How To Attract A Sagittarius Woman: Top Tips For Getting Her To Fall In Love

The kind of man she wants in her life and how to seduce her.

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Top five tips:
  1. Keep her laughing where you can.
  2. Show that you support her lifestyle.
  3. Take her on a travel adventure.
  4. Be generous and kind in her company.
  5. Keep up with her sharp-tongue.

Given her free-flowing nature, your main priority is to keep her excited and stimulated. Make no mistake about her intelligence – her vast life experience means she is a very well-rounded individual.

That said, humour is also a key part of her personality. Keep her laughing where you can. With this in mind then, conversation should be easy-going but intellectual too. Discussing travel plans and your past experiences is a great example of this.

Her love for life means she can converse about pretty much anything, from law and politics, to celebrity news and grocery prices. Although her natural tendency to make jokes may suggest otherwise, the Sagittarian woman is constantly seeking higher truths and wisdom. Your ability to converse about slightly more philosophical topics will affect how well you’ll be able to keep her mind stimulated.

She may not want to share anything too personal to begin with, but her broad mind lends itself well to advice, so asking her to spread her knowledge with you about a given subject is a good way to go.

Often, her need to go travelling and indulge in life’s many experiences outweighs her ability to think in more practical terms. This is where you can come in. There will almost definitely be times where you need to rein her in a little without stifling her inner desires – not an easy task by any means.

It could be interpreted that Sagittarius women are high maintenance. While there could be some truth in this, it is also a great way for you to show that you support her lifestyle. Taking her away from her every day surroundings for a quick getaway to a different restaurant or a state of the art night club will go down very well.

Think of it this way: every new opportunity for her is a chance to make something fun. Even a walk to get a cup of coffee isn’t a mundane experience for her.

With that in mind, you should be open to trying new things, from new foods, new places, new entertainment … to new everything!

That’s not to say she doesn’t like the smaller things though. If anything, small gestures of your affection will be very much appreciated, so be open to sending her flowers whilst she’s at work for example.

Although her sights are often set higher than most, Sagittarius women need to appreciate the smaller things, as alluded to above. Something as simple as a camping trip is a great activity for her.

There are challenges involved with camping – which she likes. It is also a very romantic thing because of the seclusion of it – it’s just you and her in the woods with no one else around.

Sagittarian women have energy in abundance. Not only that, but they expect you to keep up too. Matching her non-stop drive and energy will keep her by your side, however tough this may be.

As well as this, keeping an open mind is crucial to sustaining a relationship for long periods. Being open enough to give new things a try and free your mind is very important.

Do your best to take part in her adventures

As well as an open mind, Sagittarian women like a man who has an open heart too. Hand in hand with this is that they also hate liars and dishonesty.

Needless to say then, being honest and true about your feelings, aspirations and fears help your Sagittarian woman see you for what you really are…which is a good thing.

If you aren’t the outgoing and adventurous type, it’s best to tell her this so that you can part ways on peaceful terms.

Failure to do this will earn her wrath, making it incredibly difficult to earn her trust again. Setting out to win her heart will mean that you have to be as broad minded as possible.

Perhaps the one thing that defines your Sagittarian woman is her insatiable appetite for travel.

Showing that you are someone that can not only fulfil her need to travel, but someone who also has their own need to go and live life too.

A stale lifestyle is something that should be avoided at all costs – so be unpredictable! Maintaining an enigma about you is a sure way to get your Sagittarian women to fall head over heels with you.

In particular, pushing and pulling works a charm. Treating them sweetly on your dates is great, but follow this up by maintaining some distance. This will keep her intrigued and interested in what you’re going to do next.

She loves to flirt, but she might be shy initially. She thrives more off the thrill than anything else, especially when you can match her wit and charm – proving that you’re sharp-tongued enough to keep up with her.

Part of the exploration lifestyle that Sagittarian women love is when they meet new people. They thrive in this kind of environment, so standing out and keeping her entertained is the biggest challenge.

It is imperative that you make every effort to be her friend first and foremost. Sagittarians are governed by Jupiter, going some way to explaining why she has the sense of humour she does, even if it is at somewhat inappropriate times.

Matching her over-exuberant sense of humour is important, as she is looking for someone who will do this. It’s a huge turn off for her when her man complains constantly about his problems.

