Does the Virgo Woman Cheat? Signs She May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Virgo partner is cheating by observing her lack of affection and her guilty behavior when it comes to justifying the time she spends away from you.

Virgo woman cheating

The Virgos are women who never consider cheating to be something productive. Loyal beyond compare, the Virgo will think of cheating as a sickness never to be touched upon.

Something as treacherous and harmful is something you’ll rarely see in a relationship that the Virgo is in. At least not coming from her. She’ll feel that it will do more damage than any good on the long run.

Five signs a Virgo woman is cheating on you:

  1. She keeps forgetting about things.
  2. She mentions about how things are in other relationships.
  3. She is very distracted and spends a lot of time on her phone.
  4. She doesn’t talk about her feelings anymore.
  5. She keeps mentioning about her personal future plans.

Is the Virgo woman faithful?

Now, evidently, as the name implies, you’ll probably believe that the Virgos are virgins. It’s ok, this happens a lot. But this sign can be rather experienced in this domain.

Their studious nature makes them overly sensitive to everything around them. Good thing they have an intellect to keep up with this overdrive of sensorial information.

Having said that, it’s easy for a Virgo to pick up on any faults, cons or downsides of a relationship.

If her partner isn’t good enough for her, she’ll start looking for a different one. In the long run, this will leave the Virgo more hurt than anything else, as finding the perfect match is basically Mission Impossible.

Virgos are also emotionally influenceable. With a heart that feels for everybody, you’ll often find these women empathizing and offering comfort to their close ones, even to complete strangers. This trait makes them the perfect lover and partner.

How to know if a Virgo woman is cheating on you

Their crusade for perfection will reflect in all of their relationships. A Virgo will fall in love, as her heart will dive in by itself and she will accept the shortcomings of her partner, but in time this will deal a fatal blow to her relationship.

Constantly comparing her boyfriend with others more competent that him will destroy whatever image she had left of him and eventually she’ll leave him in the dust and go looking for somebody else.

Earlier we were talking about how intelligent a Virgo can be. Well this comes in handy for this tricky sign, as you’ll never see her betrayal coming. She’s a mastermind at hiding her tracks. Not even Robo Cop could bust her in the act.

While she has this ability, she prefers not resorting to it. You see, this sign is loyal like no other. This morality is achieved by combining her over all ethical thinking along with the fact that she can become rather shy so she’d also rather shy away from cheating altogether.

But even with all of this, she can cheat and when she does, her lack of words will be your magic helper.

Silence is the only thing you can use to suspect her of cheating as she tends to lock herself up in thinking when partaking in such demeaning activities.

In her day to day life, it’s a commonly known fact that this sign is crazy for neatness. Anything that isn’t in order or clean will either be disposed of or fixed.

This is reflected other aspects of her life as well. She’ll want to fix everything broken. Whether it’s intangible or not.

Due to her raising, the Virgo woman will often underestimate herself. As her partner, you should work hard in making her realize just how amazing she can be, both in mind and body.

A downside to her almost unmovable loyalty is that if she does stray and cheat, she’ll do it on somebody that she deeply loves. The guild for the heartache she has caused will endanger her mental safety.

Such a heinous act might ruin the Virgo woman. Let’s hope for both the sake of her partner and herself, that this loving and extremely faithful sign doesn’t end up straying on the wrong path.

This sincere and loving sign will always have your best interest at heart. She is passionate and the affection she’ll give you will make you feel like the most important man in the world.

You can’t see how a relationship with her could go wrong, right? Well one downside of this trait would be that she might insist ever so often in helping you with your issues, daily problems and even random activities that she might want to assist you with so that she could relieve some stress.

This will eventually drive her partner nuts. Making him think that he’s not capable of anything by himself. Just don’t take it the wrong way, dude. She loves you and just wants to help.

This woman can be a never-ending mass of anxiousness. You’ll see how difficult it’ll be for her to keep her relationship in good terms from how nervous she might seem around you all the time.

She’ll simply overthink everything, trying to make sure everything is perfect. How could you think she’d be able to handle a side fling in the meantime as well?

But it’s possible. Her quest for perfection will push her into choosing the perfect partner and if that’s not you, then tough luck.

You know those evil, mad scientists in the movies that always try to take on the world? Do you know what them and the Virgo have in common? Elaborate plans. Do you know what they don’t have in common?

Well, the cheating plan of a Virgo is usually successful unlike the plan of the generic villain. If she does decide to cheat on you, you’re bound to never find out and if you do end up hearing about it, it’s only because she decided it’s best for you to know and let you partake in this knowledge.

She just found someone better. Not that she didn’t already have a list with potentials to be. This woman will often have an emotional connection with the ones she cheats with.

Any changes she’ll have in her behavior will be so microscopic you most definitely won’t notice them. But they are there and if you do sniff them out, then take caution. Something might be amiss.

The Virgo woman’s reaction to being cheated on

Seeing as how she loves control almost as much as she can love her partner, you can’t expect her not to feel the heat once she finds out that the perfectly laid out life, she’s build with you ended up meaning nothing to you in the face of some lousy sex you wanted to try with that hot neighbor next door.

The Virgo WILL turn into the She-Hulk once she finds out about your betrayal.

Just as she carefully analyses and plans everything in life, she’ll carefully listen to your carefully chosen words. And they better be the truth.

Don’t come up to her with any lame excuses to motivate your unfaithfulness. Tell her the truth and you’ll find that it can come a long way.

Keep in mind that if you’re weak of heart, cheating on this wonderful woman might give you more than a few problems, emotionally and possibly mentally speaking. You see, the Virgo likes herself some revenge.

She’s the “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” kind of person and if you hurt her, she might try and hurt you back the same way. The only hope you have left is to try your best at mending what you’ve done.

Love her with everything you have, take her out on romantic dates, make her laugh like a child and you should be safe. For now… hopefully!

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