Gemini Horse: The Opinionated Adventurer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Gemini born in Horse year

Gemini Horse
  • The dates of the Gemini zodiac sign are between May 21 and June 20.
  • The Horse years are: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026.
  • These people will prioritize their own needs.
  • The Gemini Horse woman is great at organizing things.
  • Bold and innovative, the Gemini Horse man is ahead of his time.

While not as sociable as other Geminis in the zodiac, Gemini Horses are still enthusiastic. However, they are happier when they are with only one person or in small groups as they don’t like agglomerated places.

The Western Gemini sign gives them their affectionate ways and the confidence whilst the Chinese Horse lends them its adventurous spirit.

These people have many talents. They could face anyone or anything on their own, with no help from others.

The Bold Gemini Horse Personality

Gemini Horses think fast and they have amazing reflexes. They are great at driving cars or operating heavy machinery. Their adventurous side will send them traveling many faraway places and they will make great memories wherever they may be going.

Eager to learn new things and meet new people, Geminis in the Horse year will make use of their knowledge to handle their problems.

Activities that consist in the completion of repetitive tasks are not good for them. They need a job where they can use their wisdom and their calmness.

As they have a good fashion taste, they could do well as designers too. Talented at creative endeavors, these guys would be great at a job in a theater.

Top Characteristics: Active, Stubborn, Eloquent and Optimistic.

The spirit of the Gemini Horse is young and active. These people are charming and good at socializing. Everyone who is born in the year of the Horse is passionate about life, and the Gemini Horses make from living their lives beautifully a main purpose.

This is why these individuals will go through life looking to experience new things, to enjoy every sensation, and live as intensely as possible. Any boring activity will make Gemini Horses run without looking back.

They need a purpose to do anything and they prefer doing things their way. As a matter of fact, they are quite stubborn and insisting in imposing their own way of life.

If you are the friend or the lover of a person born in both these signs, it is better that you don’t help him or her with anything until you are asked to. They can get really upset if they are not being left alone to deal with their problems.

For the Gemini Horses, life is a sea of pleasures. They love to take part in any activity that stimulates their senses and makes them feel good.

They like to laugh and they will laugh a lot at themselves if they’re in an embarrassing situation. Because of this, people will want to be around them.

Their friends are simply absorbed by them, and they are very nice with everyone they know. If something is impeding them from traveling, the Gemini Horses will find consolation in books and magazines as they are always eager to learn and they love reading.

Through books, they escape boredom and they relax without investing too much money. They sometimes seem like they are insensitive, but they aren’t.

Their heart is always in the right place. Gemini Horses will never listen to anyone else. They prioritize their own needs and they often ignore what others want. If they find themselves in a routine work environment, they will plot with colleagues to change the routine and make things more fun.

This will hide their usual selfishness, and make other people think the Gemini Horse they know is more interested in the wellbeing of others. Because they are straightforward, the Gemini Horses could be labeled as judgmental and criticizing. But they only mean well when they’re expressing their opinions.

At least you can be sure you will get honesty and truthfulness from them. They will evaluate things, situations and people rationally and correctly.

Their logical and practical mind is also good at coming up with very good answers to problems that sometimes seem unsolvable.

Perfect careers for Gemini Horse: Design, Music, Dancing and Visual arts.

With an incredible sense of humor, Gemini Horses will play practical jokes to get other people’s laughter and attention. They know their own value and they are conscious which way their life is going to turn.

These people analyze every reaction and behavior they provoke and they change their ways with others accordingly. They could be great comedians or traders.

Because they have many passions and interests, they will spend valuable time taking new paths rather than accomplishing something specific.

This is why they will overlook many interesting opportunities and waste valuable time. The Horse’s influence may cause the people in Gemini Horse to be a little bit authoritative sometimes.

They get agitated when they have to wait for something and this can be considered one of their main weaknesses. Thankfully, their dispositions change quickly, so they won’t stay nervous for too long.

Love – Revealed

For the Gemini Horses to be caring and faithful in a relationship, they need to have someone understanding as a partner.

Because they want an ideal person as their soulmate, they will engage in romantic situations with caution.

They won’t stand their lover being sarcastic and they need to have a reason to love someone. In other words, their partners need to perform and be as perfect as possible to keep the Gemini Horse interested.

At home, people born in both these signs are helpful and adaptable. If they feel like they don’t have control over how things are going, they become mean and harsh with words.

If you let them be in charge of the household, they will be satisfied. However, responsibilities need to be shared in a home environment, so don’t let them get their way all the time.

Most compatible with: Aquarius Tiger, Aquarius Dog, Aries Ram, Libra Ram, Aries Tiger.

Gemini Horse Woman Characteristics

With many faces, the Gemini Horse woman is advised to be firmer and determined in life. She’s not the luckiest person in the world, so she needs to struggle more to get what she wants.

She will get good results only if she preserves her inner core and she shows her positive character traits, which are generosity, kindness and decency. Adaptable, this lady doesn’t have only one personality.

Her character can change and she’s an intellectual who could do well in science. Responsible and organized, she would be great as a leader too. She also has a sensitive side, so becoming a tyrant is excluded for her.

The woman in Gemini the Horse year simply attracts negativity and problems. She needs to be humble, decent and calm in order to overcome this.

It is the only way for her to break the vicious circle. She needs to leave her intellectual approach sometimes and work with some practical ideas too. Not caring too much about money, she will often spend without thinking.

Celebrities under the sign of Gemini Horse: Clint Eastwood, Paul McCartney, Kathleen Turner, Jim Belushi, Helena Bonham Carter, Joshua Jackson.

Gemini Horse Man Characteristics

Always on the run, it would be impossible to stop the Gemini Horse man from getting what he wants. He possesses intelligence and dexterity, and he is curious about anything.

He will follow his new passions everywhere as he is not constant with his interests. Bright and talented, this guy will achieve many things in his life.

With his magnetism, he will inevitably control people. Because the Gemini Horse man is so complex, he will often be a loner. His main weakness is his difficulty to communicate with others.

Bold, he brings new ideas into discussion, but it’s hard for him to make friends because of the communication problem. He wants recognition and success, and he can earn a good position at work without struggling.

This guy will be often out of money. It is recommended that he has less self-confidence and controls his temper. More than this, he needs to live in a home where he is allowed to express himself.

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