Does the Libra Man Cheat? Signs He May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Libra partner is cheating through small changes in his behavior such as him being very distracted or avoiding to spend time with you.

Libra man cheating

The Libra man loves romancing things up. The equilibrium and candidness within this sign are renowned. Libras don’t usually have cheating tendencies as they prefer making it their mission to build long lasting relationships based on faithfulness and trust.

Even so, they still have a downside. They can’t help but fall for this one need mankind has: communication. For a Libra, this is closely followed by flirting, given this circumstance, they might recklessly and unintentionally start flirting, which might end up derailing into even more flirting.

Five signs a Libra man is cheating on you:

  1. He keeps picking up fights.
  2. He is very distracted and insensitive.
  3. He spends a lot of time with his friends.
  4. He is not preoccupied with work at all.
  5. You find him daydreaming all the time.

Is the Libra man likely to cheat?

Flirting for these men could very well be a hobby. Egoistic in nature, they can’t help but dive head into a flirt off with other women.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. Just because he flirts doesn’t mean he cheats and jumps in bed with everybody he flirts. Although flirting usually isn’t considered cheating, you might see it as such.

All that back and forth between him and that cute girl at the bar might bother you, but Libras just can’t help it. They need this sort of activity in order to have their self-centered personality pampered.

You do give him attention and show him your love and loyalty on a daily basis, yes. But you see, that’s just not enough for this guy.

Sadly, it might never be. This doesn’t mean he’ll physically cheat on you, no. Just that it might be often that you’ll feel hurt by his flirting with other girls.

Libras are predisposed to getting greedy about your attention to the point of making you feel he’s being too clingy. This is an example of when he might cheat on you.

Not meeting up with you as much as he’d prefer will get him into an emotionally weak state and may start looking for affection from someone else. If you notice something weird in his behavior, it might be because he’s seeing somebody else.

You could try talking to him about it, sure. But it might not do you any good since Libras can get dodgy and anxious in these types of scenarios.

As sincere and straightforward as Libras can be, they turn into the complete opposite direction if cheating.

Are you suspecting things are amiss? Well, ask him what’s wrong then. This is a good method to find out if he’s cheating, as he’ll most likely become defensive, molding the discussion to their benefit, appealing to your merciful side, making you feel pity for him so much so that you’ll feel bad about asking in the first place.

However, don’t let this stop you. If this happens you can be sure something is wrong. So, insist, take actions, do what Sherlock would do and investigate this case until you find out what it is he’s hiding.

As signs go, Libras tend to stay true to their loyalty and keep away from cheating. You’ll find it that they’re often positive about life, especially relationships.

They love being intimate and romantic and will try to share such moments with you quite often. This happening is solid proof that he’s into you and chances are he’s into you only.

These men are masterminds when it comes to sleeping around. He might be dating several women at a time for years on end without any of them noticing.

So, if your Libra man is cheating it might be hard for you to catch on. At least not for a long time.

Marriage is highly important to Libras. Splitting out with his spouse is a no, no. So, in this sense you could say he’s husband material.

This doesn’t mean the probability of him cheating becomes null. Better keep your eyes peeled even if you get him to put a ring on it.

Decision making is not their forte which can be quite a negative side note on his resume. The main cause for this is how they always seem to overthink everything.

Leaving it in the hands of intuition and guts is something they just can’t seem to do. They always look for other options thinking they might find a better one, over and over again, until the chance passes them by and they’re left wondering what they could have done differently. See? Even more overthinking.

This is the leading cause to a Libra mean cheating. They’re always thinking that they might find someone better and this can turn into a vicious cycle of cheating.

If you’re the type of person that can see the glass half full, then you might take comfort in knowing that Libras don’t generally sleep around. If they cheat, they mainly do it by catching countless love bugs for others.

Maybe this glass isn’t that half full after all. But this glass will help you, knowing how he cheats will help you find out if he cheats.

These people really do put your heart into a tough spot. Give in to the temptation, fall for them and you might be in for a bumpy ride since they might not care much about the consequences of being unfaithful.

Their cognitive process includes putting things into a carefree order. If bad things happen to you, to them that’s just how life is. Ouch, though luck!

Seeing an attractive woman will make them turn their heads. It’s only natural for them. But that’s not the only thing. Libras are highly social beings that appreciate a good conversation.

If that pretty, pretty girl he’s looking at isn’t all looks and has a good head between her shoulders, you should start being worried as she might snatch him away from you.

As bad as all this can sound, Libra men can be one of the best choices if you’re looking for long term commitment.

Just like the visual representation of their sign, the scales, they yearn for balance and will be more than cautious in order to not disturb it in any way.

If situations do arise that threaten the peace between you two, he will go head over heels in trying to find a solution to work things out.

How to prevent him from cheating on you

Venus is their ruling planet. This makes Libras desire love and equilibrium above all else in life and in relationships. It comes with no wonder that if you are bringing a bad vibe in his life, he’ll start second thinking everything.

Sure, not everything is written in stone for this man, he’ll give your way of thinking a shot, but if it’s too much of a hassle and causes too much drama, then it will be to no avail.

They appreciate the carefree lifestyle, going easy about things, taking a stroll on that beautiful sunny day. Not having to walk for hours through the rain without an umbrella just because you said so, so be sure that if you’re causing him too many headaches, he’ll look for a woman that will mend them and give him the peace he wants.

Giving him your undivided attention is a must. Listening to what he has to say, paying attention, these are prerequisites to winning over the Libra.

This is no surprise, after all, he does love him some attention… Ok, maybe more than just some, but you get it. Don’t you? Drown him in your love, show him your appreciation and he’s sure to never surface from the sea that is YOU.

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