Gemini Rooster: The Sophisticated Thinker Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Gemini born in Rooster year

Gemini Rooster
  • Gemini people celebrate their birthdays between May 21 and June 20.
  • The Rooster years are: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029.
  • Spontaneity is one of the first things others discover about these people.
  • The Gemini Rooster woman can overcome any trace of bad luck by rethinking her behavior.
  • Time and money are crucial in the life of the busy Gemini Rooster man.

People who were born in Gemini the Chinese year of the Rooster are usually very attentive with their appearance, and give a lot of importance to their image. In their opinion, the way you look says much about your personality and imposes respect.

They also have the appropriate behavior to be more self-confident than others. If they are in a competition at work, these guys will use all their qualities to win. Gemini Roosters are considered extrovert people.

They are open and friendly, and they don’t think twice when they have to do something on their own. More than this, these guys have a keen eye for everything that’s beautiful and in style. You can’t beat a Gemini Rooster’s great taste.

The Trendsetting Gemini Rooster Personality

The Rooster’s influence makes people born in Gemini and Rooster flamboyant and stylish. Proud and motivated, they can also be a little bit grumpy, especially if they are being criticized.

They are honest and they have a pure, innocent side to them. Ruling their lives after certain moral principles, they are righteous and fair, thing that makes them even more charismatic.

Talented, they have innovative ideas that will usually impress others. They do things properly and they are usually appreciated by their bosses.

Negative thoughts and setbacks are not even in their vocabulary, optimism and a positive view on life being what they are using to achieve their goals.

They tend to think that their ideas and suggestions are the best and that there is no one to do a better job than them.

They are quite stubborn when it comes to accepting other people’s opinions. These guys are more vulnerable when they’re alone, and they need to be with someone to help them become more successful.

Top Characteristics: Assertive, Stubborn, Compassionate, Impatient.

Gemini Roosters are full of life and cheerful. They charm people with their intelligence and they are very organized when it comes to their plans and way of living.

Energetic, these individuals are puzzled when they have nothing to do. It will be easier to see what they are up to on social networks rather than in real life because they’re always busy. But if you need their help and you want them around, they will always be there for you. Because they are so enthusiastic, Gemini Roosters can sometimes hurry in making judgments and decisions.

This causes them to make some mistakes in their life. But the most important thing is that they always have good intentions.

They hardly accept criticism and being contradicted, and they have mood swings that often make them irascible.

Because they are born in the dual sign of the Gemini, these guys will always use double talks and double analysis to judge people and situations.

Calm and sometimes eccentric, Gemini Roosters are balanced characters who will never do wrong to someone. They are sensitive and responsible. But this doesn’t mean they don’t have a fun side because they do.

These guys can be spontaneous and surprising. They often change their personality according to how the situation requires them to be. This is a skill that makes them very adaptable and easy to deal with.

Many appreciate them for it. Never undisciplined, people born in Gemini the year of the Rooster hate disorganization and they always tidy up things so they can have access to them more easily.

They are tolerant and they rarely criticize because they hate being criticized too. Sensible characters themselves, they will pay attention to what others are feeling and they will respect their emotions.

This means they are caring partners, who will only be fussy about the mess in the household rather than about minor flirting. Highly attentive to details, Gemini Roosters may lose big opportunities in life because they focus on the small things.

They also say what goes through their head and they can sometimes hurt people with their outspokenness. They don’t want to cause any trouble or people to be hurt, but they can’t refrain from being honest.

They are very happy to have a conversation with someone. If they have an argument with someone, they will simply exhaust their opponents with accusations and harsh words.

While confident on the outside, Gemini Roosters are in fact shy and reserved on the inside. They are more comfortable when they’re around people they know very well, and they don’t like being in large groups.

Perfect careers for Gemini Rooster: Arts, Music, Sales, PR, Management.

Their freedom is very important to them. It’s essential to give them space and independence if you want to keep them close to you for a long time. When they work in teams, these individuals prefer to be participants and not leaders.

They are motivated themselves, and they can keep others motivated with their attitude. It’s not their style to be in the center of attention.

They don’t want the spotlight. Because they are rational, skilled and creative, Gemini Roosters will be good at any job they may be doing. If they have a team they can rely on, they can be very efficient at what they are doing.

It’s true that they sometimes can complicate their lives with useless details, but they manage to get out of trouble by using their analytical minds and rational behavior.

When they have negative feelings, Gemini Roosters can reveal some of their weaknesses.

For example, they can get angry if they are provoked in a conversation, making others believe they are a volcano that erupted. They can say harsh things they don’t actually mean. These guys hate losing an argument.

Love – Uncovered

While they may change many things in their life, Gemini Roosters will never change the fact that they want someone to be devoted to them. They like falling love and they see this experience as something sweet and interesting.

When they fall for a person, they fall for real and there is nothing to change their mind about it. These people like partners who are submissive.

They are honest and straightforward with the people they love, and they always like to keep things fair. What makes the opposite sex go crazy about them is the fact that they are reliable and in the same time very independent.

If you are in love with a Gemini Rooster, don’t be capricious or too sentimental. They like stability and people who are self-confident.

Most compatible with: Aries Snake, Libra Snake, Leo Dragon, Aquarius Ox.

A relationship with someone too pretentious and sensitive won’t last too long. It is also important that their partner has common interests with them. This is the only thing that will make them fall in love.

Tolerant, don’t think Gemini Roosters are weak. They just like to offer their loved ones the same independence that they desire.

They hate to be bossed around and they prefer people who are quiet and reserved. When stressed, Gemini Roosters will often think of their own problems rather than the ones of the couple. They have amazing reconciliatory ways after an argument.

Gemini Rooster Woman Characteristics

The Gemini Rooster woman is a little bit unfortunate. She keeps falling into unpleasant situations that she can’t explain and she often loses in life.

This girl chooses the most difficult paths and makes it difficult for her to achieve her goals. More than this, she can’t seem to devote herself to long-term plans.

She can overcome all of her bad luck by rethinking her behavior. Determined and focused, this lady won’t easily get scared about what life has to offer her.

She could be a great scientist or doctor. Attractive to the opposite sex, she has a romantic look and a nice body.

On the outside the Gemini Rooster woman is an optimist and a lover of life, but on the inside, she’s doubtful and scared.

It is recommended that she trusts herself more. She needs to stop thinking so much about her purpose in life, and she will be happy. If she will eliminate all the fears in her life, she will never be upset or depressed.

Celebrities under the sign of Gemini Rooster: Gene Wilder, Joan Collins, Priscilla Presley, Ice Cube, Natalie Portman, Adriana Lima.

Gemini Rooster Man Characteristics

The Gemini Rooster man may be confused about what he wants from life. He is always searching for something, but he doesn’t know for what.

With many interests, this guy has lots of ideas and he’s always thinking of something new. He is famous for not being too patient and he is lucky most of the time. It doesn’t matter what this man does, he seems to always win.

He will achieve great results at work. Straightforward and honest, the Gemini Rooster man is simple and easygoing. He knows how to manage time and money, so he will be successful at running his own business.

It is advised that he distributes his force and energy more wisely. He should as well help himself more before he jumps in to help others.

If he learns to give his loved ones more attention and that life is also a reason for joy, he will be happier.

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