Does the Leo Man Cheat? Signs He May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Leo partner is cheating because he will have no patience or affection for you and will aggressively avoid any questions about his whereabouts.

Leo man cheating

Melodramatic and adventure driven. Two ways you can easily describe the Leo, the feistiest of the signs, the Fire zodiac sign. Leo men love catching everybody’s eye with their god given ability to be first rate performers in everything they do.

That’s part of the reason why you’ve been hearing all those hot, provocative rumors about Leos. Satisfying a Leo has a lot to do with how you behave in bed. Your intimate lives should be nothing else other than exciting and hot. This doesn’t mean he won’t cheat.

Five signs a Leo man is cheating on you:

  1. He spends most of his time on his phone and is very private about it.
  2. He seems to take a lot of time to answer simple questions about his whereabouts.
  3. He has stopped giving you any affection.
  4. He keeps mentioning about this new colleague or acquaintance.
  5. He avoids or is very weird about getting physical with you.

Nine out of ten times a Leo will cheat on their partners with younger and more energic women. Often these women resemble a younger version of their partners since the Leo man hates to acknowledge the passage of time.

Is the Leo man likely to cheat?

A relationship with a Leo man holds high chances of you having your heart broken. This man holds temptation on his sleeve. It’s not a necessity for him to cheat on you, but the probability is considerable.

Their pride and self-admiration need to be nurtured, as such they will be on the constant look-out for reverence and women that will be in awe at how fantastic they feel they are. If you can’t offer that, then surely someone else can.

Leo men in a relationship might are control freaks. Moving their lives in accordance to their strong belief that they’re meant for something greater. This gives them a sense of self-worth like no other.

Exaggerated enough that it makes them look at other as if from a high and mighty throne. They actually embody this feeling even in the way they tend to judge people on their importance in social endeavors.

If you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of this man’s complex social machinations, it means you’re not that close to him even as his partner so be careful. You might fall victim to his cheating.

If you have yet to see any of these signs in your Leo, don’t lay your bedsheets yet. Push yourself to investigate more and you’re sure to find out that you’re Leo isn’t that different than the rest of his feline brethren.

Has he stopped showing you affection? Not getting that many calls anymore, eh? Oh, he doesn’t seem as interested in your activities and plans, recently? Careful!

These are sure signs that your Leo partner is starting to lose interest in you. This is a warning siren!

All that attention you’ve been getting is now being focused somewhere else and you know where that might be, don’t you? Exactly! Your Leo might be getting butterflies for someone else now. It’s not uncommon after all.

Similar to the bravery and fierceness the king of the jungle shows, the Leo will always passionately prove their love and affection for you.

If you’re the one for him, then be sure you’ll be the queen to his king as they don’t shy away from commitment once he’s made sure of his partner.

Leos are the “going all out” type of people. Even in romance, you’ll always notice how exaggerated they choose to be in expressing their feelings.

And it’s not always an exaggeration. It’s often that they actually feel what they’re expressing. From words to gestures, a Leo will always make prefer going big or going home when showing you what you mean to him.

This is a good way to find out if he’s been cheating on you or if he’s thinking of doing it. If your partner recently stopped showring you with all those pompous words and the marvelous gestures of love, it’s a sure sign that his hear has started to estrange itself from yours.

This might also mean that he might be unsure of your relationship as of this particular moment. He may be exploring different options with another woman, but that’s not always the case and can vary greatly from Leo to Leo.

Your Leo man can be easily stolen from you. Or easily kept. Making plead to his ego, always praising him and showing your admiration to him are what can win over a Leos heart at first.

And keep it yours after that as well, but that means that if some other woman is better at it than you, your relationship with this Leo might start hitting a brick wall.

Leos tend to show strong alpha male instincts. You can see this in their constant attempts at making any and all arguments a conquest. Since they have such an authority complex, he’ll surely seem controlling.

Which he can quite surely be and most of the time he won’t be hitting the breaks on this sort of behavior.

Once you notice he stopped listening to your part of the story and starts giving orders is when you should start worrying. Your Leo might have stopped caring about you and what you have to say and might be giving his ear to somebody else’s lips.

A Leos goals are often set in stone from the beginning. Always sure of their desires and sure of how to reach the finish line, a Leo will always have something set in motion, especially when it comes to relationships.

There’s usually a fine line between physical and emotional undertakings and the Leo can juggle between the two with great ease.

Whether it’s sex or love, he’ll be able to finely choose between the two with little effort. That can make them either the best friends with benefits out there or the best lovers. It’s all a matter of choice.

A choice which is mostly taken by their self-absorbed sense of importance. It does seem rather selfish, but that’s just how things are. A Leo will not care much about the negative side effects of cheating on his partner since he mostly cares about himself.

One thing that will keep a Leo away from cheating is their strong disgust towards all the drama it comes with. As stated before, it’s them that’s important. They value the harmony in their life too much for the comfort of selflessness.

Getting it on in bed with one single lover until the ends of time sounds like the perfect life for a Leo as long as it doesn’t comprise of fights, drama and disturbing a Leo’s peaceful, carefree lifestyle.

How to prevent him from cheating on you

Chests puffed and hearts roaring. That’s how Leo’s like it. Anything that gets them to be the main attraction at the show. Want to keep him yours? Don’t stop firing those compliments and words of appreciation at him.

Shoot him down with homages to his greatness and he’ll and make sure he stays on the ground of his attraction for you. Sure, more often than not your words might not be honest in doing so. But that doesn’t really matter for the Leo. As long as it’s praise, it’s more than welcome.

Keeping quiet about his brilliant traits and qualities is a one way ticked to him straight up going for another girl. He might even do it while you’re out in town with him, having no care whatsoever about the repercussions this comes with or with how hurt you might feel.

Represented by the Lion, the ruler of the wild, this man emanates royalty and even honor like no other. This gives him a sense of being above others.

Harder, better, faster, stronger than others is a constant thought in the mind of a Leo. Having a partner that can mirror these traits of his could make him content and even bring him happiness.

But this can also mean that if he feels his partner could be better than him at something, he’ll feel the heat and start backing down. That’s why you should exert caution and level out the playfield.

Reminding him of how great he can be is a good method to keep him in your lioness claws. Rest assured, this won’t be a one-sided deal. The Leo can and will offer his best to you. Taking care of you and helping you with anything he can. Anything for his Queen!

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