Does the Scorpio Woman Cheat? Signs She May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Scorpio partner is cheating because she will always seem absorbed in her own world but also be even more jealous of you all of a sudden.

Scorpio woman cheating

The Scorpio is a sign commonly affiliated with unfaithfulness. Whether a physical or emotional relationship, she won’t be able to help it.

Eventually, her emotional sensitivity will make her fall into a place where she’ll easily feel the allure of straying from her partner. Cheating is a form of medication for these women. This also means they are often hurt and this quite easily too.

Five signs a Scorpio woman is cheating on you:

  1. She seems to be overly emotional and forgetful.
  2. She is texting someone all the time.
  3. She seems to be more jealous of you all of a sudden.
  4. She keeps complaining about your private time together.
  5. She doesn’t show any affection anymore.

Is the Scorpio woman faithful?

For Scorpios, cheating tends to not be about the physical aspect of things. Quite the contrary. It’s not necessarily a sexual affair they’re after, but an emotional one. Someone they can connect with.

Of course, sex plays an important role, but nothing beats that abyss deep connection, that perfect wavelength you can feel with someone.

As the name of their sign implies, a Scorpio will fill the thrill of an affair, mostly because of how much secrecy it brings. Knowing something nobody else knows simply gets a Scorpio hot and running.

This woman is a sucker for powerplays. What does that mean? Simply that having power, in any given circumstance is what keeps a Scorpio going, whether it’s about winning an argument, manipulating someone into doing what they want or having the raw will to get through everything.

Keeping connections with a Scorpio is an exhausting task. This sign tends to never cut anybody any slack. You won’t ever hear one of these women say they’re wrong.

Another downside for you as her partner would be that any mistake you’ve made, are making or will make, is something that won’t receive forgiveness. At least not from this sign.

You can often categorize people into two groups based off of the most common reactions they have when meeting a Scorpio.

You either get the keepers, the ones that won’t leave when they see her crazy side. Or you can get the ones that hit the gas as soon as they get a whiff of how cray, cray this woman can be and vanish into the horizon.

These women might give you the impression of aloofness. They feel detached to the outside world. But that couldn’t be more wrong.

These women are indeed in control of their reactions, but deep within, there’s a rumbling, thundering storm of passion. Losing control of these emotions means that your Scorpio woman is definitely having some inner issues she needs to deal with asap.

How to know if a Scorpio woman is cheating on you

An often instigator for a Scorpio’s cheating endeavors is sex. If you’ve been boring in bed lately or simply haven’t been offering her enough sexual attention, then your Scorpio might turn towards broader horizons. Or in this case beds accompanied by more passionate men.

A good indicator would be the lack of “bedtime” that the two of you have or in this case haven’t been getting recently.

This might mean that while she is still attached to you in heart and spirit, her body may have strayed from yours and towards another one. So, she’ll stay with you, but the side fling or flings will be present in the shadows.

The opposite can also happen. Unfortunately, there’s no sure method to know which course of action will take place.

She’ll either cheat and break up with you, cheat and stay with you or she’ll stay loyal. Which one of these will be your lucky jackpot? Confusing information, yes. Helpful? Not really, I know!

The lack of satisfaction in any form is pretty much the number one reason for basically anybody to start having an affair.

After all, what person in their right mind would stay in a relationship that is found to be lacking the fulfillment of one’s needs? So, you can see how being placed in these scenarios, a Scorpio woman won’t see much of an option and won’t have much of a choice.

The lack of affection, sex, love and the missing connection she yearns for will push her to stray from her partner and go searching for another one, in the hopes that this time, things might turn out for the best.

Of course, this might not be the case. You’ll often find that the Scorpio will fall into such a vicious cycle.

While Scorpios aren’t seen as a faithful sign, this can often be a wrong interpretation. Scorpios make for perfect lovers and even more so, loyal partners.

It might get tough on the way to the perfect relationship, seeing as how overly jealous this sign can get, but once love is found, a soulmate is met and a decision is made, a Scorpio will pretty much be yours for good.

This tough headed trait of theirs extends to negative emotions as well. Hurt her or anger her in any way, and you’ll probably have an enemy for life.

A Scorpio will fight for you! She’ll sting anyone that tries to harm you in any way. Maybe even literally! If you don’t reciprocate this sort of gesture, then the two of you will have a huge problem.

A sure way to keep a Scorpio yours is to simply satisfy her. And yes, that was meant in a physical way as well. Sex is a great thrill and that’s no different for this sign. Some might even say this is especially important for the Scorpio.

This is a woman that will have no trouble going through life. Even with all the hardships it can throw at her. There is no hesitation in her spirit and her iron will simply won’t let her give up. And why would she. After all, she has everything it takes to complete the race towards success and win first place.

What might get in the way of that is her sincerity. It’s sharp as a knife and will cut through weak willed characters.

People will often gather around a Scorpio for advice, but advice they will regret requesting. Why? You know that saying “Want to hurt someone? Lie to them.

Want to destroy them? Tell the truth”. What can you understand from this? That the brutal truth the Scorpio serves will often ruin people.

What you should do is simply avoid angering this venomous being. A pissed off Scorpio will make you regret ever crossing her path. Her sting is worse than her bite. And feeling that on your own skin will be like living through hell twice.

One of the only ways a Scorpio will cheat is if her heart is someplace else. Scorpios tend to exude loyalty when they fall in love, that’s why if they cheat it might come naturally that the person their cheating with is truly the target of her utter affection.

It might even mean that you haven’t only lost her in body but also in soul. They aren’t completely without remorse. The guilt will definitely push them towards an apology. But what good could that do now.

The Scorpio woman’s reaction to being cheated on

Pain is imminent once she finds out. No, not physical pain. This woman will unleash the fires of hell upon your sinful flesh if you betray her.

Swearing is a given, yelling is a given, raging is a given. Oh, lord… what have you unleashed? She’ll often keep as loud and offensive as possible and you simply won’t have an occasion to say sorry or even explain why you’ve been unfaithful.

Keep in mind, this is the best-case scenario. The worst-case one would be if she’ll stay silent and calm. In truth, a catastrophe is going on within her and calamity awaits you, in that you can trust.

The pain and suffering you’ve gifted her will turn into a fire spewing, lava drifting hurricane that when unleased, will cause you silent, sure destruction.

Seeing as how you cheated, she might also along the previous lines, serve you the same, good, old, tasty dish. Enjoy the terror, my friend. You’ve earned it!

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