Does the Cancer Man Cheat? Signs He May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Cancer partner is cheating because he will be completely distracted and unaffectionate but adamant that nothing has changed.

Cancer man cheating

The Cancer male tends to be loyal to his partner however he is emotionally susceptible and can’t go long without having love and affection shed onto him.

If you don’t provide him with the attention and love he needs, an inferiority complex might take root in his heart and he may stray from you, so if your Cancer shows signs of hypersensitivity then know that he might look for love and affirmation from someone else.

Five signs a Cancer man is cheating on you:

  1. He is behaving as if he is guilty of something and needs to make up for it.
  2. He is spending a lot of time on his phone but is adamant nothing changed.
  3. He has stopped wearing or using things you have bought him that he used to like.
  4. He plays the blame game every time you say something about this.
  5. He constantly avoids to respond to tender gestures.

Is the Cancer man likely to cheat?

He could cheat. But that’s not something you can be sure of. First of all, you have to know that the Cancer male is generally ferocious in the ways of loyalty.

He will do nothing but fight for you and the happiness you could both share and will stop at nothing until you both get that happily ever after.

Keep in mind that this happens only if he’s met the one, his one true soulmate. You see, this man is generally in an emotionally delicate state.

He needs you to soothe his ego and to shower him with affection, otherwise he’ll feel like he’s not enough and uncertainty will start to eat away at him.

This in turn might make him turn his head towards other possibilities, which of course are often represented by other women.

There are a few signs that may make you feel at ease. A Cancer man that loves you will show unrelenting care and interest in your overall good.

If he’s always there for you, empathizes with you, asks you about your troubles, shows physical affection and easily understands your bad days without you having to say a word, then you’re in the Ok zone. This usually means he’s here to stay and stay he will.

However, if he does cheat, you’ll find out quite easily. These are men that haven’t gotten the hang of cheating quite yet, which is probably good, at least for you.

If he cheats, he’ll usually blow the whistle on himself without you having to do anything about it.

If he cheats on you, his shame will be your greatest helper. Any vows he’s made to you, any good memories he has of you, especially pictures, gifts he tends to wear, anything that connects him to you, can be used to find out if he’s cheating on you.

If he stops wearing that nice sweater you gave him that he often wore when going out, then it might be because he’s ashamed of his betrayal and will not want to be reminded of it in any way. Of course, this is only one example out of many.

One thing about the Cancer is that he’s most comfortable while in the premise of his own home. He’s not into the adventures that life has to offer so if he is to cheat, the most common place it starts is at home.

Another example of how to catch on to his cheating on you is if there are any behavioral changes when you visit him. If he feels awkward or strange around you, it’s because he feels that you might have already caught onto him.

Now don’t get the wrong idea. Just like any of the other signs, not all the Cancer men are innate cheaters however you need to remember that the Cancer sign is usually one of the signs that cheat the most on their partner.

Since he can be so emotional, you might accidentally leave some scars on him that will make him look for mending from a different woman.

As stated before, the Cancer male will yearn for time spent with you. Any activities he’ll want to spend separately from you, any strange and new behavior patterns he might show, might be early indicators that he’s cheating.

He might be trying to hide this by drowning himself in different events that he’ll make you think require only his attention in order to hide that he’s being disloyal.

However, that isn’t always the case. It might simply mean he’s hit a brick wall in his life and is going through a rough patch.

This lovable crustacean will always strive to stay loyal to his partner. His relationship goals include long term plans such as the big magic wedding he keeps telling you about. Oh, and let’s not forget about all the kids he says he wants to have with you.

If you can mirror these desires and his efforts then you’re safe to go on about that dream wedding.

If not and if you can’t return his feelings and attention, then you should think twice about planning anything long term with him because even if Cancerians might not think to cheat, they will feel the temptation to do so in such scenarios.

Even if Cancers are susceptible to cheating, they surely aren’t made for it. Cheating will crush a Cancer man, filling them with regret from the fear of hurting you, so much so that they’d rather steer away from all these complications.

That’s why it’ll be easy to spot a cheating Cancer as more often than not it will either be them that instantly admit it and get it off of their chest or it will be the oblivious anxiousness, they exude around you.

How to prevent him from cheating on you

The Cancer sign is nothing less than overly emotional. This might sometimes be caused by their upbringing. Their mother was always there for them, providing everything they needed, always an emotional anchor through their lives.

This is mirrored in their mature lives as well, as the same sensitivity their mother used to tend to is what you need to tend to now as well.

If you mess this task up, then he’ll look for someone that can do what you didn’t and make it so that it’s your fault you didn’t provide what was required, blaming you and making it seem that he’s the victim in this whole chain of events.

To keep him yours all you have to do is cuddle up with this possibly suffocating nature and love him unconditionally.

The Cancer male is a diehard fan of the good old way of romancing one’s partner. A romantic classic to the bone, he will always look for new ways to prove his unyielding love to you and by that you have to think the whole equation.

From picking you up from work with flowers and taking you to a romantic and expensive date, to providing for you whatever it is he thinks you need to the point of making it seem as if you’re nothing else but a Queen exuding royalty.

After all, if he loves you that is how he will see you, the ruler of his world and as such you will be treated. You’ll always hear the worry in his voice whenever he asks you about your day.

If a Cancer man feels something is wrong, he’ll make it his quest to undo anything that put a knit on your brow.

All of this might seem exhausting and you might think of them as immature thoughts, but don’t disregard them. Entertain these needs of his in order to keep things balanced and keep him wanting more of you.

After all, everything he does for you is born out of the innocence of love and any and all issues should be brought up to him in a civilized and compassionate way.

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