Gemini Ox: The Ingenious Sarcastic Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Gemini born in Ox year

Gemini Ox
  • Gemini people celebrate their birthdays between May 21 and June 20.
  • The Ox years are: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021.
  • Sarcastic and with a developed sense of humor, they make great companions.
  • Loving and understanding, the Gemini Ox woman is that family member who you can always count on.
  • The Gemini Ox man has this tendency to complicate his life.

Sharp and outspoken, the Gemini Ox surely takes his boasting energy from the Chinese sign of the Ox and his impulsivity and relentlessness from the Western sign of the Gemini.

They know more than they let show but they are not deceiving. They want everyone to have same chances and will always follow their principles.

The Original Gemini Ox Personality

According to the Chinese zodiac, the Gemini born in the Ox year have a more stable personality.

They love their home and they are rational. Great thinkers, they will always look for answers and they will try to solve everything life throws at them. Because they have all these traits, the people born in Gemini the Ox year are very creative and intelligent.

Inventive, they will always come up with the best ideas for different solutions of problems. The fact that they are so original and open makes them charming and appreciated by others.

The Gemini Ox people are not so talkative and they have an amazing ability to predict what is going to happen in the future.

They’re not only ingenious and adaptable to any situation and person, they also have a calmness that is rare in others. Sensitive and respectful, they will often escape difficult situations by playing with words.

They’re known for their very developed vocabulary. They know how to express and explain what they’re thinking and many people appreciate them for this.

Good listeners too, the Gemini Ox people prefer to have a few friends that are true to them, rather than more friends and none of them honest.

Top Characteristics: Flexible, Witty, Appreciative and Thoughtful.

They can be sarcastic when they are bothered by some people’s behaviours. And they are bothering when they’re being sarcastic. Their developed sense of humor doesn’t always do its job or they don’t know how to approach a specific situation.

The Gemini Oxen are better when they are meeting people in private and they prefer friends who are on the same page with them about this. Social gatherings are not quite the places for them to be at. They decide very fast if someone is going to be their friend for a long period of time or they’re going to be only acquaintances.

Always thinking of new things to do and perhaps solutions for other people’s problems, the Gemini Oxen will not refuse someone who wants to have a conversation with them. While quiet in nature, they understand the importance of communication and they know life would be harder without it.

They hate gossip and they have patience with others. People in Gemini the Ox year are the happiest when they’re alone. But this doesn’t mean they reject company.

Perfect careers for Gemini Ox: Hospitality, Tourism, Music and Journalism.

Because they are flexible and possess a strange genius, the Gemini Oxen can do any kind of profession. If they aren’t appreciated at work, they will simply look for another job. They can adapt to new situations and new people very quickly.

The fact that they are Gemini makes them sociable and fun, and the fact that they are in the Ox accentuates these traits they’re having. They are stubborn as the Ox, and they prefer when things are being done their way.

However, this doesn’t mean they will completely reject other people’s opinions and ideas. The intelligent and persevering nature of the Gemini Oxen makes them successful in anything they may be doing in their career, especially if they are business people.

When the Gemini Ox is grumpy, you should have a discussion with him or her. They need to be assured everything is going to be OK and they won’t be that dark anymore.

Love – Revealed

The Gemini Oxen are more the lonely hawk than the person who always needs someone to cuddle with.

These people are not at all interested in having a romantic life, and they think being married is all boring. But in love, these people can be possessive and not so open with the partner.

They are very selective when choosing a life partner and they are unforgivable if they are being cheated on.

Above all, what they appreciate the most is honesty and those courageous individuals able to speak out in difficult situations.

It is advisable that the Gemini Ox people don’t enter a serious relationship without being sure they have found someone who’s their soul mate.

They need someone who is just like them. Due to the fact that they have an active imagination, they can sometimes get jealous without a real reason.

They can also be possessive if they feel someone else is interfering in their relationship. Their ideal partner will be a problem solver and a person who can offer them guidance in their career.

Most compatible with: Leo Rat, Aries Snake, Aquarius Snake, Aries Rooster and Libra Rooster.

Gemini Ox Woman Characteristics

The Gemini Ox woman is ambitious and determined. She has her own way of seeing things and she won’t give up her opinions for anyone.

She is efficient in everything that she may be doing, and she has a high resistance to stress. The woman born in Gemini the Ox year will always plan her love life.

She is loving and supportive, thing that makes her a great family woman. She’s not the best communicator as she prefers to keep things to herself and come up with solutions on her own.

It’s advisable that the Gemini Ox woman gives up being so alone. She can become completely isolated if she’s not careful. She is different from other Gemini women because she can act in the background.

She doesn’t need to be the center of attention in order to succeed. It’s not necessary for her to be where the action and the intrigue is.

She will limit her trust to only a few people who will usually be best friends or family.

Celebrities under the sign of Gemini Ox: Bar Refaeli, Juliette Lewis, Neil Patrick Harris, Boy George, Morgan Freeman.

Gemini Ox Man Characteristics

Honest, bold and passionate, the Gemini Ox man is surrounded by friends. He is more of an action man, and he believes people should bring up experience to prove their worth, not words.

The man in Gemini the Ox year likes discussing facts. He has self-confidence and he rarely takes other people’s opinions into consideration. He will have good positions at work and he’ll look to be financially stable.

It’s amazing how the Gemini and the Chinese Ox have combined their unique traits in this man. He can have a conversation on any subject, and he can make any woman his. He can be an ideal partner if he wants it to.

It is recommended that the Gemini Ox man keeps things to himself and doesn’t share so much of his life with others. He also needs to eliminate all negative emotions when in relation with others.

He likes looking for the truth in everything he is doing and this can complicate his life. He also needs to accept help from others in order to achieve his life goals.

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