the qualities she exhibits too. She is also incredibly passionate, more so than her other peers in the zodiac. In her eyes, loving, defending and protecting her man with all her might is a standard procedure.

That said, she isn’t to be messed with either. Her innate strength means she needs to be taken seriously. This also lends itself to a fierce sense of right and wrong, black and white, yes and no.

This can work in your favour, as a Scorpio woman will rarely leave you in limbo – she will see you as part of her life or not and you will be under no illusion as to which one.

Getting on her wrong side might not earn you her wrath – she isn’t the type to take revenge on those who have wronged her – but it will cast you out her of life indefinitely. She doesn’t forgive or forget.

Of course, on the flip side, she will always remember even the smallest of gestures and pay it back multiple times, highlighting the almost binary nature of her character.

Being that the Scorpio sign is fixed, she will be drawn towards things like routine, solidity and strong foundations. She’ll shun a quick hook-up in favour of something more long-lasting, but in the process, she will be more vulnerable too.

Her magnetic aura is sure to catch the attention of any man, as she exudes a deep mysticism that keep anyone guessing. Her charm is in abundance, so there is little wonder why she draws so much attention.

Money is a key factor in her life. She’s highly motivated to make as much of it as necessary for her to be comfortable in life. Not only that, but she expects you to have a similar attitude.

This isn’t to say that she will depend on you though – quite the opposite. She isn’t the type to lean on others or require their assistance given her proud character.

Make no mistake though, Scorpio women aren’t cold or calculating despite their black and white outlook on life. She feels deeply and is one of the most trustworthy signs. All this combined results in a unique lady who makes for an intensely exciting partner who will support you through all situations and please you immeasurably in bed.

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