Does the Capricorn Man Cheat? Signs He May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Capricorn partner is cheating because his behavior will be one of a guilty person, as he knows he shouldn’t do this to you.

Capricorn man cheating

The Capricorn is one of the tranquil, level-headed and collected signs. They generally show an iron will that will keep them from showing you any lack of loyalty, even if presented with seductive situations.

A Capricorn man will want appreciation for his qualities and providing that is one way to make sure they don’t deviate from you. The great thing about him is that his ethical ways will generally have him break up with you rather than cheat on you. Hopefully you can see that as a good thing.

Five signs a Capricorn man is cheating on you:

  1. He behaves like is feeling guilty about something.
  2. He spends more time than usual away from home.
  3. He is very closed in himself and not talkative at all.
  4. He is quick to snap if he doesn’t like something.
  5. He is cold with you but keeps finding excuses for this.

Is the Capricorn man likely to cheat?

Most likely? No. In this way he resembles some of his zodiac brethren. Cheating is something of a last resort kind of thing to them.

The only scenarios you’ll see a Capricorn cheat in are those in which he feels that his plans with his partner aren’t going… well, as planned.

However even if such situations arise, he’ll still work hard on fixing things before cheating on you as he tends to show fierce loyalty to his partners and if you’re the one he’s been looking for all this time, rest assured, you’ll be the only target of his attention and nothing will tear you two apart.

Not if he has a say in it and with how stubborn he can be, you should be sure he’ll keep fighting to be with you.

These men have a meticulous character and will pay a great deal of attention to everything they do, more so than most other signs. This will be shown in his relationship with his partner.

You’ll see the importance you have to him quite easily given how attentive he’ll be with you as well.

Caught a Capricorn’s eye, have you? Are you sure? Better check again because getting Cupid to hit a Capricorn with his arrows for you can be rather difficult as they tend to not let that many things faze them.

You could say they come from a long line of blue bloods, with royal standards with how hard it can get catching their interest but once you do, you’ll pretty much be the main attraction in their lives.

It’s not often that a Cap will cheat on you. One way to push him into being unfaithful is by biting the hand that feeds you. That’s right.

Want your Capricorn man to cheat? No better way to do that than a good old betrayal. Even so cheating for a Capricorn is simply a pay-back method to them. They never cheat simply to cheat or to be unfaithful. To them it’s more of an eye for eye kind of thing.

This is a sign that can do it all. Especially for himself. He’s not that needy for attention or well… anything else really. And this is good.

It means he won’t have reasons to run off to other women and cheat on you because of things you might not be giving him because there aren’t that many things that he needs so there aren’t that many reasons to cheat either. This tends to mean you’re in the safe zone if you’re partner is a Capricorn.

The virtue of these men is not something to ignore. It basically emanates off of them just like heat comes off of the sun. This can be easily seen in the way they prefer to break up with their partner than forsake their principles and cheat.

And even before breaking up, their affection and honesty will come through in making sure he’s done everything he can before having to raise the white flag and end things with you.

Keep in mind that Capricorn men are to their core just like any other man so even if they’re usually not cheaters, there’s still a slight chance that he might cheat.

And in case it does happen, he’ll mostly likely do it with someone that he’s sure will only be a one-time thing that won’t ever happen again. Usually with some random stranger he’ll be sure he’ll never cross paths with again.

Capricorn men are often a happy-go-lucky bunch. They don’t care much about what goes around them as they generally breeze through the hardships of life. That’s why most Caps won’t finding unfaithfulness to be that big of a deal.

You might even say they’re too cold or aloof as they tend to not care much about the damage they’ve done by cheating.

If he does cheat on you, there’s a glimmer of a chance he’ll feel torn inside after all is said and done due to betraying his own virtues mentioned earlier.

However, this is only one side of the coin. The other one shows them as masterminds that can easily think ahead and turn the cheating in their favor so that you won’t catch on to it for quite a long time.

If you do find out in the end, they might try to find some sort of excuse for their terrible behavior.

From time to time you might find that the Capricorn can be a very emotional being. More often than not, if you’ve been in a long-term relationship, he’ll get drunk on the idea of the relationship itself and will look for reference in the past you’ve both had rather than at your future together. This might end up causing him to get into a state of depression.

Getting very attached to a woman can be a downfall for this man as his mind might start playing tricks on him.

Making him think of unlikely and unfavorable scenarios which might get him jealous and blue which in turn might turn this man from a sweet sensitive Capricorn to a sour and possessive and controlling one. He simply can’t stomach the idea that you’d be with somebody else other than him.

Capricorns are very logical beings. Cheating for them might not actually be cheating in their eyes. You see, for them this is strongly intertwined with physicality.

If he cheats on you it won’t necessarily be because he doesn’t love you anymore. He’s probably just testing other waters simply because he might be looking for the thrill of the catch and not for attachment.

When all is said and done, everything is a barter to them and every and all sensitive scenarios can be looked at through a spy glass in order to be logically dissected and nothing else.

How to prevent him from cheating on you

These people are nothing if not practical even when looking for a partner. If you want to make sure you’re here to stay, then examine his general needs and life goals.

If you have common long-term interests then it’s easier to find out if he’s serious about you and will try to achieve your common goals together.

If he notices that you’re carefree about life and your relationship, he might go looking for somebody more serious that he can build a family with, as this is one of his main goals in finding a partner.

Having a successful and bountiful marriage is a must have with this man since he’s looking for someone to nurture his goals and future with.

From time to time, a Cap will tend to push his partner away for a bit. Not because he doesn’t care, on the contrary, he can get very emotionally attached but in the end he’s human like anybody else.

He might simply want some space. They are very analytical beings and from time to time they might need some space to think and reevaluate things are going with you and with him. He can also close himself in his own mind by doing this and will push other away as well, not only you.

The best way to keep him yours and not push him away is to simply tend to this logical and analytical side of his and give him some space to think.

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