Does the Gemini Woman Cheat? Signs She May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Gemini partner is cheating just by the increase in her social life activities and the obvious decrease in activities you would normally do together.

Gemini woman cheating

Ah, the Gemini. Such wonderous beings. Just like their name stands for duality, so can their personality. Or personalities? However troublesome it can get, this is also one of their charms. It intrigues others in finding out just what it is about this woman that’s so bonkers.

Gemini women don’t usually cheat, but when they do, they change their mind, as if turning into a completely different person, can confuse men and surface an array of expectations that differ from personality to personality, which guys will find hard to turn into reality.

Five signs a Gemini woman is cheating on you:

  1. She seems to be very aloof and nervous in your presence.
  2. She is avoiding to make future plans or any plans for that matter.
  3. She keeps getting involved in activities with her friends, with the scope to find herself.
  4. She has rare moments of affection that seem to be because she is feeling guilty of something.
  5. She is spending a lot of time on her phone but also hiding it from you.

Is the Gemini woman faithful?

You’ve most likely already heard the gossip about Gemini. If the tales tell no lies, then you can assume that this sign isn’t that faithful in their romantic relationships.

The Gemini women are not necessarily disloyal, but their dual nature can get them confused in their interests.

While she may be involved in a romantic relationship with a partner she feels love for and is connected deeply on an emotional level, this might mean that her other side might be looking for different dishes to savor and indulge in on a physical and sexual level only.

It also stands to reason that the opposite can happen. If they’re engaged in a strong physical attraction with someone, they might look for emotional comfort and affection from a different person.

Keep these things in mind when dating a Gemini and don’t be surprised when finding out that a cheating Gemini may actually be involved in multiple relationships at once.

Their dual nature makes them inclined towards the excitement in life. They’ll often look for new methods to enjoy and amuse themselves even if it will be at the expense of their partner’s feelings.

If you’ve been with a Gemini for a long time, you might start to notice that her behavior has become aloof. Be careful as this is when they start looking for other sources of fun.

How to know if a Gemini woman is cheating on you

The main reason these women cheat is to find new ways to enjoy themselves. Getting easily bored of their partner plays a main role in all of these mishaps. You’ll often find that a Gemini woman will come back to you after cheating. Why? Because they treat the ones they cheat on you with simply as side attractions. You see, you’ve been the main event for them all along, they simply wanted to wander around and sight see for a while before getting back to you after they’ve had their fun.

The Gemini are like ninjas. They can be there one moment and in another one disappear, only to reappear as if nothing strange ever took place.

This will prove to be a difficulty in interpreting their behavior. The only hope you have of finding out if she’s being unfaithful is if somebody else will bring it to your attention. Otherwise you’ll be left in the dark.

Her life is generally filled with fun. And by fun you should understand that she tends to experience the affection of many partners throughout the years.

Not being tied down to a relationship is the perfect situation for her to sleep around and enjoy her time.

However, the time will come for her to take root with one partner. When that happens, she’ll go from zero to a hundred very quickly.

One day you’re her boyfriend, the next you’ll be the father to her children. Yikes! If she falls for you hard, be sure that the only thoughts on her mind will be of marriage and building a family. At least at the start.

While they have a bad rep compared to the other signs, the Gemini can still be some of the most faithful lovers and partners.

But wait! There’s a twist to this. In order to keep her wanting, you’ll have to make it so that you’re unpredictable to a fault.

Keep her wondering just what the heck you’re on about and you might just pique her interest enough to make her stay. Remember, they get bored quickly, so make sure you keep your Gemini curious.

What usually makes you fall for these women is their girly, childish behavior and character.

Their honest, pure and fun personality is what makes you love these wonderful beings, but it’s also what makes them the unsuspecting targets that they are.

Men will often attempt to take advantage of these beautiful and bright traits that the Gemini have and the Gemini will often fall prey to these tactics.

The Gemini woman needs to work on her grasp on reality. Being able to see things for what they are will more often than not save her skin from many occasions which will bring her a great deal of harm on an emotional level.

This can be hard for her. It’s easier to stay in her pink candy world than stay cautious to the point of paranoia simply because she might get hurt by her possible partners.

Because of this she prefers sleeping around, simply because it’s more convenient than to blame herself for herself destructive misdeeds.

All of this make her fall into a vicious cycle of rinse and repeat. Always getting into the wrong relationships and always getting hurt. She really should change her type. Girl! The same men will give you the same bruises, keep that in mind!

It’s often that she’ll stay in a broken relationship only to reap the financial benefits from it. There’s always a price and the Gemini will have hers paid.

Being with a Gemini woman is tricky. She can sometimes be scared and keep away from committing to someone.

She’d rather keep it flirtatious and superficial because of that. The moment she notices any seriousness in your gaze, she’ll be out of the room.

The Gemini woman’s reaction to being cheated on

Ah, this will be fun! Or it won’t if you’re on the receiving end of the Gemini’s fury! If she finds out about you fling, she’ll do one of two things.

Unleash the fires of hell upon you and stab at you until you spit out everything. She’ll stop at nothing until she finds out with who it was, when and why you decided to cheat on her.

She can also be the complete opposite. You can also expect the coldness of the iceberg that split the Titanic in two. She’ll just sit there, completely ignorant and apathetic towards any of your sorry excuses for cheating on her.

If you got the hot deal out of it and she’s giving you all the anger she has, then God forbid you actually try and shift the blame on her.

Make this in any way her fault and you can be sure that you’ll turn her into the ruler of hell itself.

You can all kiss any chances you had at winning her back goodbye, since she’ll now have none of your excuses and will basically kick you out of her life.

If the latter happens and she’s not showing signs of listening to you, then fear should not be a stranger to you in this case either. If this happens, then be sure that she’s balancing the decision to give you a chance or not.

Either that or she’ll be scheming on how to pay you back in a way that you’ll remember for the rest of your days. These women are nothing if not masterminds at hurting those that hurt them.

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