Does the Aquarius Woman Cheat? Signs She May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Aquarius partner is cheating by observing certain changes in her behavior, some more obvious than others.

Aquarius woman cheating

Aquarius women are madly in love with love itself. They will engage in fights to death for their relationships. That was a joke, of course. Or was it?

These women can be nothing other than loyal and will give up on many other things in their day to day life in order to maintain a relationship. They really make a top priority out of this, huh? Take this to heart and try not getting in the way of an Aquarius woman’s love.

Five signs an Aquarius woman is cheating on you:

  1. She doesn’t show interest in the relationship anymore.
  2. She doesn’t hide being very friendly with certain men.
  3. She prefers to spend her time with friends rather than you.
  4. She always seems to be on edge.
  5. She has a new interest in a hobby or activity that you don’t pursue.

Is the Aquarius woman faithful?

“Of the people, by the people, for the people” are words that the Aquarius sign generally lives by. They strongly believe in the good in the world, in upholding peace and balance.

Such a profound and passionate care will often handicap them from having any sort of subjective relationships with others. They tend to surround themselves with such people, so your Aquarian might actually be having something on the side with one of her friends.

It can get quite sad with Aquarians. You might not get a loyal partner, that’s bad in itself, but what’s worse is that when you find out about the betrayal, she most probably will transform into an ice cube.

Ouch, double sting. A man can’t even know where he invests his feelings nowadays without negative side effects.

With an intellect that would make Einstein proud, they go through life without much of a worry.

They always listen and accept everybody’s opinions and try to apply their uncommon methods when giving others a helping hand. They just can’t help it. It’s in their nature to heed the call of assistance when heard.

An Aquarius woman will make a perfect lover. If you’re her soulmate, she’ll have never-ending affection for you, but if she were to ever stop loving you, you’d be the first to notice.

She fights for her partner when in love, but when out of it, she’ll start dropping ice storms like none other.

It’s hard making an Aquarian woman think about settling down. They’re ever-changing and self-sufficient, making marriage seem like a useless concept to them.

How to know if an Aquarius woman is cheating on you

Getting tired of the same old, same old you’ve been going through together is usually the main reason. There never seems to be enough for them seeing as how they easily get bored.

This is due to their nomadic nature. Getting too clingy and imposing barriers on her will push her away rather efficiently.

This is where the ride gets rougher. The short answer is that you simply can’t tell. At least not usually. This Zodiac’s general behavior can be compared to that of a cheater, so trying to analyze it to see if they’re cheating is going to prove difficult.

She’ll quite often make it seem like she’s cheating, but that’s not always the case, so be careful not to label your woman a cheater too easily.

If you’re someone that’s filled with surprises and capricious to the bone, then what do you know? Chances are you might steal this woman’s heart after all.

Yes, this means she might not do well in a normal and repetitive relationship, but that’s not always the case. These women love loving their partner.

This makes them unsuitable for cheating as one-night stands and side flings just aren’t their thing. They can’t get into it if there’s no trace of affection to be found.

Always keep in mind how much the Aquarius appreciates freedom. Don’t make her feel as if you’ve put her in a leash. That’s a sure method of making her push you away. She loves it when you know to let her do her own thing and when to shower her with love.

Don’t start planning out the wedding too early. Aquarians don’t often think about these sorts of things.

They find them rather boring and the only time they’ll consider it is when they’re going to start feeling the passage of time a tad bit too much.

All in all, there aren’t many reasons to suspect your Aquarius of cheating. She’ll be lovely and she’ll love only you if you prove to be the one.

Aquarius is as unconventional as it gets – Screw traditional human behavior in accordance to society. This sign knows nothing about that. Her way of doing things might seem abnormal compared to others.

You’ll find it hard to get on the same level with her. She simply does her own thing and is in no need for someone else to help her.

Her self-sufficiency will make it hard to make her think she should accept you in her life. Aquarians are experts at controlling their feelings and making intelligent choices as they go on.

Should you trust her?

Relationship wise, this woman can become a double-edged sword. Provide her with the conditions for her love to bloom and this flower will be all yours. Provide her security and she’ll be there for you and only you.

Give her the impression her character is in any way offensive to you and she won’t even think twice about moving on to someone else. She’ll be perfectly content with the choice too.

The people of this Zodiac are at constant war within themselves. They have opposing emotions bottling up inside and maintaining an inner balance is their hardest fight.

Careful with how you treat her. Hurt her one too many times and she will take the coldly calculated decision to leave you.

An Aquarius woman falls fast and hard, but their nature makes it so that they can also easily get bored. If that happens, then they fall fast and hard for some sweet eye-candy.

It’ll be hard for her to control her desires at this point, so you might find her tasting the forbidden fruit from someone else’s garden.

You’ll notice that the Aquarius has a tendency to just let herself be caught red-handed when cheating. Why? That’s because they hate guilt and you finding out from the start will excuse them from having to hide it from you.

They can’t help trying out new things they might like, that includes other men, but that doesn’t mean they don’t regret hiding things from you, so they might lay down some clues just for you. Be sure to pick up on them if you want to know exactly how loyal your Aquarius is.

The Aquarius woman’s reaction to being cheated on

Oh, boy. You’ve done it now. This woman will explode in anger when she finds out, yes. You’ll feel her wrath for… about 10 minutes? Who can know? If she sees the regret written in your eyes, she’ll cool down in an instant.

Proving you’re sorry comes a long way with the Aquarius. Fighting to make things right is all it really takes to make her forgive you and try again.

Poor girl might even start thing that she’s the one that caused it in the first place. Making herself be “the problem” that started it all. She won’t like the idea of you leaving her, so she’ll probably start being more intense in bed.

Bringing up new, exotic and erotic ideas to delight you. A sexier change in her garments, kinky role-plays. She’ll even open up the old romance books for you and pick a few paragraphs to learn from.

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