Does the Aquarius Man Cheat? Signs He May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Aquarius partner is cheating by observing how he reacts in different circumstances in your relationship.

Aquarius man cheating

The Aquarius, a person of abundant intelligence and unforeseeable behavior who can’t help but get lost in their machinations which might get him to be the victim of cheating, as he may find himself neglecting his partner quite often.

His general aloofness might get you thinking he doesn’t care. Don’t let that trick you. Like everybody else, he yearns for love and affection from his partner. Keeping things random means keeping him interested.

Five signs an Aquarius man is cheating on you:

  1. He takes even more care of himself.
  2. He is flirty and very sociable with everyone.
  3. He doesn’t reciprocate any romantic gestures.
  4. He is more jealous than usual.
  5. He is often distracted but won’t talk about it.

How to prevent him from cheating on you

An Aquarius man is ruled by Uranus. If your humor is of a perceptive and open-minded nature, then there’s a joke somewhere in there for you.

Aside from being a planet, in the case of this zodiac, Uranus can also be considered a star that brims with unforeseeable changes and can bring forth the shine of a revolution in the lives of the signs it rules.

When looking for a woman, these men will search for the spark that they find in themselves. The spark that makes them go against the flow and oppose the norm that society forces upon them.

Of course, seeing as they are after all humans, they will look for aesthetics in a girl as well. These will however be flings, as what keeps him wanting more will be the mind and the spirit of a woman and not only her looks.

You’ll always find him wanting more, especially from himself. He will dedicate himself towards his own growth and for that he will want your appreciation, affection, dedication and love.

And why shouldn’t you offer all these things? He is after all becoming better and better by the day. You’d be bonkers not shower him in love.

Keep away from any and all cheesy confessions. This man will take you arousing his intellect over any “I love you to the Moon and back” all day, every day and doing the latter will make him detach himself from you.

So keep in mind that directing your energy towards matters of the mind and bringing proper ideals to the table is the way to keep the Aquarian coming for more.

Next time you want to catch his interest, try getting into a bit of political, humanitarian and even social debate with him. Don’t be afraid of how different your opinions might be. You can’t make this man gasp in surprise for the love of him.

Is the Aquarius man likely to cheat?

It depends. Are you serious about a commitment with him? This man will want stability in a relationship and will take his sweet time in making sure you are the right one to commit his time and love to.

If he thinks you’re not that into him or not serious about a relationship, be sure that he will keep an eye out for other possibilities. Once an Aquarius finds the one, he’ll always be working towards fixing any issues that might endanger their relationship.

The Aquarius loves freedom, nevertheless he will dedicate his time if need be once he creates a connection with you.

They will fight for what they want to build with you and will make sure it’s a long-lasting construction once he feels you’re his soulmate.

With enough intelligence to share with everybody, the mind of the Aquarius is their strongest point. Engaging his intellectual side is what will keep him faithful.

Arouse his interest with conversations in this sense and you will keep him coming back for more. Either you do this or someone else will, as this man can’t have his eye caught, only his interest.

The Aquarius in a relationship appreciates freedom, this in turn means they tend to not be possessive. This is shown in how they let their partners be self-reliant, more so than the other zodiac signs.

However, don’t assume this resource is infinite or you will be paid in the same coin and your Aquarius man will stop showing loyalty in return.

Exert caution in your behavior towards this person. If he doesn’t show any lack of loyalty then there is no real threat to your relationship with him.

Trusting in each other and working together to make your link stronger is the recipe towards your success with this man.

The Aquarius seeks to enjoy a good time and reveling in going out. If you’ll be a thorn in his side about it, he might think about leaving you behind when going out or even looking for a more compelling woman to go out with.

Flirting is kind of a hobby for him. Not that he wants to be disloyal. He simply enjoys going on and about, flirting with beautiful women. This can mean he’s not getting something and believes he might get it someplace else.

Once he stops being interesting or having feelings for his partner, the Aquarius will become quite callous. You see, he can’t manage break ups so he’ll simply let it drag on.

More often than not it might be wise to simply be honest and end it, however the Aquarius might think he’s doing better keeping quiet about it and being cold and untruthful as he doesn’t want to hurt his partner even if she’s not the one.

Contrary to his belief, the woman is sure to be affected by his demeanor. Even if you may have reason to believe it’s due to him cheating on you, this might not be the case, but simply a flaw in his general behavior and how he handles the end of a relationship.

If your Aquarius man suddenly starts throwing accusations here and there about cheating and what not, this might be a sign he’s cheating.

It’s mind boggling seeing how his lack of loyalty makes him think that you might in turn be doing the same thing and accusing you of being unfaithful and having arguments about this with you might keep you unsuspecting of his own affairs.

You can’t deny the care that the Aquarius has for his fellow humans. They have a drive and desire to help and seek out justice and equality like none of the other zodiacs.

This in return proves to be a difficulty when keeping a relationship as such trivial things may seem to be of no consequence to people with such grandeur in their ideals.

The words “sharing is caring” can represent an Aquarian in a relationship, as those that share in their beliefs are often the target of their affection and it’s also often that such people are the ones they could end up cheating on you with.

This is also why these men can sometimes end up in a romantic relationship with their friends, as common interests is a criteria in most of their social experiences.

On unfortunate occasions this man might give you the chills so to say. Bad times turn the Aquarius into a detached and cold man. A cheating Aquarius will also behave distantly if caught red handed.

You can easily discover a cheating Aquarius. You see, this kind of man is like a subspecies of the Aquarius zodiac sign.

Childish in mind and soul, they can’t help in controlling their feelings and so they fall in love with people that aren’t their partner. Just like a butterfly, flying from flower to flower.

You will often if not always find them straying away from the one they promised their heart to.

Keep these signs in mind when engaging in a relationship with an Aquarius and you should be able to easily find out if he’s the serious side of the Aquarius coin or not.

Disloyalty in a romantic relationship is often thought of as a flaw in one’s moral code, however some like to believe it’s a weakness that they cannot help.

With all the sneaking around, lying and cheating, you’d think they’d like to keep it low profile, however there’s a surprise waiting for you. They actually want to be caught in the act.

Sadly it’s nothing born of selflessness. No, even in this case, their selfishness makes them want you to find out they’re cheating because it’s actually a source of anxiety for them to keep all the secrets and lies hidden. So they find relief in you discovering their affairs.

Cheating for them is simply a game of finders, conquerors, keepers. To them you’re just another sparkly, pretty trophy laid up on a shelf that goes on and on, as they’re never satisfied.

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