Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon: A Stoic Personality

Focused and resilient, the Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon personality will continue to work hard to achieve goals even if life seems to stand in the way.

Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon

People with their Sun in Capricorn and their Moon in Taurus are charming, sure of themselves and wise. They appreciate comfort and having the finest things in their possession.

While determined and goal-oriented like all Capricorns, these natives are also nice to people and can indulge in artistic acts, like the Taurus.

Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Relaxed, sophisticated and uncomplaining;
  • Negatives: Hedonistic, rigid and pugnacious;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who appreciates the finest things in life;
  • Advice: Try not to blame others for your misfortunes.

Others generally trust them because they are stable, good with advice and sensitive. You can be sure they will succeed at everything they will do because they are only spreading positivity.

Personality traits

Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon people will never complain or feel sorry for themselves. They are patient and determined enough to deal with their own problems efficiently. These natives are goal-minded and tenacious.

Because they are calm and eloquent, they will convince many people that their way is the best. Sincere and warm, they don’t have a single bad intention.

The fact that two stubborn signs get together in the same chart makes people with this Sun Moon combination fixed in their ideas and strong when it comes to dealing with life’s problems.

Determined and realistic, these people will always be stable and never unpredictable. They like to keep a positive outlook, and most of the time things go just as they have planned them.

Focused on what they’re supposed to do, they will continue to work hard to achieve their goals even if life seems to stand in the way. These people are known to have problems because of their stubbornness. Being rigid is their number one sin.

It’s essential they try to open their mind and accept what others are saying. Another thing they have to deal with is the repression of emotions.

When anger, anxiety and frustration are not expressed, they build up and can generate dangerous emotional outbursts.

If they would open up and talk to others about their feelings, they would avoid being depressed and badly tempered. Not to mention they need to be careful not to become too smug when their life will start to be just as they want it to.

Ambitious and easy to compromise for things to be smooth and peaceful, Capricorns are also materialistic and eager to experiment with new pleasures. Organized and thus, great managers, these natives will be great businesspeople if they will be open to taking some risks.

They also enjoy living on a salary, so it can be difficult for them to choose a career path. Others will trust them because they are stable, knowledgeable and sensitive. Not to mention how their charisma will help them achieve great success and a good position at work.

When they’ll have to deal with a problem, they will be patient and won’t complain. They are stubborn enough to stick with a project until it’s completed.

The position of the Sun and the Moon in their chart suggests they’re authoritative, controlling and good leaders. That’s why they will probably be the CEOs at the company where they will be working. Their energy will be directed at being responsible and living by example.

Hardworking and disciplined, they will always be motivated by acquiring a high position in the society. They are influenced by the Capricorn to want recognitions and by the Taurus to want financial stability.

Capricorns are also known for having enough patience until success reveals itself to them. Goats want to be the best at everything, there’s no place for mediocrity in their life.

It’s suggested that Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon people become more open to what change can bring. Being the same all the time doesn’t necessarily mean security, which can also come from transformation.

If they would be more open to challenges and new problems to resolve, they would allow their goals to become higher and their successes to be even more fulfilling.

They have the power to change their minds and to improve the way they are developing. But they would have to be more adaptable. It’s true the Taurus influences them towards being less flexible. Not to mention the Capricorn is also very conservative and trusts only well-established methods.

Sensual lovers

When it comes to love, Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon people need a partner who appreciates the finest things in life, just like themselves. They want something stable and someone to improve their social status.

Taurus Moons are sensual and affectionate, Capricorns are loyal and good providers. What these natives would need is to be more spontaneous and imaginative when it comes to the bedroom.

Sun Capricorns are very disciplined even in love, they can focus on anything and thus, take their plans to an end. But it’s possible that on their way to success, they’ll forget all about fun and relaxation.

They need a partner to help them unwind and who’s ready to express his or her emotions. The Moon in Taurus demands security and to have a routine.

Comfort is important for them, so their house will be cozy and welcoming. But they will want things to go their way. Their partner needs to understand they are doing things slowly but steadily.

Change needs to be introduced to them step by step. The more secure they are feeling, the more sensual and reliable they become.

The Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon man

The Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon man is down-to-earth and ambitious. He’s also realistic and he rarely changes his mind. It won’t matter if at work or at home, others can rely on him.

This guy cares a lot about comfort, so he will work hard to have a nice home and many high-quality possessions. It’s very likely he will have the job of a banker, broker or even that of CEO.

His money will be well spent and smartly invested. And he won’t forget how to have fun. He allows people to be themselves, but he has a problem accepting his partner’s sexual fantasies. Not that he won’t go on with a few of them.

Faithful, the Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon man expects the same thing from his woman. He wants a family and he will be a calm father and husband.

But when angered, he will be ruthless like the Bull. It would be wise to never tamper with his pride or honesty. He doesn’t like it when people talk nasty things about what he has done. The ideal partner for him is a sincere lady who’s as hardworking as he is.

He doesn’t want women who are playing games as he’s the down-to earth and straight-to-the-point type. Sensual and loving, this guy will be adored by many ladies but most likely he will only want one.

The Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon woman

One thing’s sure about the Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon woman: she wants money and she knows how to make it. When others would get dizzy talking numbers and about inflation, this lady is in Heaven having these conversations.

She will like to discuss finances even during her first date with a man. She will probably not date billionaires, but men with great power and good money will still fall for her immediately.

And she will be more than happy with this situation for she’s not the type to discuss music and football. She doesn’t look for rich men, they simply come to her as she probably has the opportunity to meet them because she’s one of the players herself.

Don’t think she doesn’t know how to be a mother and a wife just because she seems to have other priorities. She’s amazing playing these roles too. Loving and discrete, you can trust her with any kind of secret you may have.

Old-fashioned, the Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon woman will stay a lifetime next to a powerful and down-to-earth man. It’s rare to see her wasting her time with a guy who plays in a garage band.

Intelligent and funny, this girl likes to go to parties if she’s escorted by the right person. Her lover will probably be someone serious and even a little bit older than her.

She loves talking about her future with her man, so she needs someone who knows what he wants from life.

If he will be a businessman, she will be more than happy to give a hand and tell him where to put his money. As said before, she’s very talented at this so will not hesitate to get involved.

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