Gemini Rat: The Humorous Conversationalist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Gemini born in Rat year

Gemini Rat
  • Gemini dates are between May 21 and June 20.
  • The Rat years are: 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, 2032.
  • This is someone great with finances and adept at saying no to frivolous temptations.
  • The Gemini Rat woman is not easily fazed and can easily adapt to changing times.
  • With a reliable and humorous nature, the Gemini Rat man makes a great work companion.

Curious and always a knowledge seeker, the Gemini Rat reunites the sociable and easy-going personality of Gemini with the practical and witty characteristics of the Rat.

Industrious and composed, these people have both practical and philosophical inclinations and an energy that appears to be almost superhuman.

Their inquisitiveness will surely take them places in life, as they will always be the first to find out every news.

Top Characteristics: Balanced, Generous, Humorous, Responsible and Stubborn.

The Curious Gemini Rat Personality

A defining feature of these natives is their willpower. Always coming up with new ideas, these people also have the strength to stand by these ideas and seek to make them happen.

Rather surprisingly for one influenced by Gemini, they take responsibilities and regard a lot of the mundane aspects of life with great responsibility. They are not the ones to give up the first moment things don’t go to plan.

They are not very punctual because they are usually engrossed in one activity and completely forget about the others. They always make up for their mistakes though.

During their young years, they might find it hard to stay in one place for too long. The Gemini Rat is an active being, who is mentally alert and happiest when on the go.

With a versatile personality, these people are inclined towards dreaming, whenever life responsibilities are not overwhelming them. Sometimes, they find their best solutions when they simply let their minds roam freely.

Lively and open temperament, they are joyful on most occasions and very understanding of other people. They are not judgemental and often exhibit rather balanced opinions.

They know to use their words wisely and can convince the fiercest of opponents. Because of this social ease, they are great in jobs that require leading many people, especially if there is also a humanitarian component.

The Gemini Rat is great with finances and will have the strength to say no to frivolous things.

They don’t collect any material baggage in life, especially if they are on the go. Knowing how to keep a tight budget, they will go for a bargain any day.

As they are not that interested in the material side of life, the only gifts they truly appreciate are those well thought of and with a meaning.

They prefer to give rather than receive. For them, it is an easier life one that is poor but happy than one that is rich but unhappy.

If you really want to blame these people for something, then you will need to seek deep. There you may find a great dose of narcissism and an inflated ego. The Gemini Rat can be immensely boastful, especially when they have proof of their accomplishments.

They are not indecisive but they appear to always be in a rush when making decisions, so that afterwards, they sort of linger over what they have chosen to do, before they can have closure.

You may also find that they can lose track of where a conversation goes, because they may get into too much detail and then get distracted. They risk leaving things unfinished if they uncover a more exciting activity.

Perfect careers for Gemini Rat: Arts, Dancing, Politics, Management

Love – Revealed

If you really want to find a blame for these people, let’s talk about their indecisiveness in love. They want to experience everything and may delay the real start of a relationship, deep inside this may also be because they are searching for their soul mate.

Curious even when it comes to love, they will want to know everything about their partners and this can prove to be a little too much sometimes. They can be controlling and overwhelming but will also make up for this in the most romantic ways.

If the relationship doesn’t prove to be what they expected, they would rather cut it at the earliest opportunity, they are not people to accept compromises. They may also get bored easily so their attention will need to be continuously stimulated.

Most compatible with: Aries or Leo Dragon, Libra or Aquarius Monkey, Aries or Libra Ox.

Gemini Rat Woman Characteristics

This woman cannot be fazed by anything when pursuing something. She can be patient and persistent and will resort to any manipulation to have things her own way.

Self-confident and innovative, she wants to change the world all of a sudden and won’t accept anything less. For her, life is an exciting adventure and she is in the driver’s seat.

During young years, her tendencies may also include some aggressiveness and a need to break the mould. The Gemini Rat woman puts a great price on her career, not only for offering her stability, but also adrenaline and engaging with others.

She is full of pride and may sometimes forget to put herself in the shoes of those around, in order to be liked.

Celebrities under the sign of Gemini Rat: George H.W. Bush, Karl Urban, Wentworth Miller.

Gemini Rat Man Characteristics

An intuitive and energetic individual who welcomes a large group of friends, him always being at the forefront. Cheerful no matter what, you will not be able to rain on his parade. He will pick up all of his friends when down with his humour and motivational speeches.

The Gemini Rat man will naturally attract wealth and a good life, most likely through the contact he establishes in life. He is reliable, trustworthy and makes a great business partner.

This man is also quick to jump into a new relationship and is very aware of how attractive he is. Real connections, perhaps meant to last for a lifetime, will only come later on in life. Should he be interested in this, he will build a loving family and will support his children through every phase of life they go through.

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