Horse and Rooster Love Compatibility: A Gentle Relationship

These two seem to display a lot of passion for one another, which can be a great foundation for their life together.

Horse and Rooster Compatibility

Some may find it weird, but the relationship between a Horse and a Rooster can be very interesting and fun. While the Horse will not give a damn about how the Rooster is obsessed with perfection, this doesn’t mean their connection will weaken.

As a matter of fact, the Horse may find living up to the Rooster’s expectations as very daring and exciting, while the Rooster can simply love how the Horse can make a joke even when the situation is very tense.

CriteriaHorse and Rooster Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Obviously, the fact that the Horse wanders may be a serious issue for the Rooster, because the latter wants only commitment from his or her partner. The Rooster needs to keep the Horse interested be being good looking and making intriguing comments, especially if he or she wants to be in this relationship for a lifetime.

An irrational union that seems to somehow work

If the Rooster and the Horse decide to be lovers and to move in together, they can have many problems at home. The Rooster is known as very devoted and trustworthy when it comes to love, but he or she may be annoying as a result of too much nagging and criticizing.

The Rooster is obsessed with cleanliness and perfection, the Horse just starts projects in order to abandon them before they’re completed as Horses tends to jump from one idea to another all the time.

The Rooster may grow to be impatient seeing the Horse can’t simply focus on one thing for at least a minimum period of time. Also, the Horse is known for not being good at lasting too long in a relationship.

However, the fact that these two connect very well from an intellectual point of view can have them very in love with each other.

If the man is a Rooster and the woman a Horse, he will always feel inadequate and suspicious. The lady of this couple is outgoing and resents jealousy.

While he won’t help himself from being jealous, she’ll feel insulted because of this. The fact that he’s misogynistic will always get to the surface, no matter how much he would try to hide it.

When the man is a Horse and the woman a Rooster, he will feel flattered by all the attention she’s giving him. The lady in this couple is possessive, but the man may see this as the only proof of love.

With time, he’ll grow disillusioned by this situation. She wouldn’t risk anything, whereas he simply loves taking on new adventures.

The Chinese Horoscope says the relationship between the Horse and the Rooster has many chances of success. While these two natives have many contradicting traits, they can also get along very well.

The Horse is chaotic and seems the complete opposite of the perfectionist Rooster. However, the latter can adapt and the former can ignore how much the former is nagging, which means they can make a happy couple.

The same Chinese Horoscope says these two have an irrational union that seems to somehow work. The Horse is eccentric and wouldn’t even think of accepting the Rooster’s plan for a peaceful life.

As far as their marriage goes, things can sometimes turn to be pretty bad and many of their friends and family will think they’re meant to break up.

It’s very difficult for a Rooster and a Horse to have the same views on life and to follow the same path of success. However, there are also chances for them to manage doing all this and to be a very happy couple, but only if they’ll both accept their differences and will want to overcome them.

Their many talents

Seeing they have complementary traits, it would be very advantageous for them to just explore each other’s personalities. The Horse loves to work hard and doesn’t mind offering the Rooster everything he or she needs in terms of comfort and security.

Therefore, the Rooster will always be sure the Horse is by his or her side. Another thing that brings them together is the fact that they have the same pace of doing things. Horses can’t stop running and don’t want to settle down because they believe good opportunities are all over the place.

The Rooster happens to think the same, so when the Horse will be out there chasing good chances for both of them, the Rooster will make sure every little detail is in order and that perfection is achieved.

Therefore, these two make great business associates and can become rich if they decide to work together. It can be said their affair is absurd and at the same time very efficient.

The Horse has many talents and can make anyone laugh, the Rooster keeps a serious face and usually gets jealous out of nothing. When the Horse will get bored of doing the same things for too long, the Rooster will come from behind and clean his or her mess, which will not be very much the liking of the latter.

Furthermore, the Horse doesn’t seem to have a care in the world and can truly annoy their partner. The fact that the Horse doesn’t want to commit to a simple life can make the Rooster go crazy because this native is known to always plan things and to want order.

While the Rooster is struggling to keep their direction in life straight, the Horse does the complete opposite and changes plans for adventure to have its place in their everyday living.

The Horse will never understand why the Rooster needs to be so logical, so anyone who will listen to their conversations will conclude they’re very different in the way they’re thinking.

Things between them may work only if they’re fascinated about their differences and intrigued about each other’s interests. Surprisingly, these two can be a very happy pair because the chaotic and unpredictable Horse can be helped by the perfectionist Rooster to become more efficient.

As a matter of fact, the success of their relationship depends very much on how flexible the Horse is and on the Rooster’s openness to stop nagging. Furthermore, the Rooster is very intelligent and observant, which means he or she can pick up any subtlety.

The Horse is interesting as a companion or partner because he or she is knowledgeable on many subjects and the Rooster very much wants someone like this in his or her life.

They seem to display lot of passion for one another, which can be a great foundation for their life together after the wedding. It’s true the Rooster is too obsessed with perfection and sometimes pessimistic, but at least he or she can take care of the Horse in a very efficient manner.

The challenges of this romance

The major problem in the Rooster-Horse relationship is about these natives’ different personalities and ways of living. For example, the Horse is known for impulsiveness and recklessness, while the Rooster always thinks twice before making a decision.

When with the Horse, the Rooster may become very shy because the former is always accusing him or her of being harsh and too rigid. The fact that the Rooster wants to criticize may never be to the liking of the selfish Horse who only believes in the way he or she is doing things and doesn’t want to accept other people’s opinions.

Because the Rooster is so focused on perfection, this native expects others to live up to his or her high expectations. Therefore, the Rooster may only notice and talk about flaws his or her loved ones have.

While a mannered Rabbit would accept all this and wouldn’t be bothered by the Rooster’s perfectionism, the Horse has an air of superiority and can’t accept being told that he or she has negative traits, regardless how objective others’ opinions are.

Therefore, the Horse has a limit to being nagged and wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to look for a partner who doesn’t do all this. The Rooster, especially the woman, is very demanding but at the same time open to give a hand and to serve.

However, this tendency to protect and to nurture may be very irritating for the Horse, who’s only focused on freedom and being independent. After they’ll consume the attraction between them, the Rooster and the Horse may break up because the Horse thinks the Rooster is suffocating him or her with too much attention and care.

The Horse is known to need a lot of space and doesn’t want all the attention of his or her partner, even if people in this sign are known to love being in the spotlight in public. Furthermore, these two have differences in the way they carry themselves in society.

For example, the Horse is very annoyed by the fact that the Rooster wants to be elegant and how he or she always analyzes things in order to make plans for the future. The Horse is only living for today and spends money without thinking twice, while the Rooster is very preoccupied with their financial future and can’t understand why the Horse is the way he or she is.

Furthermore, the Rooster may end up being appalled by how much the Horse needs variety and change. This native is known to take risks and to never think about any consequence. The Rooster simply cannot grasp all this, while the other way around, the Horse can find the Rooster’s interest in health, dieting, exercising and planning very curious.

The thing that can make these two triumph as a couple has a lot to do with the communication between them and with the Rooster letting go of criticism. Both of them are sincere and very giving, which means they only need to put in some efforts for their relationship to really work.

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