Does the Libra Woman Cheat? Signs She May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Libra partner is cheating because she is going to be very distracted and also completely unaffectionate towards you.

Libra woman cheating

Listening to what a Libra woman has to say will result in having your expectations broken. Why? Because she’ll reassure you of her loyalty, but only in words. Libras will make their partner feel beyond wanted while chasing other flings on the side.

Five signs a Libra woman is cheating on you:

  1. She seems to be very distracted.
  2. She is always on the edge when in your company.
  3. She is spending her time in a new group of friends.
  4. She is coming up with all sort of propositions.
  5. She seems to be very insecure of her feelings.

Is the Libra woman faithful?

An equilibrium should always be met. At least that’s what the Libra believes. Balance incarnate, the Libra will chase after relationships, believing that a partner will be the other side to balance her scale. This does not necessarily mean they don’t cheat.

They love the attention the crowd has to offer and so they’ll almost always answer to the flirting of others. It doesn’t matter if they’re already engaged in a long-term commitment, a Libra will still maintain relations with past love.

They simply want to make sure that there’s always a backdoor they can take, keeping possibilities open for herself. Sometimes that means having several side flings at a time.

In life, even in her romantic one, a Libra will pursue the harmony that the scales have to offer. She yearns for it, thrives on it, this peace and equality she often dreams of is what keeps her up at night.

Libras hate drama, but lucky for them they can easily detach themselves from any problems with their wonderous imagination.

All they have to do is turn off their reality filter and jump inside their own heads to attack the issues from different angles.

How to know if a Libra woman is cheating on you

Egotistical in nature, the Libra will cheat on you as long as the act itself tends to her needs. The high tide of a possible affair will often pull this woman into the sea of cheating.

It’s not hard catching onto the hints she’s been leaving you, in this you can trust. Why? A Libra woman will make it so easy for you to find out that she’s been unfaithful it’ll seem like she wants you to know. Oh, wait… she does!

That’s just how she is. She’ll want to know what your overall reaction will be. This may change if you’ve gone past the wedding point as she’ll want to keep things on the side of caution.

Don’t get your hopes up simply because you’ve found proof of disloyalty. She’ll use her rich imagination to lie herself out of it, be sure of that.

The Libra woman can become loyal to a fault. These women are representatives of the romantical and affectionate and tend to commit long, long-term to their partner once they have made sure that he’s the one.

Sure, this might be difficult, reassuring a Libra of how right you are for them. It’s hard for them to take decisions as they tend to overthink things and their lack of patients and desire for love will stand in the way of solidifying anything with her, but it won’t be an impossible task.

Make sure you’re never apathetic towards her need of affection, emotional and physical. This’ll ensure you Libra is yours for good.

The Libra is one of the few signs that can have it all. When she loves, she’ll be there for her partner, yes. But she won’t forget about the other aspects of her life.

She’ll keep in touch with her inner self, her work, her friends, her family and still find enough time for her lover as well. Why? She simply wants to take part in everything, not leaving anything out of the equation.

Sure, it’s hard balancing everything in life and being part of your boyfriend’s life at the same time, but that’s just what Libras do, balance things perfectly. If only the rest of us could be as the Libra is.

People believe the Libras to be natural born relationship masters. But that’s not the case. While they do usually find the perfect balance, it doesn’t mean it comes easily.

A Libra’s true nature is flooded with uncertainty and hesitation at all corners. This twists and turns most things in their lives. It’s hard keeping a Libra lover because of this aspect of hers.

The Libra can be a difficult person, whether from a romantical point of view or not. She’ll offer you the world, but she won’t come without her downfalls. She tends to care too much about the world and what it has to say. Why? Blame it on the high self-doubt she has.

Seeing others do things differently makes her second guess the way she’s been going at it up until now. So it’s not that she can’t make up her mind, it’s that she simply doesn’t want to mess everything up. Overthinking like this will become toxic for her.

One reason for a Libra to cheat would be how easily she gets tired of the same old, same old that’s been going on in the relationship. She’ll look for something new if you’re not providing anything interesting.

It will be often that you’ll hear a Libra say she’s been unfaithful because of her partner. She’ll blame it on him not offering her a sense of security, a sense that things are going somewhere well.

Being insecure about her feelings and the relationship will be paramount in her cheating on you.

With the kindness and affection, the Libra tends to offer unconditionally and to everyone, it’s no wonder how people will misinterpret things and believe that they’re actually getting romantical signals from the Libra.

And she doesn’t actually mind this. You could say it’s something she enjoys to a fault.

Her interest in new things is often the main cause of her trying out other sets of bed sheets so to speak. And there’s not much to do in the hopes of stopping her from cheating on you. Once she has her eyes set on something, she’ll get that thing whether you like it or not.

The Libra woman’s reaction to being cheated on

With the way her character is, you won’t have to worry about getting an overreaction from the Libra once she finds out you’ve been unfaithful to her.

Sure, you’ve broken her heart and betrayed her trust. But this die-hard fan of serenity won’t make a big fuss out of it all.

She’ll quietly sit the both of you down and have a nice chat about why you’ve done what you’ve done and, in the end, offer you forgiveness too.

The Libra will often believe it’s her at fault for your misdeeds. So, she’ll make it her mission to please you and make you stay. She’ll get kinkier, more sexually available, will giver herself to you in body and mind.

If you’re scared of her leaving you, especially in the case you’ve already built a family, then you can rest assured that the Libra will get over your betrayal. If not for you, then for the kids.

But even in the worst-case scenarios the Libra will forgive and forget for the sake of love. But not if you take her availability for granted.

Repeatedly misbehaving like this might get your libra to forget about her feelings for you, grab her kids once they grow up a tad bit, pack their bags and go right through the front door and never look back.

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