Gemini And Virgo Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Gemini and Virgo is full of challenges but these two can talk themselves through anything.

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The Virgo Gemini couple has all the great qualities to push them forward at break-neck speed, mainly because they are deeply interested in each other’s thoughts and ideas, and also because they are willing and able to entertain only a sexual relationship in the initial phases.

Actually, this is one of the ways to find out whether Geminis have finally managed to nurture some feelings inside of them. If they did, they will naturally ask the Virgos to take it a step further and go beyond the usual bodily exercises.

CriteriaGemini Virgo Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesBelow average❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

Once the Gemini and the Virgo develop feelings for one another, things will get better between them since they have at least this one thing in common which will ensure their interests will never dull with time.

They will most likely also share the love of knowledge, of self-development and of finding out new things about the world. This intellectual endeavor never ends, because they always have something to learn.

When Gemini and Virgo fall in love …

These guys are the talkers of the zodiac, in that they just can’t keep their mouths shut and blabber constantly like they don’t have anything to do in the world. They have a deep mind and are very intelligent, which is why they have to release all that brain power somewhere, right?

And they’ve found just the right person with whom to share all the spicy details, all the complex, funny, diverse and crazy ideas that they nurture deep inside.

However, the Virgos quickly discover that their partner goes way beyond all that, and gets over themselves with how much information they can spout per second, talking about anything, at any time, in a manner known only to them.

These twin-headed natives have so much knowledge crammed up inside, in a complete disorder, that they will naturally behave in an erratic and chaotic way.

What the Geminis say, you should probably take it with a bit of salt, because they will generally try to manipulate and drive you into doing something that is beneficial to their plans.

And it’s not that covert in the first place, it just takes a little bit of attention and an overview of the whole situation to notice it.

Well, Virgoans are pretty steady-minded and balanced overall, so they will quickly notice what the Twins are doing, using honeyed words and flowery expressions. But, they let it pass, and this counts for a lot.

To tell you the truth, it’s a very problematic issue when they realize that their Gemini-Virgo relationship has gone from just sexual satisfaction to something more, having to do with those pesky feelings and annoying heartstrings.

However, this might also be one of the reasons why they’ll make a great combo, the sexual compatibilities and common grounds. After all, they are both very kinky and lascivious in private, almost uniquely so, judging from the Geminis’ crazy ideas, and the Virgos’ elegant approach.

The Gemini and Virgo relationship

A relationship between Virgo and Gemini? Who would have thought? Well, their friends and families certainly can’t fathom how they can even think of establishing a relationship, given how many problems they cause to each other.

It’s either something having to do with jealousy, emotional instability or the occasional arguments that make one fall into a pit of despair if not properly managed.

However, these pale in comparison to their strong points and similar traits. Namely, they are of the same mold when it comes to favorite past-times, or rather, the complexity and diversity of what they perceive as an exciting past-time activity.

In order to make the Virgoans happy, someone must make sure that they have everything they need, including a house, financial security, a car, household appliances, anything that one could possible need for a lifetime.

Offer them this, and they will quickly come to love you, because stability and the prospect of a carefree life, where problems are unlikely to appear, is the most glamorous and attractive to a Virgo native.

After that, sure, they can also enjoy what the Geminis bring to the table, meaning all the fun and joyful opportunities, all the crazy and insane stunts that make one’s blood boil.

Besides the fact that they are already very friendly and close with one another, thanks to all the good things they’ve experienced, all the common friends and social events they go to together, they are also incredibly adept at combining their efforts and creating the perfect duo. Professionally, and regarding material success, Gemini-Virgo are like natural partners, each being especially endowed with a set of skills that perfectly complements the other’s aptitudes.

This all stems from their deep love and affection, because otherwise, they wouldn’t have had the time nor interest to actively seek for those common traits and potential connections.

One thing is true though, whatever they may have to go through, all the problems and festering tragedies, the flickers of their love won’t ever stop to beat.

Gemini and Virgo marriage compatibility

A marriage where Gemini natives are involved was never their idea to begin with, that much is a fact worth knowing. Because they are so lunatic and seek freedom above all else, it wouldn’t do them good at all to confine themselves within such a boring and tedious thing like marriage. So, this time, the Virgos will most likely have to literally force their partners to accept a compromise, because they, themselves, have already sacrificed enough in order to follow in the erratic footsteps of the Twins.

