Capricorn Sun Libra Moon: A Moralistic Personality

Ambitious but also comfortable, the Capricorn Sun Libra Moon personality doesn’t have grand expectations in life but won’t settle for less than they deserve either.

Capricorn Sun Libra Moon

It’s true, the Capricorn Sun Libra Moon natives have a contradictory personality. Many will interpret them as harsh, carefree and too ambitious, but they’re in fact nice, warm and well-intentioned. The Goat is organized and careful, while the Libra is indecisive and sometimes acts on impulse.

However, people with this Sun Moon combination will still be optimistic and self-confident. Maybe a little bit unconventional, but usually the persons who others will always like. They love being around friends, but they are rather more attached to things than to human beings.

Capricorn Sun Libra Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Hearty, focused and resourceful;
  • Negatives: Outrageous, prejudiced and aggressive;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is appreciative of their self-sacrificing nature;
  • Advice: Don’t give up on things you wanted to do when you were younger.

Because they are always looking for balance and serenity, they may feel like no one understands them. Usually energetic, sociable and romantic, these natives will always look to join a club, or be around people who can improve their life.

Personality traits

Unlike many other Capricorns, the ones with their Moon in Libra are positive and open. And they believe in this more than anything else for there is no one to help them with their peace of mind.

Learning self-confidence and to appreciate who they really are will make them more independent. They may struggle to achieve all this because the Libra wants too much approval and appreciation.

It’s amazing how these Capricorns can forget about their own needs trying to make others happy. When it comes to expressing themselves, they are shy and quiet. And it would be a shame for them to be so reserved for they would make great artists.

What makes them wiser is their ability to contemplate and their boldness. They should allow their Capricorn to put their ideas into practice.

When it comes to love, these natives are romantic and put their partner on a pedestal. They will work hard to make their relationship beautiful and interesting. But they need to look beyond physicality and to search for someone who’s as spiritual as them.

It’s important they remain confident because they have the tendency to think others will punish them for being too ambitious. And because of this, they will end up letting themselves down because they’ll no longer follow the path to success.

Capricorn Sun Libra Moon natives are often afraid to disobey. Their biggest challenge in life is to be more incisive instead of always renouncing their own needs. But being self-defensive can also interfere with their artistic side.

It’s true it takes them a while to trust and they can be proud, yet they still remain charming. Being unresponsive is something that characterizes them very well too. Because they can mingle at any party and because they are tactful and diplomatic, their success with any kind of business will be pretty much assured.

Any job that requires them to talk and to make friends can help these natives make a lot of money. People with this Sun Moon combination hate conflict more than anything else. Their main focus in life is to bring peace and to make everyone get along.

As they can see from more than one perspective, they can make sound judgments and be impartial. That’s why they have a great balance and are able to criticize or weigh the pros and cons.

They can guess if a plan will succeed way before they have started to work on it. And this quality of theirs is followed by determination, a sense of purpose and responsibility. What will help them succeed is their amazing way of keeping all these things balanced.

They will be good in any business as soon as they will work their charm and convince others how fair their offers are. The fact that they want to attain success in the real world makes them tick.

These natives play the “big games” with no fear because this is what they want. It’s very likely they’ll become someone with authority. And they will use their position of power in order to be more self-reliant.

However, Capricorn Sun Libra Moon people need their emotions to be in check if they are to follow their dreams and become as consistent as possible. This is the only way for them to be efficient.

They will usually manage to be unemotional when the situation won’t require them to as they are the best when it comes to ruling their own life. These natives are always eloquent, so people can understand their ideas without having to ask too many questions.

A love that is down-to-earth

The lover with their Sun in Capricorn and their Moon in Libra is dutiful, caring and very aware that good relationships are the result of hard work and an immense responsibility.

Once these Saturn-ruled people commit to someone, you can be sure they will always be there and keep their promises.

As lovers, they are soft and at the same time authoritative. But they need to be more romantic if they aren’t to become too boring and unemotional.

The influence of the Moon in Libra makes them focus their needs depending on those of their other half’s. But these natives can end up forgetting about themselves completely.

They need someone aware of their self-sacrificing methods and who appreciates all this. If they will ever feel unloved, these people will change their attitude completely.

They are romantics who want to be shown affection. It’s not like they want flowers every day or expensive gifts, but a kiss and a sincere “I love you” will keep them happy.

The Capricorn Sun Libra Moon man

There are very few people who can resist the charms of the romantic man with the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Libra.

He will never be too domestic, but his devotion to his family can’t be equaled by people in other signs. And he will show it through grand gestures, aside from sticking to what he has promised.

He wants the good life and to spend all his money on expensive things. This guy is rather artistic and talented than determined and practical. It’s possible he’ll get fame and recognition from a young age.

But he’s prone to becoming dependent of alcohol and illegal substances. If he will lead a very active life early on, he might risk ending up with no more life goals by the time he is thirty. And he will start to self-destruct.

Not necessarily good-looking, it’s his appeal that makes him drive the ladies crazy. Many will be at his feet. When paying a compliment, he will be sincere and women will like it.

There will probably be many movies and books made about the way he loves. And he won’t shy away from openly expressing his love as soon as he will meet someone interesting.

He doesn’t care if he’s with another person when he suddenly falls in love. He will simply break-up and pursue the new woman. As a husband, he will strive to provide only what’s best for his wife.

The Capricorn Sun Libra Moon woman

This woman is very similar to her male counterpart. She is bold and knows what she wants or how to get it. She will have strained relationships with all the men in her life, from her father to her husband.

Her guy should be strong, a good provider and someone who can keep a secret. She needs to have a secure and cheerful romantic relationship as an adult.

When it comes to her needs, this lady wants to seem a fighter and not a beggar. All the rejections she has had to deal with will be in her heart forever. That’s why she may feel that she’s shouldn’t be loved.

Some men will be scared by the way she indulges in life’s most refined pleasures. This is the type of lady who’ll suffer for a guy and at the same time will dine with another pretender.

The Moon in Libra influences her to have a flawed logic, but at least she has the charm this combination brings.

If given what she wants, the Capricorn Sun Libra Moon woman will immediately cooperate. And as soon as she lets her guard down, she becomes the sweetest and most adorable creature in the world.

As far as her career goes, she will probably work for charity and will campaign for others to get their rights. And she will want her friends to do the same. Her colleagues will love her not because she’s nice, but because she has charisma.

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