Does the Virgo Man Cheat? Signs He May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Virgo partner is cheating because there will likely be sudden changes in his behavior and he’ll become very avoidant, because he doesn’t want to lie.

Virgo man cheating

Being together with a Virgo can be difficult. Sure, they can be one of the most devoted and affectionate signs, but that’s going to be a double-edged sword. Why?

Their feelings get easily hurt if their partner doesn’t show them enough appreciation. Not loving your Virgo right is what generally pushes them towards cheating.

Five signs a Virgo man is cheating on you:

  1. There are sudden changes in his behavior.
  2. He keeps avoiding you and talks very little.
  3. He doesn’t show any affection at all.
  4. He has stopped making future plans with you.
  5. You catch him with a few, innocent and unrelated lies.

These men be very harsh in judging themselves. Being their own worst critics can sometimes extend towards you and most of the times end up finding someone else that will make them feel wanted and loved unconditionally.

Is the Virgo man likely to cheat?

What? You believed the gossip and thought that simply because he’s a Virgo you’d be his first? Hah… Sure. Contrary to the belief that they’re a virgin sign, the Virgo knows his way around the bed.

Virgos are sweet individuals, but they can get sour really fast if they think you might be unfaithful. In turn, this can turn them into cheaters. If you’re not giving him enough reason to trust you, he won’t have that many reasons to stay.

He won’t betray you the moment things turn south, he’ll think things through at first. Nobody likes giving up on love just like that, especially the Virgo.

Ruled by Mercury, a Virgos latent potential at getting through to people will always shine. They can close a deal like none other and when they plan a trip, be it for business or pleasure, you can be sure nobody would have done a more meticulous and better job at it.

This is also proof of a fast-paced intellect that most will find hard to compare to, accompanied by a humorous side to fit.

It’s difficult for this man to find the one. The criteria for the perfect partner is unrealistic to say the least. That’s why you’ll often find him looking for looking for that special someone, even while he’s already in a relationship.

It won’t ever be enough since he’ll keep searching and searching but never finding what he wants. A vicious cycle that often labels the Virgo as a cheater, especially emotionally.

They can’t help it. After all, wouldn’t you turn out that way if you kept looking for that ethereal fairy-like creature that you’ve only ever seen in tales of magic and whatnot?

There is one such particular creature that they have a weakness for and she can turn out to be quite real. You guessed it!

The troubled maiden or more commonly known as the damsel in distress. If you don’t fit any of the other criteria but you find yourself to be a woman with a troubling life and in need of help, the Virgo might actually sweep in for the rescue and even stay after he completes his mission!

This can also be a downfall. You’ll find it that it’s often a Virgo will fall in love with friends that are in need of a helping -hand through a rough patch of their lives which means there are more chances of him cheating on you.

If you’re with a Virgo, you’ll quickly start to notice that he can’t stop talking. About what? Well, himself of course. No, no. Don’t get it wrong. It’s not that’s he’s bragging.

Their ego isn’t that needy. What he’s talking about is mainly his interest. You see, the Virgo man in a relationship tends to have quite a few activities on the side.

These activities are often oriented towards art. Virgos are very artistic in nature. This is usually expressed in two ways. Art for the soul, that appeals to the minds and emotions of people.

From anything visual to anything you can hear, a Virgo might have it all. This comes in handy when picking up girls. You know how you yourself are pretty much a sucker for this romantic side of his.

Another way he expresses his inner artist can be through business. Making plans to become financially developed can be a work of art and the Virgo is the perfect artist for that.

Now, back to the talking part. If you’re Virgo man stops communicating about his endeavors and even starts criticizing you, you might want to double check your loyalty radar. These are sure signs he might be cheating.

It can be a hardship being with a Virgo. It’s hard pleasing their ideals of what’s perfect and what shouldn’t be. They just can’t ignore the fact that things aren’t the way they pictured them. And they won’t shut up about it.

They’re very emotional people with ideals that easily harm them since they’re so unrealistic. This is most often the cause of cheating or breaking up when it comes to the Virgo but this can also identify if your Virgo man is cheating.

If he stops complaining, if he seems colder, then surely something is wrong. Virgos are usually passionate and this behavioral contradiction is solid proof that something is wrong. He might be sharing his feelings with some other woman.

Loyalty is often not an issue when it comes to the Virgo. They’re so good at it, just like they’re good at seeming loyal. Oh, gosh darn it!

Now his biggest forte can actually be him cheating on you in disguise. They need to know you need them in order to stay loyal. Being of utter importance is of consequence to them. It means a great deal, being important.

You can see this in how fiercely passionate he can be. Especially in bed. He’ll go to great lengths to make sure you need him at least there, in the sheets.

You shouldn’t have that many issues with the Virgo. He’s usually very down to earth and serious about relationships, especially if you’re the one. But keep in mind that this can all be an illusion.

They don’t usually cheat, but if they do choose to do so, you might not find out. They’re great at keeping secrets and can be affectionate towards many women at once without any of them knowing they’re just a piece in the puzzle.

It’s going to be difficult, but keeping your eyes and ears peeled will help. There’s bound to be something you’ll notice that’ll lead you to finding out he’s cheating.

A complete and opposite change in behavior is also a good indicator that he might be unfaithful.

How to prevent him from cheating on you

You can’t seem to find a defect in this man? Yeah, that’s usually the case. No, not them being perfect, but them seeming to be perfect.

If he cheats on you, chances are you won’t know until it’s too late since they could probably lie their way out of hell.

You’ll usually find that he cheats once he notices a woman just can’t meet with his sky rocketing standards. It’s not many things he’s asking for.

It can be just one trait he’s looking for and that trait will make all the difference. Finding out what that is will be key to making this man yours forever.

Oh, no! He forgot about your annual anniversary again? Don’t get too bummed out. Remember that the Virgo is a consistent man.

He doesn’t need these social constructs in order to prove his love for you. You should be able to see it in the small but ever-present day to day deeds.

In the way he looks at you whenever you call out his name, in the way he carries himself around you with pride and how he always seems to have something for you in those exact moments you seem to need them the most.

He tends to have a repeating cycle of how things are done in his life. Jump in and become part of it and your Virgo won’t be able to take you out for a long, long time.

If you’ve somehow managed to push him away, then don’t expect a make-up. Your best bet is moving on, as once love is forgotten for this man, nothing will remind him of it or bring it back.

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