Gemini Monkey: The Entertaining Buddy Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Gemini born in Monkey year

Gemini Monkey
  • The dates of the Gemini zodiac sign are between May 21 and June 20.
  • The Monkey years are: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028.
  • Working towards success in life is their default state.
  • Honest and easily convinced, the Gemini Monkey woman is a great helper.
  • Challenging situations don’t pose any issues to the resilient Gemini Monkey man.

These natives love being at the centre of attention and aweing everyone else with their creativity and ingenious ideas.

There isn’t anyone quite like them, in the sense that they aren’t just talkers and shows offs, but also have the grit and know-how to achieve any goal and plan. Veni, vidi, vici.

Just like that, this native arrives on the scene, observes the situation, concocts a plan and immediately starts working their way towards success.

The Friendly Gemini Monkey Personality

Due to their usual cheerful and joyful mood, it’s pretty hard to see a Gemini Monkey with a sullen expression or gloomily staring in the void, melancholically thinking about who knows what.

Of course, routine eventually gets to them, and a good period of relaxation and freedom will bring about the best version of them.

Socially, there isn’t anything to be afraid of when meeting them, because they are one of the few people out there who doesn’t have anything to hide. Or rather, there isn’t any need to hide anything, because honesty and straightforwardness are the best tools at their disposal.

They were born with a silver tongue and they probably have Cicero for an ancestor, because they are so adept at communicating and expressing their thoughts and feelings, that everyone can’t help but pay the most attention when these natives start talking.

Top Characteristics: Educated, Soft-spoken, Generous, Relaxed.

With great choices of words and methods in which to express them, either to persuade or to manipulate, no one can resist them. Evidently, learning new languages comes as easy as breathing, and it’s one of their strongest perks.

Because they are individuals of rare honesty and simplicity, people often see them as someone who lacks will and interest in themselves, because it doesn’t seem that they care a lot about their appearance and countenance.

The truth is, the Gemini Monkey has a very developed sense of self, and while the outside may not be pleasant to others, they see it as being relatively unimportant to abide by the rules of others. If they find it to be satisfying, then that’s all that matters.

Having such a great eloquence and the intellect and quick wits to sustain it, how could anyone ever find this native to be uninteresting and dull? It just doesn’t happen.

Any discussion is immediately brightened up and becomes livelier by having them join up and bring forth new and complex ideas to the table.

A springy and energetic individual who sees everything as an opportunity to have some fun and use all the extra drive to further advance on their path to success, the Gemini Monkey is the agile jack of all trades of the Western and Eastern zodiac.

A truly unique and singular native, they manage to achieve everything that they want and live a comfortable and perfect life, while also retaining that childish and personal flair that make them stand out in a crowd.

This cheerful and bright attitude of theirs manifests on two fronts, in two different ways. With friends and close ones, they are generous and appreciative, tolerant and understanding, generally putting past misgivings behind and forgiving them.

In a relationship, it all turns into a fiery passion, unleashing a vortex of intense and volcanic feelings that had lain dormant for far too long, this being the perfect time to reveal them.

Impetuosity and aggressive spontaneity was never their cup of tea, and if they need to convince someone, it’s better to act with patience and wisdom, carefully pointing out all the aspects of the argument, and the chances of success are higher.

With their gift for speaking and arguing an idea, it’s a given that the best jobs or activities are the ones where debating and talking to group of people is involved. It’s even better if the subjects are interesting and intriguing.

Perfect careers for Gemini Monkey: Hospitality, Law, Catering, Advertising.

For all these talents and great potential that they have been granted, there is also a downside to the Gemini Monkey, all just to balance the works of Mother Nature. Otherwise, they would have been a little “too perfect”.

The flaw consists of their natural weakness and feeble emotional stability, which can act up in the most inopportune of moments. Rapid shifts in mood are a normal thing for this native, and so staying on course with a plan for long periods of time is not exactly something easy to accomplish.

All in all, the Gemini Monkey is a highly efficient and kind of the ideal type of individual overall, endowed with many great qualities and talents that can only take them upwards.

Even if they do have their weaknesses and defects, like their emotional fluctuations, or preponderance to use whatever means necessary to achieve their goals (unsure if it’s really a downside), they are undoubtedly a great person and a greater partner even.

Love – Exposed

In relationships, or even before starting one, the Gemini Monkey finds it really hard to come across the right person, just because they have a lot of criteria and expectations for an ideal partner.

After all, they are great people with plenty of outlets, so why would they settle for anything less than the ideal? This leads to the lack of experience as far as intimate relationships go, and it might not be a bad thing in the long run.

Once they start taking a liking to someone, their behaviour and attitude suffer a transformation, turning more romantic, affectionate and loving than ever before, giving it their all to make the other happy and satisfied.

Of course, they expect the same in return, and not receiving it can quickly light a signal alarm in their mind, which is sure to bring forth bad things.

They tend to singularize and transfigure love into an aspect of absolutism, the ultimate purpose of life and one of the most, if not the most, important element in one’s life.

Most compatible with: Libra Rat, Aries Monkey, Libra Dragon, Aries Dragon, Aquarius Dragon.

Gemini Monkey Woman Characteristics

On a personal level, the Gemini Monkey women like to do things that have a realistic meaning, more than doing it just for the sake of it.

And if the end result seems to be promising, they’ll find it easier to continue on, and even develop from certain points of view.

On this idea, self-development should be something that comes from deep down, and not something that has to be mandatorily imposed on them, as a result of challenges and complex situations.

That way, it’s way easier and the transition is more fluid than ever before, the change in attitude in other words.

Romantically, she has a very emotional perspective on relationships, just like any other woman, in most cases at least. She can’t just start something that has no future and brings no benefits at all, only sorrows and moral failings.

This doesn’t tend to happen though, since she is fully aware of what exactly to do in order to create a bond that will last throughout time.

There may be some problems with her overly ambitious character, which could end up in arguments or even conflicts, as a result of misunderstandings and contradictory points of view.

But if she tries to convert all that pent-up aggression into creative drive, then everything will fix itself up nicely in the end.

Celebrities under the sign of Gemini Monkey: Rudy Giuliani, Kenny G,Kylie Minogue, Venus Williams, Kate Upton, Gregg Sulkin.

Gemini Monkey Man Characteristics

The Gemini Monkey man is filled with energy to the brim, and his social nature becomes even more apparent and evident.

People gather around him naturally and he finds the fitting methods to keep them there, either by witty and intellectual remarks, or through oratorical skills alone.

Professionally, this native is a risk-taker most definitely, one who doesn’t think much before going all-in with a near-suicidal mission, but not for the great rewards at the end of the quest.

Those are just secondary and almost non-important. What truly matters is the journey itself, all the challenging situations and adrenaline-pumping difficulties that he has to face along the way.

However, because of this proclivity and vice that makes them lose focus and become impulsive, some things may be harder to accomplish, or even next-to-impossible.

Being incapable to fully analyse a situation and build a strategy from the bottom up can mean the difference between victory and defeat, after all.

Even if they are incredibly talented and have many perks to back them up, they become useless if not properly used, and so this is the biggest and most critical flaw of these natives, the overly exaggerated taste for the unknown and dangerous.

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