Does the Taurus Man Cheat? Signs He May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Taurus partner is cheating because he will not only stop being affectionate but will also not show an interest anymore in anything pertaining to your relationship together.

Taurus man cheating

Fidelity is a given and a must when it comes to the Taurus. Being loyal for them is as natural as breathing, but don’t take that for granted. They can hold their breath if need be.

Cheat on him and you might get served the same dish. Since the Taurus tends to take sexual matters quite seriously, there might be occasions where he will cheat simply for the thrill of the ride. Keep him yours by keeping him in bed and showing him how passionate you can be.

Five signs a Taurus man is cheating on you:

  1. He has stopped wearing or using things you have bought him that he used to like.
  2. He prefers to spend her time with friends rather than you.
  3. He doesn’t show interest in the relationship anymore.
  4. He doesn’t hide being very friendly with certain women.
  5. He’s losing his patience with you quickly and deflects any suspicions angrily.

Is the Taurus man likely to cheat?

The Taurus sign likes to take things slowly. It’ll take a while for him to know someone until he’s comfortable enough to devote himself to a long-term relationship. Diving head first into one might prove to be unfruitful.

Not knowing his partner might scare him into finding someone else he can get to know before giving his heart away.

These bulls love chasing around the red flag of passion. They can’t help but yearn for that deep, fierce intimacy in a relationship.

Alongside this, they also have a strong need of belonging. Being with you needs to feel safe for them. Certain conditions need to be met for the Taurus to feel the security he wants.

His ego plays a big and fragile role here. He needs you to need him or at least make him feel needed. If he doesn’t feel he’s playing his part in your life, helping you where you need it the most, even the least, he’ll quickly start feeling threatened. You don’t need him and if you don’t need him, why would you want him? That’s the scariest thing for this man.

This is also why he’ll always be there for you. All you have to do is call, whenever. Seriously, even in the middle of the night. The Taurus will make you the most important thing in his life when loving you.

Taking care of all your needs no matter the time or place. There’s no way you’ll see a loyal Taurus ever canceling a plan or leave you hanging last minute before a date.

It’s when the opposite happens that you should start worrying. Texting you saying he can’t make it tonight, one too many nights lately can be a great indicator that something is afoot with your Taurus. He might be making it those nights for someone else other than you.

If you’re looking for a loyal partner, then you’ll surely find one in the Taurus. If this man falls for you, it’s unlikely that he’ll do the same for another woman.

Finding the one will tame this wild bull into a full commitment for his partner, ergo they aren’t typically labeled as cheaters.

Social and financial status are of great importance to the Taurus. People need to know of his success. He puts a big price on looks. Society needs to know what a handsome and successful man he is.

It comes to no surprise that his woman needs to be the same. Catching the eyes of the crowd might be your job if you’re with a Taurus. As ugly as it might sound, you need to be the jewels on his crown from time to time and turn heads for your Taurus.

It’s to be expected. With how successful this man will become, sharing in his glory, you’ll have to play the role.

It can be rather easy to notice if a Taurus is cheating. These men tend to offer their loved one a great deal of affection and attention. If this has changed and you’re not getting the same loving vibes from him, it might mean somebody else is.

Another helpful hint could be the behavior his friends have. Mirroring the Taurus, his friends will also have the virtue of loyalty.

So, in trying to help their friend, they’ll keep his secret, but their faces will not be guilt ridden. Use this to your advantage and find out what’s going on.

Their relationships need to be sure and secure. If you’re showing any signs of uncertainty or who knows, even cheating, the Taurus might beat you to it.

Yes, it’s hard for them to open up and this might be a bummer for you, but keep in mind, patience is universally valued. Show proof of this virtue and you will be paid back tenfold, as a serious Taurus partner will have eyes only for you.

He’s usually sincere to his partner, but if you start noticing gaps in his honesty, whether small or large, take those moments of clarity to consider investigating this abnormal insincerity of his.

Lies might be a main clue to him having thoughts about cheating on you. Noticing this early can be a blessing. The wise choice would be to end things with him, run and never look back. Even if he tries to mend things, don’t let him.

His loyalty makes it hard to think he’ll ever cheat, but it does happen. And it’s especially painful when a Taurus cheats on you, because his loyalty is given only to the one he loves and this means that he now loves somebody else.

Heartbreaking, yes. Finding out that your loyal, loving bull may have only thought he loved you and now loves another.

How to prevent him from cheating on you

Making sure he’s all yours for good is not that hard of a thing, really. Being ruled by Venus, the Taurus thrives in an environment that brims with balance and tranquility.

If you’re aiming to please him, then you need to be the type of woman that can provide and maintain that kind of common ground at all times.

Appealing to his intellect and comforting his needs are perfect methods to maintain a relationship with this man as he’s an emotionally sensitive being that requires quite the amount of maintenance.

Don’t worry about it, he’s a giver. He won’t leave you hanging after everything you’ve done for him. He’ll pay you back equally or even more, not because of a feeling of duty, but because of the love he has for you.

You know that saying, keep his belly full and libido rising and your man will always come back home. Well this couldn’t be truer for the Taurus.

Making sure he always has delicious food on the table, cooked by a gorgeous partner will make a big difference in whether you’ll be a keeper or not. So dust off grandma’s old recipe book and pamper yourself up for your Taurus.

If you don’t give him reasons to cheat, then he won’t. Seeing as how lazy and comfortable he can get if he’s sure you’re the one, he won’t even have the will or energy to think about cheating. Especially since he’ll be too busy cuddling up with you.

His tastes in women are what you’d expect. If you’re good at natural looking make up and know how to express your femininity, you’re good to go.

He’ll always appreciate a voluptuous woman and having such traits will go a long way in catching a Taurus’s interest and making him fall for you.

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