Does the Aries Man Cheat? Signs He May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Aries partner is cheating because he will resort to all sort of strategies to hide his activities and will prefer to spend his time alone than with you.

Aries man cheating

The Aries is one of the more dynamic signs. Always on the run, always on the lookout for something elating and always in shape, being also one of the more athletic signs.

Let’s say that their reputation as lovers isn’t that great. You’ll always hear rumors about the infidelity around Aries men and they’re well-founded. Don’t think this applies to all Aries men, however the majority somehow just can’t seem to keep it in check.

Five signs an Aries man is cheating on you:

  1. He is spending a lot of time on his phone but tries to hide it from you.
  2. He keeps talking about a certain person from work or from his circle of friends.
  3. He prefers to spend time on his own than doing things you both liked doing in the past.
  4. He seems to be very bored and uninterested in any plans you wish to make.
  5. He is rarely affectionate now and he has changed to be this way all of a sudden.

If you can’t keep the pace with an Aries man, then you basically can’t keep an Aries man. Try to make it rain with love and physical affection for your Aries and his ego and try keeping it AMAZING.

Is the Aries man likely to cheat?

It’s hard to say if a relationship with him will last that much. You see, this man will commit to you and once he does, you’ll be the only one for him.

But until he makes sure you’re the one, he will refrain from loyalty obligations and might stray from you.

It’s often you see them forgetting about the breaks when getting into a relationship. They tend to burn it out rather quickly, exhausting his interest in you.

But because of his feelings for you, he’ll avoid a break up in order to not hurt you. However, he’ll look for excitement in someone else.

You can’t simply label an Aries as being unfaithful, however he may show infidelity if such a situation arises. Still, keep in mind that you can stop this from happening. All you have to do is make him see you as his soulmate and he’ll never cheat.

An Aries tends to enjoy life and sometimes he tends to enjoy it without you. Occasionally going out with his buddies and without you is not out of discussion.

It’s at these times when you are in danger of being cheated on, as he tends to cheat in situations where he would behave similarly to when he wasn’t your partner.

Flirting back and possibly getting it on with that cute girl at the bar who keeps giving him signs she’s interested.

His sign is usually seen as antipathetic and headstrong in behavior and thinking. If you’re going to interrogate him, be sure that he might not react nicely, throwing a fit in the process.

If this is his reaction at you questioning him, then there are chances you might have something to worry about.

The Aries man is generally quick in confessing his undying love. But don’t let that fool you. All the affection and trust he showers you with might have quite a finite amount to them as they generally run out of these resources quite quickly.

This is also because of his drive to find and enjoy new adventures and new people, which is the main cause for his cheating on you.

It’s quite the struggle finding out if your Aries partner is cheating on you. If he ever starts thinking you’ve become a bore, he’ll look for someone else that’s more interesting and fun, but will still show all the affection he did before, making it hard to notice a change in his behavior.

Doing the same, mundane things every day is a surefire way to make the Aries cheat on you.

Boldness and a drive for adventure might seem like selling points, but these are the main reasons an Aries will cheat on you. They enjoy going through life and those they find on their path become attraction points for them. The worst part yet? You’re to blame.

At least in their vision, it’s your fault that they’ve become bored of you and went ahead and found someone else to entertain them. They won’t even budge an eye in admitting this to your face.

They enjoy a good pat on the back for their ego so they tend to look for ways to prove that they’re the brave and level-headed alpha. At least that’s what they find to be valuable as a man and will seek to prove they lack none of these values.

Of course, since they want to be seen as the strong guys in the story, they also see themselves as the heroes that save the damsel in distress.

This, however, can be good as it pushes them to stand in the face of adversity, but bad as an attractive woman that is having issues and might need help, will become a target for his so-called values and chances are he might cheat on you with her.

The personality of the Aries has two sides. He either rises to the challenge and becomes the center of attention or he goes on to ridicule others in order to make himself be the big strong guy he likes to think he is.

While his ego might be a turn off it’s also his Achille’s Heel, which you can use against him in finding out if he’s cheating on you or not.

If he’s cheating, other women will simply be conquests to him and what such man wouldn’t brag about his successful endeavors?

Keep in mind that chances are he might not be cheating. In which case you won’t get even the hint of a brag out of his mouth. Not about women at least. You might find the Aries male parading about financial opportunities that may pop up.

How to prevent him from cheating on you

You see, as the sign is ruled by planet Mars, the planet of the Roman God of War, you will find the Aries to be a man of passion, with a headstrong attitude. Know that this means he might come looking for a fight from time to time.

This is also a good method for him to see if there’s fire in your heart or not. As he will want a woman that can firmly and surely tell him NO when he’s in the wrong.

If you don’t give him a headache-inducing argument, other girls might do that for you, so exert caution in such situation and don’t lose your footing, so to say.

Keeping an Aries man is actually rather easy. All you have to do is to be a feminine and attractive woman. Oh… and also you have to be intelligent, to prove how much more you are than any other girl. To show the extraordinary in you, because that’s what you have to be after all.

Nothing close to ordinary will keep an Aries’s glance coming at you. So make sure this man is flabbergasted by the wonderous, amazing being that is, well, YOU.

Did I say it would be easy? Well, I guess it isn’t. But that’s what you have to do in order to keep him loyal.

This sign is filled with men who are always on the lookout for something new, something more. Searching for new exciting things to do in their lives and facing things head on like a storm.

If you’re going to be the type of girl that just sits in her chair staring at cat videos all day long or simply does the same thing on and on throughout her days, then you’re not going to do anything but bore the Aries, hopefully not to death.

Their passionate drive for new, ecstatic things is why you’ll often find younger women to be the subject of their attraction as their energetic youth hints to new possibilities and adventure.

If you’re not up for the challenge, someone else will be. So keep things everchanging and engaging, be there or be square with the Aries.

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