Does the Sagittarius Woman Cheat? Signs She May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Sagittarius partner is cheating because her behavior towards you has likely changed and has become quite cold and even aggressive.

Sagittarius woman cheating

This sign is one hell of a thrill seeker. Excitement is what they search for in life. They’re always looking for brazen, different methods to make life more worthwhile.

This can often come to the detriment of their relationship as they can easily become bored and exhaust the fun in it quite quickly. More often than not, this will be the main reason why this woman will choose to be unfaithful.

Five signs a Sagittarius woman is cheating on you:

  1. She keeps picking up fights with you.
  2. She seems to be very distracted lately.
  3. She keeps mentioning about a certain person.
  4. She seems to be very cold all of a sudden.
  5. She is dropping hints that the relationship might be on the rocks.

Is the Sagittarius woman faithful?

The Sagittarius woman cherishes freedom above all else. She seeks to see the world and enjoy it all. Anything exciting the life has to offer, the Sagittarius needs to enjoy.

That’s why she’ll fly past anything even close to boring, like an arrow going for its target.

She’ll stop at nothing, exhausting any method she can think of if it means being able to find new ways to make her youth and energy shine. Her love for adventure is unparalleled.

This of course includes finding new ways to indulge in carnal pleasures. After all, what is life without amazing sexual activities to enjoy after a good coffee in some exotic faraway place.

Her relationships, whether physical or emotional, need to stay fresh and place no restrictions on this wild sign.

How to know if a Sagittarius woman is cheating on you

It’s not often that you’ll see a Sagittarian stray from the path of loyalty. But it is not uncommon, after all, this sign is still human and will eventually succumb to certain desires or in some cases, be forced to do so.

What does this mean exactly? Well, placing limits on her freedom is a huge mistake. She loves roaming freely and a partner that doesn’t respect that will be an instant turn-off.

This sign tends to be loyal. Usually it is them that are the victims of cheating as a Sagittarius will only resort to disloyalty if forced to do so.

A good sign is when your Sagittarius partner starts looking for pretty much any reason for a fight. The increase in one sided discussions based on blame and whatnot are great indicators that she might be giving up on you.

This is a woman that will take pride in her traits. She’ll even try sharing them with you. How? Well your Sagittarius partner, when in love, will attempt to share her ways. Trying to teach you how to enjoy everything in life as it goes.

From the small things to the greatest events one could imagine. She’ll show you the secrets of her ingenuity when it comes to making up fun side activities and going on adventures to far away, even mystical-like lands.

One downside to this? Well, this woman simply can’t cope with the idea of settling down. Committing just isn’t in her vocabulary. At least not usually.

A serious relationship will be seen as a threat by this woman. A threat to her freedom, to her exciting and brilliant life. You simply can’t rely on her to stay. Her spirit is too free to be tied down. At least not unless she lets it get tied down.

This nomadic sign has great fun, yes. She tastes the fresh fruits of life on a daily basis.

But this makes it so that her relationships are often short-lived. That’s a given, seeing as how she simply hates the complications that the relationship leash brings in her life.

This is a sign that has a hard time staying loyal. It’s just how it is. This doesn’t mean that all Sagittarius women find it impossible to keep a lasting relationship. It’s in the area of possibility for them. But it is true that this sign is inclined towards cheating more often than the rest of the zodiac signs.

It’s hard to blame them seeing as how their free spirit and adventurous nature keeps them on a constant search for intriguing and spicy things to do in life.

Not everything is bad when it comes to having a relationship with a Sagittarian. These women take relationships as something quite serious.

She’s an empath at heart and can’t help but love her fellow people and feel for them on a deep, almost painful level.

This in turn makes her easy to trick. It seems you can’t have them all. She’s a woman that will always do her best to keep everybody’s smiles and laughter safe.

She strongly cherishes the appreciation her partner can give her. She needs to know that you recognize her awesomeness. Awesomeness that she wants to share with you.

If you’re somebody that can share in the glory of an exploring, adventures life, then you’re the right one for the Sagittarius.

Having shared and common interests is a must with this woman. The more, the merrier, as her love can only grow in accordance to your own.

The Sagittarius’s strong inclination towards cheating is surely one of her biggest cons. It’s not that she wants to hurt you in any way. It’s just the way she lives her life. It doesn’t matter if it’s physical or emotional.

The Sagittarius will often be seen as a happy bee flying from flower to flower in the pursuit for happiness. In this case, happiness being great sex and fun times or even exciting travels with a loving partner. Or partners?

The Sagittarius can share happiness with everybody. Either on an emotional level or on a physical one. The only requirements are overall enjoyment and the freedom to do what she yearns for: live life on the exciting spur of the moment.

Sags aren’t ruthless. They know what they’re doing can be hurtful towards her partner. But this problem pales in comparison with her drive to not get bored.

You’ll often find Sags changing lovers as if they were pairs of socks. On the contrary. The quick pace at which she can do this can actually relieve the everyday stress of her generally chaotic and filled with hardships type of life.

The energy this fills her with is just like cocaine for an addict. Only in this case, the Sag is a junkie for adrenaline.

The Sagittarius woman’s reaction to being cheated on

Oh, boy! Now you’ve done it! It’s understandable how you might have been pushed to do this, but the lack of morality is still there. While the Sagittarius seems to have a will born of iron, similar to an unmovable mountain.

That’s not always the case. These women can be highly sensitive on an emotional level. Hurting her feelings and betraying her trust doesn’t help with this in no way.

Cheating on her is basically asking for it. She’ll bombard you with insults that you have yet to believe can come out of anybody’s mouth.

Her very being will be that of a raging storm, coming your way only to devastate everything in its path. Including you, that is.

Every single mistake you’ve made will be brought back to your life. Dug up by this furious archer sign. All of this so that she can be sure you regret what you’ve done to her brilliant, dedicated and loving self.

Even if you do get this sort of reaction out of her, it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Sure, you’re a cheating bastard, but you can be a cheating bastard that has the chance to salvage his relationship.

She’ll give you a second chance, but make sure you deserve it. Forget about anything that money can buy. What she needs is your utter dedication towards forgiveness and patching things up.

This time, more so than ever, her trust will need to be earned. And doing that might prove a task ever so difficult.

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