Gemini Dragon: The Witty Socialite Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Gemini born in Dragon year

Gemini Dragon
  • The Gemini dates are between May 21 and June 20.
  • The Dragon years are: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024.
  • These people will not hesitate to manipulate to get what they deserve.
  • The Gemini Dragon woman loves being in the spotlight.
  • You need to be patient with the impulsive Gemini Dragon man.

Studying the Chinese astrological chart of the Dragon, you can notice that Geminis born in this sign are both attractive and open.

The Dragon comes with the lucky streak and the Gemini comes with the enthusiasm to pursue opportunities.

Having an incredible potential, they will get to be someone important one day. Flexible and cheerful, the Gemini Dragons don’t like wasting time with things that aren’t important.

The Preventive Gemini Dragon Personality

Gemini Dragons are innovative people. They don’t hesitate to use their talents and become successful at whatever they may be doing.

Ambitious, these guys will never be tired of the struggle to achieve their goals. And they like to be fruitful their personal but also in their professional lives.

If they put their mind to something, they usually manage to obtain that thing as they are determined and strong-willed.

They want their relaxing time to be respected and they don’t bother their minds with small tasks. It may be hard to live with a person born in both these signs. They don’t like crowded places and they want their space to be filled with peace and tranquility.

Top Characteristics: Lucky, Peaceful, Tolerant and Realistic.

Full of energy and life, the person in Gemini the year of the Dragon will think fast and will always be rational. They become more and more tolerant with age, and as they mature they start to understand others better.

Rapid, efficient, always looking for new things to do and new people to meet, Gemini Dragons love being in the center of attention.

Their professional life will be varied as they have many interests and it’s difficult for them to concentrate on a single type of job.

The Gemini Dragons are more and more capable of trusting their instincts with time. They become better at judging others and their needs with age. As soon as they have reached this level, they will be in the position to settle.

All the time before this transition in their life will be spent having fun with friends. Because they live rapidly, these characters may miss some important details in their lives. They are intelligent and they bring new ideas when no one expects projects to finish anymore.

These Geminis like taking initiative and they never leave a task unfinished. Because they like being in the middle of things and in the center of attention, they will often perform to make people aware of their presence.

Their stubbornness can cause them trouble at times, but as long as they are given reasonable arguments, they can change their ideas. They aren’t that much stressed about the idea of a relationship as they are of not being able to take a project to its finish line.

Perfect careers for Gemini Dragon: Medicine, Hospitality, Catering, Legal, Acting.

They can have a bad temper if they’re annoyed or angered. It is easy for them to hide this side of their character, but the Dragon in them won’t allow for this personality facet to be held in for too long.

If you want to calm things down, just let them be. They need time to reflect on the situation. Approaching them would only cause more anger and frustration. As soon as they have managed to deal with everything that made them upset, they are back to their old cheerful selves.

Curious, these people will be interested in new things and get bored easily as they don’t have a large attention span.

The diplomatic talents of the Gemini, combined with the Dragon’s determination, will make those in these signs friendly. These traits are also useful for professional and personal success.

Love – Uncovered

While it may seem the Gemini Dragons can’t be reliable when in a relationship, these people are very serious in matters of love. They will be loyal and they will demand the partner to be the same.

Because they are emotionally sensitive, every relationship with these guys will be about honesty and openness. They value partnership and intimacy, but they sometimes need a moment for themselves, to relax or reflect.

Geminis in Dragon will use the way they are thinking to analyze the person they’re in love with, based on how he or she views life.

By living and spending your time with someone, they learn many things about a person’s character. This means they know how to choose a lover to suit their personality and with whom they could be for a very long time.

If you’re in love with a person born in both these signs, try and keep the level of intimacy with him or her at a high level. These Geminis know how to express their feelings and will praise and please you no matter the situation.

Most compatible with: Aries Rat, Leo Monkey, Libra Monkey, Libra Pig and Aquarius Pig.

Gemini Dragon Woman Characteristics

The Gemini Dragon woman will never be sloppy. This lady loves to look good. Sociable, she will know to manage people.

She will achieve her goals in life and she also doesn’t mind being famous. The woman born in Gemini the Dragon year likes being in the center of attention and people are drawn to her. However, this can cause others to be envious of her.

As long as you give her the responsibility of making decisions, the Gemini Dragon woman will make friends with you easily. She likes having responsibilities at home and also at work. But this doesn’t mean you should leave everything to her.

Divide responsibilities and let her feel like she’s the boss. Self-confident, the Gemini Dragon woman would be good in a leadership position.

He’s opinionated and emotional. Never hiding her feelings, this lady likes the games to be played after her rules.

Her energy doesn’t allow her to stay fixed for too long. She’s always looking to take on new challenges and achieve other goals.

Celebrities under the sign of Gemini Dragon: Nancy Sinatra, Liam Neeson, Orhan Pamuk, Lenny Kravitz, Courtney Cox, Colin Farrell.

Gemini Dragon Man Characteristics

Intelligent, the Gemini Dragon man will succeed fast if he’ll have a business of his own. In groups, he needs to be the leader as he likes to command and he’s not that open to others’ opinions. It’s the same with his love life.

On the outside, it may look like the Gemini Dragon man doesn’t think of consequences before doing something.

But things aren’t like this at all. He calculates his future actions and he is stubborn in doing things their way. Also impulsive, you need to be patient with this character.

When in love, this man is frank, thing that can bring his partner to an angry point. He always thinks he’s right, this being one of the main reasons why he isn’t so popular with the ladies. His generosity and caring nature are unmatched.

More than this, the Gemini Dragon man has a developed intuition and he can solve complex problems faster than others. Adventurous, this guy will be very active around the house.

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