Dragon and Horse Love Compatibility: A Meaningful Relationship

These two make a compatible pair that is eager to take challenges, the former being very enterprising and the latter very imaginative.

Dragon and Horse Compatibility

The relationship between the Dragon and the Horse happens at very high speeds because both these natives have incredible sexual energies and a magnetism that makes them highly attracted to one another.

They’ll be fun together and at the same time enjoy an intimate bond, mainly because they’re both interested in going out and both possess a lot of sex appeal. People will simply envy this couple because they’re all the time happy and seem to only have fun together.

CriteriaDragon and Horse Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The Dragon and the Horse are always laughing and talking about smart things when out for dinner or at a social gathering. While the Horse gives the impression that he or she is confident just like the Dragon, people in this sign need constant reassurance.

Two attractive lovers

The Dragon and the Horse will always stimulate each other and get to have an active life when together. They seem to connect with ease because they’re equally intelligent, have the same levels of energy, and enjoy going out and having fun.

Neither of them wants to settle, so they may have problems when moving in together or before getting married. However, the fact that they enjoy each other’s company and are happy together can help them resist as a couple for long periods of time.

The Horse and the Dragon are similar personalities because they’re both sociable, caring and adventurous. The Dragon will always love how the Horse cares for others and is strong, while the latter has a great admiration for how passionate and enthusiastic their partner is.

The Horse takes good care of money and the Dragon is very good at making them, which means the first will always appreciate the second for being a good businessperson.

When spending their lives together, the Dragon and the Horse will always be busy and not stay at home too much. It’s important for both to have good jobs and to enjoy their hobbies because they’re independent creatures who need variety.

The Dragon will always want to take on new projects and is very enterprising, just like the Horse. However, the Horse knows when to take risks and when not, so he or she may help the Dragon be less daring.

If these two get along very well as a couple, they have all the chances at being together for a lifetime because they have many things in common and can love each other very much.

Furthermore, the Dragon and the Horse admire one another as the latter sees the passion in the Dragon and the latter appreciates how the first is strong and caring.

Having many admirers, both the Dragon and the Horse still never get jealous, which is one of their advantages as a couple. Of course, it’s possible for them to have moods and to argue, but all in all, they’ll most of the time have fun and enjoy a good social life when together.

Neither will be dominating

The Chinese Horoscope says these two are compatible because they’re similar and neither of them refuses a challenge.

The Dragon woman is aware of how attractive she is and of the fact that men simply love her. The Horse loves a challenge, so the men in this sign can’t say no to a lady that turns heads everywhere she goes.

He’ll lure her with nights of dancing and hours spent doing fun activities, so she’ll think he’s the perfect man for her. In return, the woman in Horse will love the fact that the Dragon man is magnetic and can charm anyone.

Furthermore, she admires how generous he is with all of his friends and family. He’ll give her many expensive gifts because he’s extravagant and always has to possess or to offer what’s best.

There will be no problem for the Horse and the Dragon to fall in love as the latter admires how determined the former is and the other way around, the Horse loves the Dragon for being charismatic.

Because neither of them minds talking about feelings, their relationship will be passionate and sincere.

Obviously, the Dragon won’t succeed at dominating the Horse, who’s very independent. Also, the latter will notice that a bold Dragon can’t be intimidated.

They’ll probably fight over power, so it’s important for them to set some boundaries when involved in a relationship together because if they’d fight all the time, progress in their union would become impossible.

When it comes to sex, these two have great chemistry and can last for a very long time making love. Neither of them thinks monogamy is fair, so it’s very possible they’ll be together and at the same time date other people.

This situation could last for years and they also don’t have a problem with long-distance relationships.

If the man is a Horse and the woman a Dragon, she may want to tame him, which won’t be very much to his liking, even if he wants to be seen as the boss of the relationship and would pretty much do anything for this to happen.

If they’ll both learn how to overcome their stubbornness, their connection has all the chances to succeed. If the man is a Dragon and the woman a Horse, they’ll start things very passionately, but along the way, she may think he needs too much for his ego to be stroked, which will make him misogynistic and even overwhelming.

If they’ll get over this, things between them may turn out to be very beautiful. While they care about each other, they may forget they also have separate interests and therefore, should pay attention to what they need from each other.

It’s normal for both the Dragon and the Horse to only focus on themselves, so a little sharing and caring is very much suggested for their relationship to thrive.

The challenges of this romance

One thing that can destroy the relationship between the Dragon and the Horse is related with the fact that both of these natives tend to focus too much on themselves.

The Horse man will always think of his own priorities before paying attention to his lady. The Dragon is no different, so the egos of these two may be very much in the way of their happiness together.

If it’s for them to succeed as a couple, they need to make compromises and to understand that they can really help each other. The fact that the Dragon is bossy will never help their relationship in any way, neither will the impulsiveness of the Horse.

As a matter of fact, the Horse can be so rushed that the Dragon no longer understands a thing from him or her. When annoyed, the Dragon starts to become pushy, so the Horse may start to feel disrespected.

The solution for these two in such a situation is talking things through. The more the Horse will understand that the Dragon doesn’t like making decisions on the run, the better chances for them to be happy together.

Being communicative with one another can also help the Dragon and the Horse with their lovemaking because they’d get to test how compatible they are from a sexual point of view.

If the man in this relationship is a Dragon, the Horse woman may need to deal with his flirtatious ways and they can very much argue on this subject. The Dragon and the Horse need to respect each other if they want harmony in their relationship.

If the Horse will decide to repay the Dragon with the same coin and will become flirtatious, this last mentioned one will simply go crazy. Therefore, respect and communication are essential for the relationship between these two to work.

The Dragon and the Horse may be a very exciting couple, especially during their first few dates. However, they have all the chances of wasting their love because they can enter a routine and forget all about making each other feel special.

Furthermore, the Dragon is known as a workaholic, so he or she may spend too much time at work and forget all about the Horse. Another thing that may bother their connection is the fact that they’re both selfish.

These two should think love is all about sharing and not pursue only their own interests. Being ignorant of what the other wants can have them break up and never wanting to see each other anymore.

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