Does the Scorpio Man Cheat? Signs He May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Scorpio partner is cheating because he is not very good at hiding things and might even let his emotions run wild.

Scorpio man cheating

Tall, dark and broody. These words usually and easily describe a Scorpio man. Most of the time they’re seen as the mysterious prince charming. This often has people thinking they’re natural cheaters.

Things get up and personal really quick with Scorpios so others think this is the case with most girls the Scorpio meets, even when in a relationship.

Five signs a Scorpio man is cheating on you:

  1. He seems to be hiding something with his friends.
  2. He is more jealous of you than usual.
  3. He is picking up fights with you.
  4. He is unhappy and keeps mentioning things you don’t do.
  5. He seems to be very distracted.

This misconception about these men is a regular in people’s minds. Sure, they do show quite a manifestation for sexual desires, but Scorpios can be rather loyal. Much more so than first time impressions seem to be. Get down and dirty in bed with your Scorpio man. Keep him up all night so that he stays yours all day, every day.

Is the Scorpio man likely to cheat?

If you listen to the rumors, then yes. Scorpios cheat, all the time, every time. If you’re more of a down to earth type or person, then you’ll quickly understand that they aren’t what the gossip says they are.

Sure, like any other sign, the Scorpio can cheat. Not like the big three of the bunch, the Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini, but on the rare occasions they can cheat, they do it.

This sign tends to keep away from superficial relationships. They’d rather have a meaningful and deep connection with someone than get in a few flings here and there. It’s just how they were made to be.

People of passion and fidelity to the core, Scorpios will rarely betray you. In the rare occasions this does happen, it’s most likely because you haven’t given him the same amount of affection of haven’t been nearly as passionate with him. Hurting his feelings will lead him away eventually into somebody else’s arms.

Loyalty runs through their veins. It’s as if it’s the only thing in there sometimes. They can stay hung up on someone for years on end, even after a relationship has ended.

Once he gives his heart away, it’s going to be quite troublesome getting it back. But don’t take this for granted. Asserting and making your deepest, kinkiest fantasies a reality will be a must in keeping your Scorpio happy.

Not fueling his sex drive may turn out to be a mistake. Scorpios love succumbing to their wild side and love it even more when they’re partner can get as dirty as they do.

If the both of you reach a level of trust that allows you to understand each other and indulge in each other’s desires willingly and pleasurably, then it’s an easy say that commitment will come shortly after and will stay there for quite some time.

Now, understand that even if the Scorpio man is typically loyal, if his physical needs aren’t met, it’ll be a no-brainer that he’ll eventually start being unfaithful, looking for bodily comfort someplace else.

This doesn’t mean he’ll just sting it with any woman he meets. Scorpios usually engage in sexual relations with people they know or trust.

So, if you’re suspicious of your Scorpio, try looking into his circle of close friends first. Or even one of his previous partners. That’s where you’ll most likely find him laying his bed sheets.

You might see him flirt from time to time, but it’s nothing serious. His flirting is more of a polite answer to a question rather than an actual interest in someone else. So, this shouldn’t worry you too much as their flirting is a superficial one.

Most of the time you’ll find that Scorpios cheat when the thought that you might be cheating on them pops up in their heads.

You see, they can get quite jealous and as we all know, feeling jealousy sucks and it more often than not, hurts and Scorpios tend to cheat when hurt.

This man can be rather quiet about his negative feelings. He stacks them up, one onto the other until the entire construction falls to pieces so try not to give him too many reasons to crash land the both of you into Total Drama Island.

Be cautious of what impressions you give your Scorpio or be prepared for a few hell of some fights.

If you ever think your Scorpio might be cheating, here’s some good advice. Just… ask him! That’s right. Scorpios are honest to a fault. If he doesn’t tell you of his own accord, then be sure that he’ll admit to his naughty deeds if you ask him.

It’s a hot and cold deal with this man. Hurting him is illegal at this point. But he sure as hell can hurt you.

Emotionally mistreating you in any way is permitted, but it can never go the other way around, else you might be labeled as touchy and troubled.

A Scorpio can take pride in their fidelity, but sadly the same cannot be said about their partners. Scorpios usually fall prey to the misconducts of cheating since they’re generally taken for granted by others.

Knowing how much it can hurt being betrayed like that, Scorpios tend to keep away from cheating. They’d rather stay with you until you push them away than fall prey to unfaithfulness.

How to prevent him from cheating on you

You don’t really have to do much in this regard. Once he feels you’re the one and he’s found a soulmate in you, he’ll turn himself head over heels in order to make you happy.

However, their hearts are fragile in this sense. Take care of it. If you start flirting around and your Scorpio finds out, then be sure that payback is coming and it’ll sting.

Try providing your Scorpio with security and reassurance and you’ll have a long-term partner in this Sign.

This man needs someone that can understand them. Sounds easy enough but he can be so hard to read, it takes supernatural mind reading powers to know what could be going on inside his head.

He needs a woman that can connect to him, empathize with him. Scorpios show a great appreciation towards intelligence and will go long ways to prove you so but he also needs his physical desires tended to. Gentleman on the streets, a freak in the sheets.

Another piece of advice could be to never, but never test the waters that are his loyalty. This is a form of utter disrespect and something Scorpios consider to be intolerable.

He won’t be able to conceive how or why you’d even want to hurt him just to get a lousy reaction out of him.

Scorpios value trust and communication in a relationship. If you want to know something, just ask. Don’t go around trying anything silly just to find out if your Scorpio will stay loyal or not.

Trying to hide something for the Scorpio is close to impossible. He can be the Sherlock to anybody’s Watson and has the ability to investigate anything so thoroughly, you’ll thing he’s actually the real thing.

If there’s something your Scorpio thinks you might be hiding from him. He’ll unearth any secrets he has to in order to find out.

It’s better if you simply come clean to him. Knowing you trust him and feel comfortable enough to talk about anything will come a great way in your relationship with him.

Even if what you’ve been hiding or have to say can hurt him or makes you anxious about him changing his feelings about you, he’ll appreciate you placed your trust in him enough to confess your secrets.

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