Full Moon in Virgo: What It Means And How To Take Advantage

Full Moon in Virgo favors decisiveness and planning so emotions will be put in a corner for now.

Full Moon in Virgo

Virgo is the planner sign of the zodiac, ever so patient and looking at a situation from all perspectives before coming to a conclusion and making a decision. Now, with the Full Moon in Virgo, everyone can get to finally reap the benefits of such behavior.

This can come with financial or professional rewards and a great capacity to analyze and seize opportunities. Work will be a lot more efficient and at the end of the day, most people will benefit from that sense of accomplishment that helps them return the next day with a smile on their face.

Confidence in one’s abilities is also to be strengthened during a Virgo Full Moon and talks about one’s potential and ways to improve, are going to be the norm.

There is a word of caution however, for people to take some things step by step and not get overwhelmed with work, because they shouldn’t over-exert themselves either.

In all this time when the full Moon is present in the Virgo, some people may have missions to complete and may suffer real, life-altering revelations.

Others in need of a change perhaps, may get a cold shower that will put them back in their place and tone down their exaggerated expectations.

The Virgo zodiac signs need to look after their health in this period if they feel that there is something that doesn’t work properly. They also need to end some chapter, with people who are toxic for them, like partners who don’t work in the same life direction as them.

For everyone else, regardless of zodiac sign, the Full Moon in Virgo is the time to overcome all the internal contradictions that have been bothering them for a while.

All the problems, repressed desires, fears, anxieties, all of them will now have to be confronted, because now, you receive great power from the Full Moon, rendering you capable of astonishing feats of strength.

Sure, under the Virgo influence, you are likely to borrow from their exaggerated criticism and be a little too aware of your flaws and those of people around but look at this as an opportunity too: finding exactly what is holding you back is of the utmost importance now, really.

During a Virgo Full Moon you should:

  • Spend time practicing introspection;
  • Plan for later but make sure you start today;
  • Let go of criticism towards others;
  • Start a healthy habit;
  • Read more and stay informed.

When is Full Moon in Virgo?

The Full Moon in Virgo can only occur towards the end of February and the start of March, when the Moon passes through this Mutable Modality sign, a period of great emotional stability.

On the other hand, when the Moon goes through the earthen transformation of their natural element, emotions will also go through quite the metamorphosis, attempting to turn into something more vivid and passionate.

To what degree they will affect one will depend on their inner construction, how emotional their zodiac sign is at its basis and what sort of life experience they’ve been through so far.

Those affected, however, will need some moral support during this time because it’s going to be very difficult to control them. Someone who is patient, understanding, and knows what to do will remain rather balanced.

The Full Moon in Virgo represents the climax for the Virgo native, regarding the potential that they can achieve, and this means that they have enough energy to do whatever they want.

This is the time when they grab a hold of their future and create the life that they have always wanted for themselves. This is not necessarily the same for everyone else but surely, one can live an epiphany during this lunar aspect.

The Virgo Full Moon will also interfere with the Sun passing through the astrological space of the Pisces, the opposite sign, a combination that brings about the best of both worlds. The emotional depth of the Fish, taken together with the responsible and steady-minded realism of the Maiden. The result?

An idealistic perspective over life, one who actually manages to really put all the seemingly impossible to achieve ideas into action, materialize every single aspect of a plan perfectly, with not even scraps left. Everything comes together just like the pieces of a puzzle, in near-perfect coordination.

The realistic energy of the Virgo Full Moon

When the full Moon is present in the Virgo zodiac sign astrological space, people get a huge amount of energy from it, which helps them to be a lot more organized and to watch systematically the world around them, a thing which makes them more efficient and productive at the same time.

To completely take advantage of this influence, one must get rid of all the elements which distract them and get focused on the tasks they have to fulfill. This will help them to develop their skills and improve significantly their social and personal life, by giving their best and by overcoming their limitations.

The Virgo natives are signs of the Earth, above all else, and this means that they are nothing like the enthusiastic and unrestrained Pisceans, for example, nor are they as emotional either.

They will strive to achieve their very best in their professional lives and will try to accumulate as much knowledge as possible, to put it into practice.

Realistic and pragmatic, the Full Moon in Virgo will not allow you to ever fall into chimerical dreams, hoping to achieve impossible things, and this is ok because, while idealism may be good sometimes if taken to extremes, it becomes one of the worst enemies ever.

Unfortunately, the Full Moon also takes something from the Virgo that impedes one’s full potential and that is the tendency to keep negative thoughts bottled up.

Important to remember

During the Full Moon in Virgo, natives of all signs, will be presented with the path towards achieving oneness with the self, combining their intuitive aspect, the part which sees beyond the veil of the natural world, with the material one, the realist, the pragmatic one.

In this way, they can achieve many more things that they usually do, and the prospects are basically endless. What they have to do is take account for the usual obstacles, become responsible, ambitious, perseverant and march towards the battlefield with a smile on their lips.

When the Full Moon passes through the astrological area of the Virgo, it brings with it a plethora of good things, from the invigoration of the emotional state to the renewal of strength, and what one can do to achieve their potential to its fullest degree.

It’s now that people have to let aside all inhibitions, take the reins, and craft their own destiny, make their own mold, and never abandon the hope that there will be a time when everything’s going to be perfect, according to their wishes.

All they need to do is focus on a goal, and put all their efforts to complete it according to the requirements. It will eventually all fall into place.

Organization and a systematic mindset are the little “secrets” that Virgo natives use to make the best of their skills, to take all their plans to a resounding success, and finally reach the very top of the social ladder. And this is what everyone else sort of gets to borrow during a Virgo Full Moon.

But in order to completely take advantage of this, one needs to throw away all the things that stand in their way, all the clutter that is just there to stifle their creative reflexes.

Coordinating their efforts with some collaborators might also lead to quite a fruitful opportunity, and their family will also be there for them in case something bad happens, so they can count on their help whenever the case.

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