Capricorn Tiger: The Cool Worker Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Capricorn born in Tiger year

Capricorn Tiger
  • If you are born between December 22 and January 19 then you are a Capricorn.
  • The Tiger years are: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022.
  • These people can be quite controlling but this is all for their peace of mind.
  • Ambitious and perseverant, the Capricorn Tiger woman is often drawn to the material.
  • The idealistic Capricorn Tiger man will dream big from an early age.

The Tiger Capricorn takes from the confident character of the Tiger Chinese Animal and the ambitious and composed demeanour of the Capricorn.

Understanding other people’s needs, the Capricorn Tigers are good at helping and encouraging others when they’re in trouble. Always open, honest, and direct, these people are friendly but a little bit timid.

The Principled Capricorn Tiger Personality

Capricorns born in the Chinese year of the Tiger are ambitious, reliable, and people in whom you can put all your trust. They are also fun, so don’t expect them to get too serious about things and situations.

Strong-minded and not lacking passion, their main purpose in life is to gain more power and to make more money. They don’t mind going with the trends, so their social presence cane be noticed no matter where they may be going.

They need to know someone very well in order to be able to relax in his or her presence. If you see the Capricorn Tiger being confident and assured, you must know in his heart things aren’t like that.

They are good at hiding their real feelings. They can talk about anything, anytime, but when it comes to a discussion about themselves, they shy away.

Top Characteristics: Strong-minded, Understanding, Eloquent, Assured.

They simply wear a calm attitude for others not to see what’s truly happening inside their souls. The only ones who can really understand what is actually happening with a Capricorn Tiger are his or her very close friends.

Not believing in luck, the Capricorn Tigers are still able to recognize when fate is smiling at them.

These Capricorns born in the year of the Tiger have a noticeable presence, but they’re not impressive or loud. They can be insisting and not pushy, motivating and not authoritative. They usually get what they want with charm and softness.

They sometimes seem to be too serious, but they aren’t. It’s only a mask. Optimistic, they are always able to overcome any bad situation.

The Capricorn Tigers are good with responsibilities at work as long as they are not stressed by what they have to do each day. They will never be workaholics. For them, work is work and free time is actually what it means, which is time with family and friends or doing something they enjoy.

Perfect careers for Capricorn Tiger: Dentistry, Veterinary, Constructions, Accountancy.

When they want to relax, these guys prefer to do something that doesn’t require them to consume too much energy. For example, reading a book or seeing a movie, and not sports.

They are big gourmands and they are always open to try new tastes and dishes that originate from the most exotic places. Not open to advice from other people, Capricorn Tigers regret nothing from what they have done.

They like dressing up nicely and trendy, thing that can affect their bank account. Detail oriented and eager to be in control, they are insisting when they want to succeed. Their intelligence and endurance emerge when they put their mind to something.

Their only weakness is the fear of change. They usually always know what they are going to do, with who, where, and when.

If something has an impact on their routine, they become vulnerable, which makes them moody and angry until they are completely adjusted to the changes. The Tiger has an influence of restlessness upon them.

Love – Revealed

The Capricorn Tigers are very prudent when they’re choosing a partner. They like people who know how to take care of a home and who are considerate.

Methodical in everything they’re doing, these people are the least passionate when it comes to love. Other Tigers aren’t, but these ones are. They like to make everything about themselves in a relationship.

The partner’s duty would be to support and care for them while they are struggling to make money or travel around the world.

They would even say that it was their idea if you let’s say, suggest moving to a smaller apartment because it will be warmer.

They don’t view the relationships they’re having as unions between two people who love each other. For them, relationships are something practical and perhaps useful. They are usually generous in love, and they expect nothing in return.

They should be with people who are independent and know how to take care of themselves. Charismatic, the Capricorn Tigers have a lot of charisma when they are wooing someone. The most romantic Capricorns in the zodiac, they don’t really know how to show their love.

Most compatible with: Taurus Dog, Leo Horse, Leo Dragon, Virgo Horse and Virgo Dog.

Capricorn Tiger Woman Characteristics

The Capricorn Tiger woman is always present at the most important events. She is sociable and active.

Sometimes impulsive, she can often make the wrong decisions. Intuitive, this lady has an energy that is contagious. If she wants to build strong relationships with others, she needs to control her emotions more, and channel her energies to a single purpose.

Knowing herself and cultivating what she knows should be the purpose. It is important that she remembers to ask for help when she needs to.

The Capricorn Tiger woman’s most important qualities are ambition and perseverance. She is determined to achieve her many goals in life.

Her attraction is towards the material, and she needs to be focused in getting them as she can get lazy when she no longer concentrates. Career for her is associated with satisfactory financial rewards.

She perseveres enough to become successful, and she is eager enough to make as much money as she wants.

The first half of a Capricorn Tiger woman’s life is more stagnant. It’s only when she reaches maturity that she manages to settle into a situation she is happy about.

Celebrities under the sign of Capricorn Tiger: Irina Shayk, Ellie Goulding, Ryan Seacrest, Kate Moss, Jim Carrey, Kate Spade, Jon Voight.

Capricorn Tiger Man Characteristics

A good conversationalist, the Capricorn Tiger man is always surrounded by people. He doesn’t need to spend too much energy in order to get things done. For him, it’s easy to build a career, to have a secure and happy personal life.

If he only focuses on what he has to do, he will succeed in everything. The Capricorn man born in the Tiger year is dualistic.

He can have periods in his life when he can’t understand himself. He dreams big from a young age. He believes in true love and he is searching for someone to make him feel beautiful, appreciated and loved.

Don’t keep him under pressure as he needs independence to deal with problems in life. He will definitely break up with someone who’s demanding. He will not show his feelings in public, but he will feel the love deeply inside his heart.

Practical, the Capricorn Tiger man is not that crazy about money. He views it as a way to live in luxury and gain respect. Criticizing with others, he needs someone he can really trust in order to open. He’s a perfectionist in every way.

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