Gemini Goat: The Authoritative Friend Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Gemini born in Goat year

Gemini Goat
  • The dates of the Gemini zodiac sign are between May 21 and June 20.
  • The Goat years are: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027.
  • These people can be incredibly witty and innovative.
  • Empathic and observant, the Gemini Goat woman is a great judge of character.
  • Sometimes capricious, you don’t want to stay in the way of the Gemini Goat man.

Geminis born in the year of the Goat are great artists with an eye for detail and everything that is beautiful and nicely crafted. They are practical people, who approach life methodically.

These guys like to be organized and to put every little thing where it belongs. More than this, they can be a little bit fussy and authoritative. But not all the time, only when they want to do things their way.

The Opinionated Gemini Goat Personality

Also, emotional and honest, Gemini Goats are masters of seduction and flirting games. They like having conversations about interesting subjects and they remember when someone flatters them.

You will never see a Gemini Goat negligent with his finances. They work hard to make good money and they will spend wisely.

When they are gone from home for too long, Gemini Goats become homesick. They prefer being in familiar environments. Strangers and new places make them feel uncomfortable.

As said before, these people are the artists of the zodiacs. If they have a different day job, they will make out of arts and crafts a hobby.

If you want to make them gift, a beautiful painting or an antique chair would be the best idea. Anything that stimulates and incites their imagination is perfect. True gossipers, they will be curious about anyone.

Also, they will ask friends about other friends and their lives. But when it comes to talking about themselves, they are reserved and silent. Having an analytical mind, people born in Gemini the year of the Goat are good at solving problems that arise in their life.

Top Characteristics: Friendly, Creative, Opinionated, Practical.

They are adaptable and changeable. These guys can change their opinions and views according to their mood and interests at a specific time.

As far as the Gemini Goat’s job goes, these guys prefer intellectual challenges and not manual labor. They can come up with incredible ideas, and they are incredibly effective in the beginning stages of a project.

People who will explore their intelligence and creative side will only have to gain out of this. They are incredible professional partners who will help their colleagues with anything.

While they are natural gossipers and they like to know what happened with other people, Gemini Goats will never say to others what they have found out about the personal life of a friend.

Being eloquent and good communicators, it will be easy for these guys to master many languages and be fluent in dialects that are long forgotten.

Perfect careers for Gemini Goat: Music, Journalism, Education, Diplomacy, Acting.

Goats are nurturing and caring and this can be easily observed in the Geminis born in this year. They take others’ feelings into consideration and they are observant. More than this, they are keen on details so it will be very difficult to fool them.

Combining the good taste of the Goat with the adaptability of the Gemini, people born in these signs are intelligent and crafty.

They can surprise their friends with their creativity. They will gladly help others with advice and a kind word, without expecting anything in return.

Warm, they are great life partners for anyone who is looking to have a resourceful and intelligent person in his or her life.

Their home will be decorated with plain, functional pieces of furniture. They like spending time home and they love the security and comfort a family offers.

Love – Revealed

Generally loyal, Gemini Goats will also be attracted by other people even if they’re involved in a relationship. But they will not cheat. They are the perfect partners for those who want a career and are struggling to achieve professional success because they will never try to impede them from developing.

When in a relationship with these Geminis, you need to be optimistic and talkative. They like people with whom they can have a conversation and who are happy. More than this, they like it when their partner takes the lead but doesn’t necessarily has the last word.

Keep your Gemini Goat assured that you love him or her. They need to feel that they are wanted and appreciated in order to last in a relationship. These people will never hurry to choose a partner just for the reason of having someone next to them.

Most compatible with: Aries Rabbit, Aquarius Rabbit, Libra Horse, Aquarius Pig.

They will look for a person who suits their character as they want to be sure of the compatibility before they commit.

As soon as they have decided someone is for them, they engage in the relationship and expect the partner to be completely devoted and loyal.

Their sexuality is strong and they are sentimental. They rarely disappoint and they will always be there for their lover no matter how difficult things are. It doesn’t matter if the partnership is something long-term or just a fling, they will always surprise with their imagination.

While young they change partners often, but they will quickly feel the need of having someone long-term close. The older they get, the more need for stability they are going to have.

They require someone who can psychologically balance them. One of the main weaknesses of Gemini Goats in a relationship is that they expect too much from the partner.

This can lead to disappointment as no one is perfect and people tend to sometimes make mistakes. Their lover needs to appreciate and love them back as much as they do. If deceived, Gemini Goats take a lot of time to heal.

Gemini Goat Woman Characteristics

Perfectly capable to run her own life, the Gemini Goat woman is lucky and intelligent. But if she wants to succeed, she needs to implement self-development strategies and be more spiritual.

As soon as everything in her life will have a deeper meaning, this lady will be more successful and happier. She can’t deal with deception and she needs to stay away as much as possible from people with negative thoughts.

This girl will be a supportive partner. She will treat her other half as an equal and she will manage to provide for him financially if he can’t support himself for a while.

The Gemini Goat woman will rarely be disappointed in love because she takes time before she chooses the right partner.

A true philosopher, this woman will always be interested in conversations about our existence and purpose on Earth. Because she’s so interesting, responsible and in the same time independent, she will be very attractive for men.

It is recommended that she doesn’t pay attention to failures in her life. She needs to analyze things more thoroughly before she makes a decision and she has to be stronger if she wants to succeed.

Celebrities under the sign of Gemini Goat: Barry Manilow, Nicole Kidman, Anderson Cooper, Paul Giamatti, Dave Navarro, Farah Abraham.

Gemini Goat Man Characteristics

It could be difficult to understand the Gemini Goat man, but he’s very charming so you can deal with the fact that he is difficult.

He is also unpredictable and he lives in the moment rather than making plans. He’s not the typical man but he attracts many women with this.

If he wants to succeed more, he needs to want to self-improve and put some order in his life. He can be both a cynic and a sensitive in the same time.

This guy doesn’t show too much of himself to the outer world. He has a self-defense mechanism that will often make him lonely.

Capricious, this guy will not have the same lover for too long. He doesn’t want to sacrifice his freedom for a woman. It’s recommended that he no longer thinks negatively and that he opens to others.

If he allows more people into his life, he can become much more successful. Also regarding people, he needs to cherish his loved ones more and he will be happier.

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