Gemini Dog: The Devoted Altruist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Gemini born in Dog year

Gemini Dog
  • The Gemini dates are between May 21 and June 20.
  • The Dog years are: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030.
  • Professional life is not really the priority for these people.
  • The dreamy Gemini Dog woman sometimes relies too much on wishful thinking.
  • The Gemini Dog man likes to keep up to date with everything that is trending.

Gemini Dogs have many characteristics that help them become very successful in their career and their personal life.

They are altruistic, this being their main trait. They often get into trouble because they want to help others and fight injustice. You can take them anywhere with you.

They are great travel companions. The devoted attributes of those born in the year of the Dog combine amazingly with the traits of people in Gemini. These people will be loyal and faithful.

The Steadfast Gemini Dog Personality

Dog Geminis are helpful, kind and generous. They tend to offer their help to people that are more like them, but this doesn’t matter that much as long as they care enough to give a hand.

Whether they are helping without any interest or they are doing it in order to get something, Gemini Dogs will always be there for people who need them.

They are frank and honest in both their personal and professional life. This is why people can sometimes feel hurt when asking them for an opinion.

The influence of the Dog makes them the most reliable of all Geminis. The fact that they are dependable means they are popular among friends.

Active and open, these guys are not selfish when it comes to their time and money. They usually get along with anyone, and they are keen on talking about any subject.

Top Characteristics: Surprising, Comfortable, Witty, Tempered, Calculated.

Intelligent and talented, they will excel at everything they are doing. Because they are good speakers, they would be great at jobs in the performing arts and politics.

They like to be admired and they have a continuous need to get approval from others. While they like to discover new things, and learn about new concepts from anyone, they still prefer to meet up in small groups.

So if you want to make friends with them, don’t suggest a night out in a club. Try a meeting at a restaurant, with as few people as possible.

They are very attentive to every little detail and they like their friends to feel secure and safe around them.

Interested in many things, Gemini Dogs will have a few hobbies that are mostly intellectual. They like to read and to study, preferring a quieter life to the noise and the competitiveness of big cities.

Because they are attractive and they have a special charm, they will establish many interesting relationships with people around them. These people are likable.

Many will think they are too soft and will try to take to advantage of them, but without any success.

Gemini Dogs are the ones to give a lot of their patience and time to others, but they aren’t stupid. Often, they forget about what they need because they put other people’s needs above their own.

They have high morals and a set of principles after which they are ruling their life, and they will make informed decisions only based on those principles.

Geminis born in the year of the Dog are amazing friends that will try and help with whatever they can. When they are involved in a romantic relationship, they are committed and they take everything seriously.

Always doubtful and worried about the future, Gemini Dogs will have existential anxieties. This is what makes them moody and changeable. They are like a roller coaster that never seems to stop.

One day they could be happy and enthusiastic about the future, the next they could be dark and pessimistic about everything that is about to happen.

Because they are so worried about the future, these guys can often waste their precious time with trivial occupations.

Organized, they like to respect the rules and keep control of their own life as much as possible. They usually don’t do anything to disturb their usual routine, and it’s quite difficult to convince them to have a little bit of fun.

Very devoted to anything that they may be doing, it’s almost impossible for them to relax a bit. Professionally, they keep the same conduct and obey to the same rules for as long as they can.

They believe they can achieve success only by being properly trained, and that’s why they will try and study as much as possible.

Because they are so well organized, they are good with multi-tasking and they can adapt to any difficult situation. They can sometimes engage in activities and causes that don’t concern them, and this can make them forget about their own interests.

They will avoid as much as possible to leave things unfinished. If they have too much on their mind, it will be difficult for them to focus on the task at hand.

Because they are so serious and organized, they would be good doing any kind of job and as parents. The way they can handle more than one task at a time is simply incredible.

Perfect careers for Gemini Dog: Design, Acting, Publishing, Diplomacy.

While they like to have a routine, they hate to be bored and they want variety in their life. Their energy will help them take on any challenge, no matter how difficult.

They like to find solutions to the toughest problems, and they think challenges are meant to be overcome.

If things don’t go as they have planned them, these people tend to become irascible and mean. They can start making ironic remarks and be very sarcastic. They have this need for order.

If they happen to be in a place where things are happening chaotically, they simply no longer know what to do with themselves.

When they are provoked, Gemini Dogs can become very nasty and defensive. While they are strong and reliable, these guys are still the worriers of the zodiacs.

This can be considered a weakness of theirs. They will not share what makes them so anxious with others, because they don’t want to worry them.

It wouldn’t be such a big problem if they wouldn’t allow all of their fears to build. It is important that they somehow release tension or they will display some outbursts with aggressive tendencies, which is not at all in their character.

Love – Revealed

Idealists and born to be poets, Gemini Dogs are romantic and interested in having a balanced life.

They sometimes have unpractical dreams and they can devote themselves to objectives that are hollow and not at all in their advantage.

They need partners to make them more serious and to bring them with their feet on the ground from time to time.

Most compatible with: Aries Horse, Leo Horse, Aquarius Horse, Libra Tiger, Aquarius Tiger.

They cannot build a serious relationship with someone if they don’t get involved and don’t invest any kind of efforts.

They hate it when they are being lied to, and they can’t stand treason. They are sensitive to what their partners are feeling. So negative emotions will influence them greatly. This is why they need someone optimistic and positive in their life.

If they would also have more patience, they would be able to solve things more easily and promote what they are having with someone more efficiently.

They will be faithful once they become involved in a relationship, and they are great people with whom you can start a family.

Gemini Dog Woman Characteristics

Talented and capable, the Gemini Dog woman has all the qualities to become a great leader. She is energetic, innovative and ambitious.

If she channels her thoughts in the correct direction, she will manage to achieve many things in life.

Intelligent and active, this lady is filled with emotions and good feelings. She can easily communicate with people, and she can send them in the right direction.

If you want to have a relationship with her, you’ll need to play by her rules. She will understand all of your wishes and requirements, but she will have her own principles after which she will rule the relationship.

She will always be financially stable and she has all the means to become famous and successful.

Always staying out of trouble, the Gemini Dog woman is calm, but she can’t stay in one place. She needs to continuously move.

Celebrities under the sign of Gemini Dog: Donald Trump, Prince, Anette Bening, Joseph Fiennes, Will Forte, Drew Carey, Prince.

Gemini Dog Man Characteristics

The Gemini Dog man is known for his instability and his desire to change. He is always on the move and it can be very difficult to be by his side.

Because he always changes things in his life, this guy will not be able to focus on a single thing and stick to it. He likes to keep up with what he is living and he accepts new concepts and ideas in his life.

But he will value tradition too. It’s very important for him to be comfortable and independent. Determined and ambitious, he doesn’t fear anything in life.

This is why he will be able to achieve many things. Talented and charming, he will attract the opposite sex.

Also intuitive, the Gemini Dog man easily understands what others may want from him and he will act accordingly.

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