Dog and Pig Love Compatibility: An Affectionate Relationship

These two are simply made for one another because they’re both committed and capable of great love.

Dog and Pig Compatibility

It can be said Dogs and Pigs make a very good couple and can love each other more than other signs in the Chinese zodiac. Whenever Dogs are turning pessimistic or grumpy, Pigs immediately save the situation with a good joke.

If someone would mess with the Pig, the Dog partner wouldn’t hesitate to make justice. Both these signs enjoy going to parties, reading good books and admiring nature. When both of them will be home from work, they’ll spend hours in bed, kissing and cuddling.

CriteriaDog and Pig Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

It is possible for Dogs to be too sarcastic for the mannered Pigs and for the latter to not understand why Dogs are being so generous, but these are only minor issues that wouldn’t bother their relationship that much.

A relationship dominated by mutual appreciation

Dogs will always love being taught by Pigs how to have an enjoyable domestic life. Meanwhile, while not understanding the entire principle too much, Pigs don’t mind helping Dogs participate at different charitable activities.

Both of these natives love to work hard and wouldn’t allow one another to make too many efforts without themselves giving a hand. It’s possible they’ll argue because Dogs are too masculine and can bring down Pigs with their attitude.

Before Dogs start to complain about different things regarding life with a Pig partner, they should think about the fact that latter are emotional creatures. But aside from this, Dogs usually love cuddling and caressing, which in return makes Pigs happy to be as sensual as possible with their partner.

This is the type of couple who enjoys long massages, making love in the afternoon and lighting up scented candles during the evening. Neither of them is ever dishonest, so they’ll never lie or cheat on one another, which is one of the greatest things that could happen for both of them.

The Chinese Horoscope sees them as an invincible combination because they’re both loyal, especially the Dogs, who are known to never give up on their friends or the ones they love. These natives are just like the animal that represents them, which is devoted and very friendly.

When together with Pigs, Dogs can trust their lover to be next to them for a lifetime and to never cheat. As a matter of fact, this type of attitude from both parts will create these two a couple that doesn’t know anything else but success when it comes to love.

Because both of them enjoy opening up about their feelings, they won’t have a problem talking about anything when together. This is a relationship in which partners have excellent ways of communicating and in which misunderstandings don’t have a place of their own.

It’s not something that’s very much based on loyalty, but more on the fact that Pigs are geniuses when it comes to expressing their emotions in the presence of their partner.

Dogs and Pigs will never be too annoyed by each other, which means they’ll rarely fight and most of the time enjoy spending their time together. Many other couples will be very jealous of the fact that they’re a perfect couple and that they’re never fighting.

If they’d be involved with flirtatious people like Horses or Dragons, they’d suffer greatly and even look to break up from their partners. It’s good to know neither Dogs or Pigs will ever have to deal with being cheated on when together.

Therefore, you can be sure Pigs and Dogs are a sure affair meant to never be destroyed by infidelity problems, which is a great thing for both of these signs.

When it comes to their social lives, Dogs and Pigs are pretty much the same because neither of them wants to go out too much. Therefore, they’ll spend many nights home and have fun in bed.

Other signs such as Monkeys and Horses are more about going out, so Pigs and Dogs would be very happy together knowing neither of them wants to drag the other to clubs or bars.

They’ll love the fact that they can do many great things together without leaving the house. Furthermore, none of them has high demands and both are happy with one another just as they are.

It’s important for them to have goals and ambitions because living their life with no direction could cause them trouble as they’d get bored.

Simply made for one another?

When it comes to committing to one another, Dogs and Pigs wouldn’t want to do this until professionally accomplished. It’s not that they’re too career oriented, it’s more like they want a comfortable life and to offer their loved ones everything they need before being in a relationship.

For this reason, they have to be sure of their career and to make good money, and only after to get married. They’ll rarely argue and their relationship will be dominated by feelings of appreciation towards each other.

Both of them will feel like they’re incomplete without the other, so they’ll stop at nothing when it comes for them to get married and to have a happy family together. The fact that they’re understanding and ready to compromise can help their relationship become better and better with every day that passes.

Another great thing about them as a couple is the lack of arrogance and their readiness to listen. Therefore, their affair will always be built on feelings of mutual respect and support.

Dogs should learn how not to get angry when upset with their Pig. In return, the latter should not pay attention to what their partners are saying when mad because Pigs can get scared too easily. The more they’ll motivate one another, the better for their relationship.

The Chinese Horoscope says that Pigs and Dogs are simply made for one another because they’re both affectionate and capable of great love.

It’s possible for them to completely forget about themselves and to give everything they have to their partner, so they should avoid doing this if they don’t want for troubles with dependency to arise in their life as a couple.

As said before, their home will be welcoming and comfortable, so their friends will love to visit them all the time. Both these signs love having a quiet life and hosting different parties for their relatives or acquaintances.

When someone will attack one of them, the other will immediately jump to defeat his or her partner. When it comes to business, Pigs and Dogs make a very successful team because Dogs can deal with clients and associates, while Pigs can work hard and just follow what Dogs are saying.

Don’t think Dogs aren’t also hard workers because these natives simply can’t be prevented from making their dreams come true when their objectives are clear and realistic.

If the man is a Pig and the woman a Dog, she will love her for whom she is and won’t want to change anything about her.

They’ll know one another like no other couple in the zodiac. If they’ll have problems with money, they won’t even argue and start to pay more attention to their budget until things are better.

If the man is a Dog and the woman a Pig, they will be different in public to how they are at home. However, you can be sure their life together is simply wonderful because she’s affectionate and gentle, while he can be helped by her to never become pessimistic.

She may need to share her needs and desires with him because he may not be capable of guessing all of these things on his own.

The challenges of this romance

While a Pig and a Dog seem a match made in heaven, they can still have problems that make their relationship unstable and even a living Hell.

While they may not have very serious issues as a couple, they still can’t completely lack difficulties and may argue over the most trivial things.

One of the main causes of their unhappiness when together could be the fact that they’re both too attached to their routine and can end up bored of one another.

While neither of them is ever prone to cheating, it’s possible for them to feel unfulfilled in their relationship together. Furthermore, Pigs are more romantic and creative, so they want to be courted with all kind of sweet gestures.

While Dogs are extremely loyal and overprotective, they may lack the imagination Pigs need in order to feel fulfilled and happy with their partner.

Pigs are very sensual creatures with eccentric tastes when it comes to clothing and grooming. Dogs are rather completely lacking taste and wouldn’t understand why Pigs don’t appreciate the simple life, just like they do.

The fact that neither of them is emotionally secure can bring them problems regarding trust and mutual understanding. Both these signs need to be very sure of their partner’s loyalty in order to no longer feel insecure, or Dogs start to have too many moods and to be grumpy, while Pigs become depressed and very stubborn, or no longer showing their feelings anymore.

In the worst situation, Dogs can look for love someplace else, especially if feeling neglected at home. While this may not happen too often, it’s still possible, so Dogs and Pigs should do their best and communicate as efficiently as possible if they don’t want to end up having to hide their expectations from one another.

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