Gemini Anger: The Dark Side of The Twins Sign

Geminis are totally angered by being called on their actions and promises by other people and having their shortcomings exposed.

Gemini anger

People born under Gemini are very happy to have a chat with strong arguments, but they shouldn’t be contradicted. If angered, these natives can start to yell and to continue discussing the matters that are bothering them, not to mention they need to win.

They can spend too much time being obsessed with conflicts and exposing different facts, or they can just leave it all and forget why they started to argue to begin with.

Gemini anger in a nutshell:

  • Angered by: Ignorant and rude people;
  • Can’t stand: Being questioned and controlled by others;
  • Style of revenge: Surprising and creative;
  • Make up by: Apologizing and surprising them with something fun.

Don’t debate them

These people’s actions and words can’t be predicted because they’re rarely focused, never motivated enough and tending to engage in arguments, just to enjoy playing with words.

In other words, Geminis are fighting just for the sake of it. They’re most of the time loving creatures who can easily forgive and who are running to obtain every piece of information, but in vain.

Some can call them pseudo-intellectuals because they only want to deal with the new and aren’t focusing on becoming specialized in one direction, or to analyze every piece of information coming their way.

When annoyed, they can expose a lack of profoundness and start to make evil plans in order to obtain their revenge.

It doesn’t matter if things are working according to their plans, this is a whole new story to begin with. Geminis can play many roles, yet they’re never raging like others.

As a matter of fact, these natives are good with talking, so their loved ones should listen to what’s in their mind because their remarks can cut deeply, as opposed to their characterizing superficiality.

As they are, their talks are always all over the place, not to mention they can leave others wondering about how the conversation begun.

Putting things in a more positive light, Gemini individuals can’t be angry for too long because they’re refusing to make others sad.

Also known as the Twins of the Zodiac, they can confuse people when not knowing what’s to be expected. They can say a thing and do another one, as well they can make other decisions, soon after they’ve ended with another.

When it comes to their angry moments, they’re hot-tempered. In case something is annoying them, they can express their thoughts, but not sit for too long with them.

These people are eager to live their life and won’t spend a lot of time allowing others to come into their life. They can speak a lot, but if they’re really angry, others can be sure to hear about it for some time.

When it comes to their likes and dislikes, they don’t like others telling them what to do, so it’s a good idea to always be on their good side.

Angering a Gemini

Many can be sure Geminis are not giving up arguments. It can be easy to trick and make them angry, as their evil twin can come to surface and offer space for revenge, especially if they’ve been provoked.

These natives have many intellectual resources in the sense that they’re informed, so they love to talk and to argue. More than this, they need to be superior from an intellectual point of view.

But to continue with how much they want to live the good life, they can be annoyed by those who aren’t thinking the same way as they do.

Geminis truly hate negative and pessimistic people. When given the rare occasion to say something, they need to prove their arguments with precise facts, especially after they’ve preached a lot.

All others need to do is to act upset and not believe a word that has been said, or to be contradicted. It’s very easy for them to become furious when they’re feeling like others are considering them to be stupid.

A trick to be practiced with them is to not agree with what they have to say, perhaps even after they’ve said a word or two. They’re most likely not liking this, especially if feeling not profound enough.

When Geminis are angry, they can simply destroy people with what they’re saying. Their insults can cut very deeply, not to mention how harsh their remarks can be, without them even screaming.

People born under Gemini are capable of twisting the knife in the wound while keeping their cool because they’re confident that their words are going to get through.

Testing the Gemini patience

What Gemini natives can’t stand is using the phone or doing something meaningless when they’re talking, especially if they have an interest.

If someone is doing these things to them and after acting like nothing big has happened, they can become really angry. They also don’t like it when jokes are being made and the prankster is laughing all alone, repeating catch phrases.

More than this, they don’t want to be interrupted when they’re speaking because they want to finish their sentences. In this situation, they can say their partner of conversation is irrelevant.

Gemini people don’t like being asked questions like “Where you’ve been?” and “What time did you get home?” because they want to keep their freedom.

Besides, they hate it when someone is keeping his or her old things in their old spaces. Most of the time, they’re the most angry when their main Gemini traits are being attacked.

People can’t ignore them and what they have to say because they hate it when seeing how others no longer have an interest in their words, ideas and arguments. In other words, they don’t like ignorant and people who are keeping the distance.

Putting their revenge into practice

People born in Gemini are ruled by the planet Mercury, meaning they’re patient and an easily adapt.

Also the messengers of the Zodiac, they’re all the time dealing with others and looking for new information. If someone has hurt them, they can become addicted to vices, fierce and cold.

As well, they can start shouting. This is how Geminis are when angry. Their main problems are with their big mouth and the way they’re yelling when annoyed.

If someone is hurting or doing them wrong, they’re acting cool about it, emitting signals to make others feel bad and after pretend nothing at all happened.

However, inside their mind, they can plan for revenge. These people are more informed than everyone else, not to mention they’re using the information they’re gathering in time to get their revenge on people.

They can innovate in any aspect of life, but they’re also changing their plans more than often, forgetting all about the fights they had as well. When cold and indifferent, they’re most likely upset.

When putting their vengeful plans into practice, they’re not hesitating to discuss them. However, they may never succeed with what they are doing, which is something good to know about them.

These natives can easily forgive, so those who have hurt them can simply give the Twins a call and say how sorry they are.

For this to take place the right way, sincerity and apologies must be applied. Geminis always have a preach ready, after forgiving someone.

Making peace with them

Gemini individuals are feeling unhappy for reasons related to the mental area. They can forget about any mistake if their mind is being put to work in the direction they want.

For example, they can argue for more or less relevant reasons, just because they’re curious about the subject that needs to be discussed. After winning a debate, they’re the happiest.

These Air natives are not at all consistent because they can have all the energy in the world one minute, nothing at all the other.

When angered, they can no longer listen. This is when they need to have the situation cooling down and start talking again if calm. Geminis are all aware of what words can do and how powerful they can be.

People are seeing these natives as elegant and okay, but these natives are in fact dual, so no one should be surprised when they’re changing their attitude. If angered, they should be left alone to cool down.

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