Full Moon in Gemini: What It Means And How To Take Advantage

Full Moon in Gemini favors intellectual endeavors, talking things through and being open with who you are.

Full Moon in Gemini

During the Full Moon in Gemini you should prepare for some unexpected rewards, but only if you have invested time and effort in that direction, in the past.

You may feel distracted like Geminis are at times but overall this is going to be a creative period. More and more ideas will keep on coming, with the potential to make you reach your desired goal, and even if the path may be hard to tread, you won’t feel like it’s such a difficult task.

Charming and sensible like the Moon pushes you to be, you will take advantage of the good relationships you are establishing with various people during this period.

And when you manage to succeed in your endeavors and actually reach the desired outcome, it’ll feel like a surge of adrenaline passes through your body.

The Gemini Full Moon affects you on an intrinsic level, making you become more efficient, happier, and more productive.

The usually communicative and witty Geminis natives will feel their intellectual prowess strengthening even more, as they find themselves taking part in even more social events, sharing and coming up with new ideas to implement.

They actually can’t spend the day if they don’t find someone to talk to, to roam the intellectual landscapes, taking on almost any subject, the deeper and more complex, the better.

They could choose to use all that cognitive energy on going out with friends and socializing, or they could just as well stay in-doors all day long, talking to themselves, meditating on their inner selves, or reading a book.

The heavenly event of the Full Moon entering the communicative sign of the Gemini affects everyone on an intrinsic level, heightening one’s abilities, their natural and trademark characteristics, making them become more intense in their interactions with their peers.

It’s obvious that you will become even more talkative, empathic but also argumentative, stubborn and perhaps scattered when it comes to some ideas.

In a nutshell, this Full Moon seemingly encourages everyone to voice their thoughts as they are, because no one’s going to judge them.

During a Gemini Full Moon you should:

  • Try public speaking;
  • Go traveling, even short distance;
  • Engage with people of all backgrounds;
  • Go shopping but bring a list;
  • Share your views openly without fear.

When is Full Moon in Gemini?

The Full Moon enters the Gemini astrological space towards the end of November and the start of December, a period of time when some natives will experience quite a spike on their emotional scale.

You might need to understand that because the Moon passes through a Mutable Modality sign, changes of all sorts will be promoted.

Even in the case of natives who you feel like nothing could get them out of their comfort zones, to explode in anger, or have an outburst of emotions, there will be some transformation happening this Full Moon.

Under the influence of the communicative Gemini, one will either need to express themselves clearer or have their partner empathize with them on the deepest of levels.

This is a great time to start up a project because there will be a boundless source of energy sizzling through your body. What matters here is that one should use this opportunity in a productive way, and not in a destructive manner.

This Full Moon gives you the occasion to borrow from the basic traits of the Gemini sign, ever changing your points of view, taking in the new information and knowledge, and fitting it as it suits your taste.

Acting as a true knowledge-seeker and opportunist, during this lunar aspect, you will always look for chances to sharpen your skills, become better at what you do.

Moreover, from an intuition point of view, the period of the Full Moon actually helps you do just that. By accident, some may end up stumbling upon a real opportunity that they could only seize if they are open, communicative and use their charm adequately.

Channel the energy

Gemini natives, ruled by their natural planet, Mercury, are at their best when surrounded by people, or immersed in a deep conversation about the existential questions of life.

The Full Moon in this sign, therefore brings about a true intellectual change in most people and talking could become second nature.

There is a new search for exciting activities and surely, this is not going to be all about staying indoors and doing introverted activities, like reading a book, because they need the social adrenaline coursing through their veins.

It’s something even the most responsible zodiac signs can’t control during this period. Thus, you may find that during this Full Moon, the quietest of your friends will want to organize a party for example, or go out more often, make new friends, and so on.

Mercury is also responsible for the idea of traveling, the exploration of new places, and the accumulation of innovative, and quite exciting experiences at that as well.

It doesn’t matter where they’re going, or how they’re doing that, but the thing is, when under the influence of the Gemini Full Moon, one will do it.

Important to remember

One of the most important addition that the Gemini Full Moon’s influence brings about someone’s mind is the ability to retrospectively look towards the past, analyze all the experiences, plans, ideas, initiated projects, and use all this information to create a foundation in the present, a starting point for the future development.

During this lunar activity, people will find the inner power necessary to overcome past disappointments, repressed feelings, the pressure of failures and mistakes, all in order to reach an inner consensus, an equilibrium.

Only this feeling of balance can help them achieve their innermost desires, and reach success, personally and professionally. Communication rises in the levels even further, making natives of all signs interact with the outer world in all manner of ways.

What one needs during the Gemini Full Moon, in order to truly achieve a perfect potential for their future, is a partner, someone with whom to share the joy of living, a joy extracted from the debaucheries that they throw themselves in constantly.

Besides all the excitement to be had during such glamorous occasions, the chosen partner also needs to be on the same intellectual level, mostly, because that will create an even stronger bond between them.

It could be said that a partner in crime is the missing piece of the puzzle, the last thing the one needs, and because under the Gemini Full Moon, one is very sociable and outgoing, it won’t be so hard to impress others and find that aforementioned partner.

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