Gemini Snake: The Witty Charmer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Gemini born in Snake year

Gemini Snake
  • The Gemini dates are between May 21 and June 20.
  • The Snake years are: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025.
  • They are not as enthusiastic or carefree as everyone sees them.
  • Dreamy and trusty, the Gemini Snake woman is easily disappointed.
  • The ambition of the Gemini Snake man knows no boundaries.

Geminis are, as we know, selective when it comes to socializing, thus preferring more private and restrictive gatherings, rather than full-blown parties. With the Snake coming in, this native becomes way more adept at this kind of thing.

Understanding what drives people and their motivations will be a tremendous perk overall, since it helps them bond deeper with everyone else.

The Endearing Gemini Snake Personality

Gemini Snakes appear to be extremely good with words, be it getting out of a tough situation or persuading a client into taking a hot deal.

Whatever the circumstances, this native will be able to work around any situation with just their silver tongue alone. Naturally, being around this native will always be a blast, both because of their charm and attractive attitude. Be aware of their compliments as well!

The Gemini Snake is the best of both worlds, taking that alluring and mysterious mood from the Gemini, as well the serpentine adaptability and flexibility.

Individuals such as these are the best when doing jobs that require high analytical and organizational skills. And, if possible, don’t place them into an office, you’ll just ruin their mood and have their efficiency drop by leaps and bounds.

Field work, talking to people and establishing relations are what they do best and this is what the future holds for this native.

Competitions, sports, friendly social gatherings in nature, volunteering, these are but a few of the things they are deeply enamoured with.

Top Characteristics: Sociable, Ambitious, Obsessive, Dreamy.

Financially, they don’t have any problem in general, and while money remains something to focus on, they don’t put too much attention into this.

Sure, comfort should be sought, and having a good financial situation is basically a condition of leading a fulfilling and satisfying life, but there are a few limits. Obsession about it is in no way beneficial or good, and that’s their limit.

This individual wants to avoid two types of situations: a bland and boring lifestyle in which everything centres around routine and day-to-day evens, and being alone with no one to share in the joys of everyday life.

And they do everything in their power to keep the flow going, never succumbing to simplicity and blandness, while also socializing whenever they have the chance.

In fact, they are also quite efficient and thrive while in society, in that they figure out important facts about their dreams and desires, gives them a fundament in reality.

As for how they relax, it’s not much of a debate or hour-long planning. Everything goes, as long as it’s interesting and innovative, not something that ties to the everyday rituals and events.

The fact that they aren’t as picky when it comes to this shows a most interesting thing, implicitly that even the simplest of things can be satisfactory and achieve the desired result. It’s quite easy to forget about stress and relax when you’re a Gemini Snake.

Perfect careers for Gemini Snake: Education, Law, Politics, Sales and Accountancy.

The majority of these natives are highly gifted when it comes to intelligence, reasoning skills and logic, something that even they may not be aware of.

If these traits would be capitalized and used as a basis for going about with a plan, you can be sure that the end result will be spectacular and close to perfection.

There is a slight misunderstanding when talking about Gemini Snakes. People usually tend to see them as perpetually enthusiastic and optimistic individuals who have nothing better to do than run around and spreading happiness.

Well, shocking or not, they aren’t exactly like that. Being human, they are flawed and thus perfect, but then again, who of us isn’t?

Their Achilles’ heel centres on being distracted from doing something, destroying their focus and rendering their work null and void. That’s the real problem with these natives, and it’s a big one.

Love – Uncovered

Gemini Snakes are incredibly good at establishing new relationships and attracting new people to them. These initial bonds could deepen very quickly and in the most natural manner, given their cheerful and charming personality.

In an intimate relationship, this native puts a lot of importance on communication and sharing all the experiences of da-to-day life and more.

Being a resolute and determinate guy in general, he won’t hesitate to take the bull by the reins and ask you out, or make a move when you least expect it. The further you go, the bolder he gets, and that’s ultimately a good thing.

Before fully establishing and accepting the prospect of family life, two things must be checked on their list.

The partner has to be compatible and understanding with them, like really thoughtful and intuitive, and also he has to know that his independence and personal freedom won’t be inhibited in the least.

People who will likely not resist this native are the rigid and overly-serious ones, as well as highly introverted individuals who can’t seem to wrap their heads around social and love matters.

Most compatible with: Aquarius Ox, Leo Dragon, Libra Dragon and Aries Rooster.

Gemini Snake Woman Characteristics

These women are in general very joyful and enthusiastic, but even with all the dancing and prancing around, they still very much prefer quieter and more solitary environments. There is a good reason for that though.

They think better that way, as there are not distractions and no outside stimuli to ruin their creative endeavours. Because they are indeed endowed with a strong imagination and innovative flair.

When feeling like a new idea is going to hatch, or a plan is going to be drawn up, these women tend to get very intense and focused on that. And it’s really contagious, all that enthusiasm and high-strung happiness of a future prospect.

As a matter of fact, it’s also a problem sometimes, the fact that they tend to slide on that slippery slope of imagination and idealization.

Going too far into the realm of dreams and illusions can be quite detrimental and affect one’s everyday actions. Decisions become difficult to make, hesitancy and the lack of knowledge or experience brings about emotional instability.

As for how they do in love, let’s just say that they tend to be better at it as time passes by and they gain more experience. Initially, it’s quite a complex and weird spectacle of emotions and infatuation.

Later on, it all boils down to taking the initiative and going all in, because nothing going to come to you unless you want it. If this native realizes this important thing, then nothing else will pose a problem anymore.

Celebrities under the sign of Gemini Snake: G-Eazy, Lucy Hale, Kanye West, Brooke Shields, Elizabeth Hurley, Tim Allen, Bob Dylan, Anne Frank.

Gemini Snake Man Characteristics

The Gemini Snake man is someone who can take any challenge thrown at him, fight against it, wrestle away the victory and continue on with the most natural smile in the world. How does he do that?

What if we were to tell you that he achieves that with only grit, quick wits and one hell of a strong perseverance? It’s true though.

Being highly observant and naturally agile when it comes to facing up against tough situations, there is no surprise that he does what he does.

In love, it’s obviously a race and a competition to enter this man’s good graces and receive his thumbs up.

Endowed with a pretty powerful and flexible imagination, this native trains himself in viewing the world with a different mindset each and every time he becomes involved in something.

This ability to look at things from many different perspectives is immensely helpful and efficient, and coupled with his resistance to stress, willpower and stubbornness; you have someone who will most likely reach the top of the Forbes list in no time at all.

In relationships, he prefers to know from the get-go what he’s getting himself into. Thus, there are no chances of going further with this native unless he has properly observed and analysed you.

If what he finds is to satisfying, then prepare for the most interesting and intriguing seduction attempt of your life. Caring and compassionate, as well as very understanding and a family man, you won’t find anyone better, ever.

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