What to avoid with your Sagittarius lady

Distrust and greed do not go down well with your Sagittarius woman. As long as you can keep her happy, she will never be unfaithful towards you.

This is despite the fact that she loves to flirt. There is nothing malicious about this, it is simply a part of her character.

Displaying the maturity and security to allow her to do this will earn her respect. You should also avoid public displays of affection. She might be up for some fun behind closed doors, but being too clingy all the time is a turn off.

Sagittarian women have very little tolerance for melancholy or unhappiness. If they get the slightest inkling that you’re going to find her energy difficult, or the pace of the relationship too heavy going, she will just turn away and look elsewhere.

The same goes for men who have an over-inflated ego – these kinds of people are dull and uninteresting to her, and she will actively avoid whomever showcases these characteristics.

With this in mind, it’s not unheard of for Sagittarian women to have had multiple relationships in her life. The reason for this is that she will be very proactive about walking away from relationships that she isn’t happy in.

By their very nature, Sagittarian women are highly independent. She sees very little reason why she shouldn’t pay the bill when you go out.

She’d rather feel like your equal than for you to pay for everything the whole way. With this in mind, you must be able to accept the fact that she is strong, and cannot be restrained in any way.

She is a free spirit, and shouldn’t be held back. This must be respected, else she will be put off by your attitude and go elsewhere.

She won’t want to make any commitments after just a few weeks, nor does she take kindly to ultimatums either. Above all else, she needs space and time.

Give her the freedom she craves and she will invite you to be part of her adventurous lifestyle.

Hand in hand with this is respect. Avoid being patronising when speaking to her. She loves learning new things but when doing so, do it in such a way that it will enrich her life. She has little tolerance for short tempers, rudeness or condescending behaviour.

Her directness tells you all about how she wants to be treated. She isn’t interested in playing games or manipulating anyone.

All she expects is the same of you – telling her exactly what you’re feeling is a much better route than trying to hide it or by simply giving signals.

What you need to keep in mind about the Sagittarius woman

Vibrant, independent, zealous – these are just a few words that can be used to describe a woman belonging to the Sagittarius sign. If there is one thing above all that she wants, it’s to see the wonders of world, ideally with you.

Sagittarius ladies thrive off of a challenge, so it’s no surprise to know that it is usually her chasing the ideal man – not the other way around. It is nothing out of the ordinary then to find the roles reversed whilst trying to win the heart of your Sagittarius woman.

That said, waiting around for her to notice you isn’t a wise move – they rarely stay single for long.

Her zest for life means she is constantly operating with a “glass half full” mentality. Full of contagious optimism, she hardly ever succumbs to the seriousness of life, finding humour in most situations where she can.

It also means that she has an avid interest in all the different cultures and beliefs that life has to offer, hence her desire to see everything the world has to offer.

Having the foundations for solid friendships is key for her – not just for the way you might approach her, but in general with her friends circle too. For you, this means a steady approach is much better. Take the time to know who she is first, as it will set you up for the longer term.

Her relentless energy means she’s up early and active. Her tendency to be so pro-active means she often has a need to be organised, so don’t be surprised to see her create and consult her many lists and to-do’s.

Given that your Sagittarius lady is ruled by the Fire element, it’s fair to say that as all other signs belonging to this element, she desires to consume everything around her. This is where her love for travelling comes from. Her desire to learn about various walks of life means that her imagination rarely has limits. When she sets a goal, it’s almost always ambitious.

That said, she also rarely sits still, as she is constantly looking for new experiences and new things to excite her.

With the knowledge that travel and experiences are central to a Sagittarius woman’s existence, it should become clear that being a companion to her is what will draw her in. She’s looking for someone who she can share all of this with, and someone who can add to it too.

She craves to see everything life has to offer, so you need to be loving and exciting. Doing this will guarantee an amazing relationship where any two days will seldom be the same.

Your Sagittarius lady likes to be in control of everything going on around her. This way, she can dive head first into any new chances that come her way, whether it is a trip or a business venture.

It’s crucial that you let her spread her wings and be who she wants to be. She will want you to be a part of her experiences but as long as you don’t try to inhibit her, she will always remain by your side.

In this situation, she is as loyal and caring as you could ever want. This means in the long term too. As a Fire sign, she loves passionately and intensely, making her an ideal partner if you can keep up with her.

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