Gemini Tiger: The Unbeatable Believer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Gemini born in Tiger year

Gemini Tiger
  • If you are born between May 21 and June 20 then you are a Gemini.
  • The Tiger years are: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022.
  • These people require continuous stimulation to maintain their interest.
  • You wouldn’t want to toy with the vengeful Gemini Tiger woman.
  • The Gemini Tiger man is very devoted in love.

The Geminis born in the Tiger year are flamboyant and confident. They are great around people and they have a charming nature. They surely take from the liveliness of the Tiger and are just as outspoken as most Geminis.

It’s difficult to find a sad Gemini Tiger. Usually, these people are cheerful and they can transmit this mood of theirs to others.

The Fascinating Gemini Tiger Personality

Those born in the Western astrological sign of Gemini and the Chinese year of the Tiger have a quick temper and they sometimes act too fast.

These people don’t have a clue about what self-discipline is and it’s difficult for them to control their emotions.

However, their impulsiveness is sometimes of help. Coupled with their wisdom, it can lead to creative thoughts.

That’s why the Gemini Tigers are great artists. Always ready to face a new challenge, they will enter and try and win any competition. They prefer to participate in this kind of events as being part of a team.

Top Characteristics: Bold, Competitive, Optimistic and Versatile.

They know how to lead and others are attracted by their charm and their ability to motivate without being too demanding. Adaptable to any new situation, the Gemini Tigers love to travel. They could even do this for a living.

They don’t like being bored and they are more than glad to welcome changes of routine in their lives.

People born in both these signs think fast and they need to be continuously stimulated in order to be happy. They are always active and they need variety instead of doing the same thing every day.

When they feel like someone doesn’t appreciate them enough, they start to have moods and become impatient. The same thing happens when they are not challenged enough.

At work, the Gemini Tigers are creative and they come up fast with solutions when they are required to. While you can completely trust them to do whatever they are required to at their job, it isn’t the same with their personal lives and goals.

They tend to become lazy and undetermined when they need to do something for their own benefit. When you first see people in Gemini Tiger, you think they must be ambitious and stubborn. But this is only a mask they put on for the others.

On the inside, these people are sensitive and caring. They just prefer not to show it. Proud, they wouldn’t allow anyone to get too close to them.

They only share their most ardent desires and worries with individuals they know and trust very well. Luckily, the Gemini Tigers get to be wiser as they grow old, so they will be completely satisfied with their lives at maturity.

Perfect careers for Gemini Tiger: Journalism, Sales, Photography, Writing.

When interacting with others, people in Gemini the year of the Tiger demand loyalty and devotion. When they are parents themselves they tend to be over-protective, and with their own parents they are possessive.

Their energy is sometimes impressive. They are always happy and eager to do new things. It’s easy for them to manipulate people in doing what they want, but they can sometimes be egoistic as they like being in the centre of attention.

Their main weaknesses aren’t many. A bad temper and being indecisive are the things that will bother them the most. They also have mood swings and over-tire people with the fact that they never share what worries them.

Fortunately, they can snap fast out of a bad mood. If they trust enough, they will also share what bothers them.

Love – Exposed

The Gemini’s influence makes the Gemini Tigers want to share their lives with someone that is trustworthy and reliable.

If you are with a person who belongs to both these signs, make sure you admire him or her a lot. They need praising and to be flattered, but it’s difficult for them to offer the same things to the person they love.

They don’t enjoy being single and they like to chase the person that they have fallen for. Their love is for a lifetime intense.

When they are in a relationship without passion or any chances for a future, the Gemini Tigers prefer to break up from the partner. They will stay for a while trying to fix things and they’ll eventually disappear.

Most compatible with: Aries Dog, Leo Horse, Libra Horse, Aquarius Dragon and Leo Dog.

They worry about their love life. Even after they’re married, they are stressed about the partner’s satisfaction.

They need someone to be constantly on their side, not bothered by their demands. It is difficult for them to accept the other half’s opinions. They often like to complain to the partner about their problems, this being one of the reasons why they like being married.

It’s essential to be tolerant and supportive with the Gemini Tigers. It takes them a while to settle, but when they do, they become very loyal. They will have their share of freedom before commitment.

Gemini Tiger Woman Characteristics

The Gemini Tiger woman often brings controversies around her. She is a natural provocateur and she enjoys being this way.

Determined, this lady will always get what she wants from life and she won’t even spend that much energy. While unstable in relationships with others, the Gemini Tiger woman is able of displaying her deep feelings for her partner.

She will look to get married with the person she finds to be the lover of her dreams. She is tender and trustful when she’s in a serious relationship. Intelligent and ambitious, the woman in Gemini the Tiger year will always look forward.

She is optimistic and a good leader. Don’t toy with her as she is very vengeful and has a good memory.

She is truly a hurricane of emotions and qualities. She has unconventional views, but it is wise that she doesn’t express them all the time.

This girl should also learn how to be calmer and establish a connection between her mind, her emotions and intuition.

Celebrities under the sign of Gemini Tiger: Rafael Nadal, Shia LaBeouf, Bear Grylls, Paula Abdul, Joyce Carol Oates, Eamonn Walker.

Gemini Tiger Man Characteristics

The man in Gemini Tiger likes things to be his way. He’ll invest a lot of his energy in making things the way he wants them.

He has enough patience to wait for opportunities and the only thing that could bother him is his adventurous side. He has many talents and he knows diplomacy. This is why he’ll be able to overcome many obstacles in life.

He will devote all his time to the person he has fallen in love with. But he can’t be next to someone who isn’t fun.

He needs variety in his life. Intelligent and determined, the Gemini Tiger man’s weakness is his laziness. The fact that he doesn’t respect any authority may be another problem.

He works with his talents without being afraid and he is usually successful at work. He knows how to manage his money and he will make a living only through work.

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