Capricorn Sun Leo Moon: A Magnetic Personality

Charismatic and often admired, the Capricorn Sun Leo Moon personality puts a great accent on their image and on having others listen and follow them.

Capricorn Sun Leo Moon

The personality of those born with their Sun in Capricorn and their Moon in Leo changes dramatically as they age.

They may start with high ideals and eager to join all sort of causes but in time, they will give up on any unrealistic dreams and become calculated and diligent. It’s possible their hunger for power will become an obsession.

Capricorn Sun Leo Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Charismatic, assertive and farsighted;
  • Negatives: Vain, tyrannical and condescending;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will pamper and only pay attention to them;
  • Advice: Learn to accept the opinions of others.

They have an air of superiority and they believe they are better than others. These natives are only happy when they are the bosses, be it at home or at work. More affectionate and open than Capricorns with other Moons, they will still have the Goat’s need to succeed at everything.

Personality traits

Those who have their Sun in Capricorn and their Moon in Leo know themselves very well. They are determined, charismatic and magnetic. People will be drawn to their attitude and personality.

Proud and dignifying, these natives need to be praised and admired all the time. The Leo in their chart makes them idealistic, but when combined with the Sun Capricorn, it makes them tyrannical and despotic.

Because they are condescending sometimes, others often see them as self-centered. The combination of their Sun and Moon reveals they like to be in charge all the time.

Because they are energetic and fun, they will be popular everywhere they’ll go. Independent and somehow noble in the way they carry themselves, Capricorn Sun Leo Moon people are easygoing and they always seem more important than they actually are.

Charismatic, they will have many things happening the way they want them, especially because they aren’t too demanding. On contrary, they are diplomatic and know how to ask people to do what they want in a nice way.

What they crave the most is a position of power and to be appreciated by others for their intelligence and their good looks. But don’t expect them to ask for recognition loudly for they are to cool and composed for such things.

They believe in themselves enough to convince others to trust them. They are loyal people who devote themselves completely. As soon as they have ended up with someone, you can be sure they will be compassionate, loving and caring.

It’s true they can sometimes be too calculated and thus, cold. People who will cross them will get to feel their wrath. No one will ever want to mess with them again. If someone will play or insult their intelligence, they will become furious and no one will be able to calm them down anymore.

What these natives concern their mind all the time with is gaining respect and living a comfortable life. But they can sometimes be too proud as they’re aware they are the best at achieving success without struggling.

So learning how to be more humble and less arrogant is something very important for them to have good relationships. It would be a shame for them not to be liked because they can be very inspiring.

Believing in ideals and being always positive, people with this Sun Moon combination can make even the most depressed people laugh and feel good again.

They are capable of great innovations if they would only give up on the drama they put on all the time. Being part Leos, they are highly creative. It doesn’t matter how smart and intuitive, they will still make mistakes, just like other people. But they will never admit they may have been wrong.

These natives are famous for always believing they are right and for thinking they know what’s better for others. Not to mention they are too stubborn to compromise. It’s suggested they become more flexible when it comes to other people’s opinions.

If they won’t accept the fact that those around them can also have good ideas, the problems they can have with their ego will be very real. At least they are among the most determined people in the zodiac.

Capricorn Sun Leo Moon people will want to leave something behind them. They have honor and they will be highly appreciated for it. It’s essential they use all their pride and self-confidence in a constructive way.

As a matter of fact, they will absolutely have to do this if they are to be fulfilled. When their hard work and efforts will be appreciated, they will feel the happiest. Being convinced that what they have done has worked for everyone makes them shine and be even prouder than usual.

It’s possible they will gain fame and a lot of respect if they’ll continue to be as consistent, dedicated and disciplined as they usually are. What others find to be too rigorous and difficult, these people don’t mind facing every day.

They are good leaders because they know they are and their organizational skills can’t be matched. Practical, these natives prefer to deal with the concrete rather than with the abstract. They simply aren’t interested in something that isn’t tangible or doesn’t sound realistic.

A royal love

The Capricorn Sun Leo Moon lovers always seem to have a plan and they view love as a battlefield. If romance is not part of their life strategy at one point, then they are willing to give up on their feelings just to keep to their plan.

No wonder they are considered by some as cold ad heartless. Their partner should understand that they deal with everything like it’s a business. But this doesn’t mean they can’t love.

You can trust them to be committed to the extreme when they have found the perfect lover. Not to mention they will always work hard to keep their relationship healthy.

No one can hold on to a promise better than them. Moon Leos need to be treated like royalty by their partner. They are loyal and loving, but they will care the most about the person who will put them on a pedestal.

Buying them expensive gifts always works. When happy about their relationship, they turn into these proud creatures who do everything around the house.

But their lover needs to pay attention only to them, otherwise they will become more demanding and extremely moody and hard to deal with.

The Capricorn Sun Leo Moon man

This man will never be satisfied with what he has. He wants more money, more power and more recognition. Proud of himself, he will show off his clothes and other possessions.

The more success he’ll have, the more arrogant it’s possible he’ll turn to be. If he comes from a humble family, he will struggle as much as possible to change his condition. He’s obsessed to conquer and to be the first.

The older he gets the less sociable he becomes. And there’s no real reason for this. He will still go out and keep engaging with his most important friends, but he’ll look to spend as much time as possible alone. Party days would definitely be over.

He will save his money for a new hobby. And he will be more than ever interested in studying, creating and inventing. While submissive to some point when at home, he will still be the authoritative figure everywhere else.

When it comes to love, the Capricorn Sun Leo Moon man is the initiator. Hurried to make decisions, he knows what he wants not only in life, but also in romance.

He will attract many women, but he’ll keep close to the reserved lady who’s also confident. Yet she needs to be as playful as him.

Not to mention she has to be ready for adventure and fun because he has to sometimes relax and escape the seriousness that characterizes him so well. When having children, he will reveal his playful side as much as possible.

The Capricorn Sun Leo Moon woman

This lady is the good wife who will always look good while her home will be clean and her children fed. Even when older, this lady will still be youthful and stylish.

First of all, she’s too proud to ever let herself go. When it comes to her attitude, this woman will never admit she has ever been wrong. Her husband will probably be someone rich because she cares about money and she likes a man who’s productive.

She will make sure he’s happy because she enjoys playing the Queen next to the King’s throne. If he will have a few defects, she will never talk about them. In public, she will treat him with the utmost respect and admiration. But she can’t fool anyone with this act if she has loved before or has feelings for someone else.

The Capricorn Sun Leo Moon woman doesn’t need too much passion and fire to be devoted and loyal anyway. Not to mention she can support any man in his ascension to the top. It’s possible she’s a drinker and a very playful person.

When it comes to what she could work, she has great talent for the stock market and anything in the business world but also for some other adventurous jobs like a ranger or an airline pilot.

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