Does the Sagittarius Man Cheat? Signs He May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Sagittarius partner is cheating because his attitude towards you will change dramatically and he will be unlikely to make any more future plans.

Sagittarius man cheating

The Sagittarius thrives off of venturing through his days. If his life could be a movie, it would be a thrilling, fast-paced action/ adventure spin-off. This aspect can be found in your more intimate moments as well, especially the ones shared in bed.

These men never stop their search for different things to enjoy which is generally a good thing. Who would like a boring partner anyway? Keep in mind that this can also means that they take longer than most to get serious about a relationship.

Five signs a Sagittarius man is cheating on you:

  1. He is taking a lot of care of himself all of a sudden.
  2. He has changed opinions he’s been keeping for very long.
  3. He keeps putting off plans you made together.
  4. He’s paying a lot of attention to his phone lately.
  5. He seems to be under a lot of stress.

Commitment comes slowly with this sign, but once it does come, you’ll have yourself a loyal, hyperactive Sagittarius on your hands. They appreciate freedom almost more than anything. Keeping them confined within your grasps is the worst thing you could do.

Is the Sagittarius man likely to cheat?

Cheating for a Sagittarius is a strange thing. Why? Because you never really know if he might be cheating or not until you’re left speechless at the sight of the betrayal.

A Sagittarius will stay loyal to his loved one. Sure, it takes a while for him to fall in love, but once it does, chances are it’ll stay that way.

Of course, the opposite can happen as well. Love forgotten isn’t uncommon with the Sagittarius.

If his feelings for you falter, he’ll certainly look for somebody else to fall in love with and it won’t be until it’s too late that you’ll find out, as Sagittarius men hate breaking up with their partners. They’d rather wait until they get caught.

These men are quite the charmers. With highly developed socializing skills, they’ll find no hardships in communicating and getting along with everyone around them.

You might be asking yourself how this can be a bad thing. Getting along with everyone means they are able to digest many forms of BS, which in turn might lead them to get into superficial relationships.

Another side effect of this trait that will directly affect you is the ease with which he’ll manipulate you into thinking he’s being loyal while he’s actually hopping from one gal to another.

Yeah, he can do that. He can convince anyone into getting down and ready and he can also mold your choices into being with him.

At the start of a relationship with him, make sure you have The Talk first. No, not the one about the birds and the bees, silly.

You’re both already grown-ups. In the beginning of your hopefully long journey together, you need to get things straight first.

Tell him what it is you’re expecting from him. How else would he know if it’s a serious thing what you two have or just a fling.

If he does cheat on you, you can’t really hold him responsible since you didn’t make your intentions known to him nor were there any borders established.

A good and obvious sign he might be cheating is when you notice a drastic and sudden change in your Sagittarius man. These changes are often physical, esthetic. It can be a new haircut, different fashion sense, it might even be make-up, who even knows at this point. Just know that this means he might be changing for the new woman in his life.

He used to pay attention to you, didn’t he? He’s not that attentive to your desires and interests anymore? That’s a bummer.

Has he been putting off most of the plans you’ve been making recently? Well, if you add two and two together, you might get a four as a result. In this case, four means that he’s probably cheating.

Another sign would be that even if he’s showing a lack of interest in you, he’s showing it for something else. If he’s been paying attention to his phone a lot more lately, it might be because he’s texting someone. You probably already know who.

A great way to make your Sagittarius cheat on you is suffocating him. Show him a little bit of that good old freedom everybody enjoys and you’ll see how it’ll do both of you wonders.

Cheating for them doesn’t happen when they’re going out with their buddies and leaving you alone at home. Having fun without you means he’s just having a good time by himself, not that he’s cheating.

Unless of course you do what was previously advised not to do. Keeping him on a leash will make him have fun without you and with someone else. Most likely another woman, of course. One that can respect his freedom.

These guys are always on the brink of experiencing new things. They are as impromptu as they come.

Unsurprisingly so, this always mean they’ve had their fair share of moments with other women. Yes, in bed as well. That’s why they seem to know the ins and outs of socializing and maintaining appearances and relationships.

However, this can all come to an end when they find their soulmate. This is the person he’ll never, ever betray. Always staying loyal and committing to them, no matter what. If you’re that person, then lucky you.

These traits of his can also be their downfall and your worst nightmare. His romantically nomadic lifestyle means he might quickly lose interest and start batting his eyelashes towards someone else.

Remember! If you don’t need a broken heart on your hands, in this case yours, then making sure you’re both laying on common ground is a must.

Set the boundaries straight or there won’t be any boundaries for the Sagittarius to follow and he may stray from you given the occasion.

Most of the time, a Sagittarius will cheat not because he wants to hurt you or simply got bored of you. You see, these men are easily influenced by negative experiences.

They feel the heat more so than others. Getting stressed and anxious is common for them and changing partners gives them an exhilarating and morale-boosting feeling.

How to prevent him from cheating on you

That’s sure going to be a difficult task to accomplish. Heck, not even Hercules had it as hard as you with all the labors he had to complete. They love feeling the winds of change, possibly too much.

If you want those winds to lead him to you on and on, then you have to make sure you keep him on your does. How do you do that? Easy! Become impervious to his logic. Leave him dumbfounded with how random your ideas and actions can be. Go crazy, girl!

However, it’s not always about this. A Sagittarius man will show vast appreciation for an intelligent girl. Show him your inner book worm and you might be surprised how much attention he can pay to you.

If you’ve been in a long-term relationship with your Sagittarius, then it’s only natural you’ll want to start talking about family and settling down. Who wouldn’t?

Keep in mind that this might not be wise with a Sag. The way their mind works makes it so that even if they do commit, they’ll run away from it once you ask for it.

With how things are working, why do you even need to ask. It seems you’re both happy together and have been so for a while now. Why look for something else to seal the deal that’s already been sealed.

Give him time and space to think without you interrogating him, and he might do things of his own accord.

If you want your Sagittarius man to know what you’re always on about. Just say it. Beating it around the bush is never going to work with a Sagittarius. If you want your point to be heard then make it happen.

Dropping hints around him will do nothing, as he’s such a straightforward person he won’t even notice them. And even if he did, it might annoy him that you can’t say things straight to his face.

If you want to be pampered, want that new dress, want to try that new expensive restaurant you’ve kept hearing about or even want to sex things up differently than usual, just say so. There’s no way for him to know these things if you don’t tell him.

Keeping communication going and providing him with enough freedom are the best methods to keep your Sagittarius man loyal.

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