Dragon and Rooster Love Compatibility: A Sweet Relationship

These two should really challenge themselves at the start of the relationship because this is the basis of the closeness between them.

Dragon and Rooster Compatibility

The Dragon and the Rooster in the Chinese zodiac can combine their strengths and become a very powerful couple. However, the Rooster tends to be a nag-head, thing that doesn’t work in any way with the Dragon, but on contrary, can make this person more hot-tempered.

It’s good the Rooster is a very loyal and caring lover because the Dragon can forget all about the nagging and truly start to appreciate him or her. People born in the year of the Dragon are very passionate creatures who also possess a kind heart. As partners, they want to provide for their other half, which may be the ideal situation for the Rooster.

CriteriaDragon and Rooster Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

The Dragon and the Rooster make a good couple because they have many traits that complement each other.

Having confidence in themselves as a couple

These two are opposites because the Dragon is passionate and full of life, whilst the Rooster prefers to do things practically and even to adopt conservative methods.

Both these natives love to have fun and to go out. If living together, the Dragon and the Rooster will keep a very clean and beautifully furnished house because the Rooster has great taste and loves to decorate.

While the Rooster plans everything step-by-step, the Dragon relies only on instinct. It’s very easy for the Dragon to teach the Rooster how to have fun, while the Rooster can help the Dragon how to be more realistic and productive.

It can be said the connection between these two is stable and pretty much conservative. The Dragon can feel too excited about things happening in their life together, but the Rooster can help the Dragon want a more peaceful atmosphere.

The Rooster is a traditionalist who wants stability as far as love goes and who can truly appreciate the fact that the Dragon makes good money.

However, the Dragon will always hate the way the Rooster keeps nagging him or her about everything. In this situation, it’s indicated for the Rooster to just keep a low profile and to allow the Dragon to rule because this will only make the latter more open to provide for the Rooster and to help with his or her dreams, which is not at all an unfair trade.

The biggest difference between the Dragon and the Rooster is in the way these two interact with the outside world. For example, the Dragon motivates others all the time and doesn’t mind taking the lead, even if the situation is difficult, so people in this sign are not very good at taking care of things related to the everyday life.

On the other hand, the Rooster is obsessed with details and wants perfection from everyone or everything. All this means the Dragon and the Rooster can use all of their previously mentioned qualities and have together either a successful romance or a highly productive business.

The Dragon will always bring new energy and optimism into the relationship, while the Rooster will take care of the mundane and run the family and the business as efficiently as possible.

If these two love each other and are confident in themselves as a couple, they can be a great team that can win in every aspect of life. The closeness between them can be achieved in a great way, but only if they’ll overcome some challenges together.

While the Rooster believes only in perfection and can talk about how things are never done properly, the Dragon will never pay too much attention to this and continue doing what he or she was doing.

However, it’s important the Rooster realizes the Dragon has some limits. When this will happen and the latter will start to initiate things for the first to deal with them in every little detail, they may say that they’re truly a perfect pair.

Taking turns in the relationship

While the Chinese Horoscope doesn’t give the Dragon and the Rooster too many chances at being a great couple, these two may prove the opposite. Both of them are very intelligent, caring and preferring a deep connection with someone special, which means they’re pursuing the same things in life.

The Rooster can work hard to build a very comfortable home for him or herself and the Dragon. The fact that people in this sign are perfectionists can have them fighting with the Dragon over the fact that Roosters are all the time nagging.

Because the Dragon wants to do anything to keep his or her partner happy, they’ll always have enough money to do what they want.

The Dragon and the Rooster can also be amazing friends and very effective business partners because the former is a good leader and has a lot of luck, while the latter can take care of details and bring about tradition.

While the Dragon takes risks, the cautious Rooster only thinks twice and analyzes situations from every point of view.

The fact that the Rooster doesn’t mind following the Dragon means they won’t argue very much, even if the Rooster can sometimes accuse the Dragon of exaggeration and the Dragon is exhausted to see the Rooster so obsessed with details.

When looking at their minds, the Rooster is great with facts and at keeping ideas in anchored the real world, the Dragon can come up with any story.

In bed, the Dragon can impress the Rooster and bring in too much passion, which means he or she needs to cool it down a bit, especially if it’s for the Rooster to fall in love.

Let’s not forget the Rooster is a person of many pleasures, so when taking these natives to bed, wine and dinner are completely necessary. If the Dragon will be satisfying for the Rooster, this last mentioned one will become completely uninhibited in bed.

If they’ll both agree to only take control in the relationship from time to time and to take turns at leadership, they can be very happy as a couple.

As far as their intellectuality goes, they’re equals and can sometimes compete to impress others with their smarts. The more these two will ignore their annoying behaviors, the more they’ll fall in love with each other and become a perfect couple.

When the man is a Rooster and the woman a Dragon, they can be very attracted to one another, especially in the beginning. But after a few months of relationship, he may feel humiliated by the fact that she’s domineering and very independent.

She’ll think he can’t appreciate or give her enough attention. Therefore, this couple may fight often and loudly. If the man is a Dragon and the woman a Rooster, he’ll be protective with her, while she’ll offer him everything she has.

They’ll be happy together, even if their friends and family will wonder how they’re working as a couple. He will give her all of his money and in return, she’ll admire him all the time.

The challenges of this romance

Aside from the good things that make the Dragon and the Rooster stay together as a couple, there are also a few others that only lead them to arguments.

The conflicts between the Rooster and the Dragon will most likely appear because these two natives have different personalities. What’s worse is the fact that Roosters are obsessed with perfection and only notice mistakes in others.

Therefore, when the Dragon will act impulsively as he or she usually does, the Rooster will not hesitate to argue and to accuse the Dragon of recklessness. If these two want to make it as a couple, they need to make a few compromises.

Another problem they may have to deal with is the Dragon’s big ego and desire to always lead, no matter if it’s about a relationship or anything else. The Rooster may not accept for someone to act bossy when with him or her and the Dragon is very demanding for things to happen just the way he or she wants them to.

Because the Rooster can’t tolerate this and thinks it’s all a mistake, these two will fight more often than not.

As said before, the Chinese Horoscope doesn’t really agree with this romantic association because everything in these two natives’ relationship looks like it has been staged.

This means many will see them as the perfect couple, but in reality, they’d be only fighting and yelling at each other. Furthermore, they’re also different when it comes to their social lives and the way they want to spend their weekends.

While the Dragon loves to go out with friends and to walk the bars, the Rooster has a need to stay at home and to kill time in front of the TV. Therefore, they may be very annoying for each other when talking about how they should spend their weekend, not to mention the Dragon will always think the Rooster is boring or never wanting to get out of the house.

In return, the Rooster will be convinced the Dragon can never be practical, which will be another imperfection the former has to think about. However, if they understand one another, these two can have a relationship based on complementarity.

The Dragon should always see how the Rooster is a little bit different and try to teach him or her how to have more fun because Dragons are the best at not taking things seriously and at fooling around with others.

The Rooster may really enjoy the way the Dragon is dedicated to a noisy life, so they can really get to be closer to each other. On the other hand, the Dragon should appreciate the Rooster’s practical ways and follow him or her, especially when it comes to everyday matters.

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