As far as establishing a family in the truest sense of the word, which means having children, it would be the next logical step, and it wouldn’t be such a bad idea for these two.

Each has their role, Geminis being the cranky and childish parental figure who will fool around and make the kids laugh, while the Virgos will take care of pretty much anything having to do with actually taking care of the little ones.

Sexual compatibility

Sex is a pretty standard affair, at least at first, given how the Virgos are pretty restrained and slow to reveal all their potential. But, as times passes by, they will unwind and actually turn out to be even more dynamic that their twin-headed partners who, upon seeing the newly-born nymphomaniac, will laugh maniacally and get down to business like never before.

It’s a well-known fact that Geminis are not in the least some introverted, hesitant and saint individuals who don’t like or don’t know how to have sex.

It wouldn’t even matter, actually, if they knew how to do it. They just do it, good or bad, but it’s usually pretty satisfying for both partners, at least that’s what they all say.

Of course, this happens if they haven’t forgotten completely about such uninteresting things like sex, given how much time they spend talking.

The downsides of this union

The main problem here lies with the deep contradictions between the Virgo and the Gemini, more precisely between their temperaments and personalities. One is very steady-minded, realistic, pragmatic, and likes to do things with a clear-head, while the other is disordered, chaotic, erratic and likes to do things with a muddy head, stuck in the 9th cloud of the paradise.

The only way this could get any worse is if the Geminis would also be incredibly childish and lack any sort of responsibilities. Wait… Well, that’s it, now there’s really a lot of problems here, and they may have to make some changes if this relationship deserves a chance.

What to remember about Gemini and Virgo

What is of the essence when talking about these two is the fact that, although they are under the auspices of planet Mercury, the patron of intellectual endeavors, curiosity and knowledge, that’s pretty much where their similarities begin and end.

Sure, they can talk, and they can talk a lot about what goes on through those meandering heads of theirs, but other than that, there’s not much to tell. If they want to build a relationship together, and a strong bond that should outlast time itself, they have to put in a lot of effort, make many compromises, and try to connect the dots between their personalities and character sheets.

Given how far-gone both of them are, the Virgo being the one individual who has pretty big problems with self-confidence, while the Geminis being incredibly manipulative and scheming anytime, anywhere, it’s really quite the surprise that they haven’t yet started an all-out war, guns and all.

Fortunately, neither seems to go down the path of jealousy, otherwise this show would have turned into a straight pandemonium. Of course, the problems still have to be addressed, and how should they do this? By making some compromises, of course.

The Geminis could learn to be more tolerant and understanding, while the Virgos need to open up a little more.

One thing worth paying attention to is the fact that the Twins are pretty much terrified and very reluctant of committing to anything that may chain them and take their freedom away.

As such, the pragmatic and realist Virgos should take it a bit slower and not insist on establishing a family, and anything of the sort, until the Geminis have gotten used to the idea.

Sure, some slight allusions are welcomed, just to do some tests and see what reaction it gets. But being forceful and imposing will clearly lead to disaster, in that they will try to get away as quickly as possible from such tiring and problematic issues.

However, Virgo-Gemini are very flexible and adaptive, and as such, they will eventually find a middle ground to negotiate these things.

A few compromises here, some promises there, and the Geminis can be convinced that marriage and a family life are not that much of a scary prospect. They just have to understand what it all implies, before committing to the deed.

And the thorough Virgos are there to explain it all, if only they could be more assertive and take the initiative.

As things are progressing, they will take a very long time before making the final decision, but it should all work out in the end.

One of the most important aspects at play here is their similar ascendancy in Mercury. This could be said to be the one thing that truly saves their relationship and drives it forward, against all odds and when confronted with seemingly impossible problems.

Virgo and Gemini will discuss things reasonably, rationally, come up with many ideas, some good and some bad, but a plan will eventually be made, and now the only problem would be to actually put it into practice.

These natives’ lack of initiative is legendary, and if they could work on that, that’s it. They need nothing else than patience and time, everything else will fall into place in the end.

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