Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon: An Intuitive Personality

Creative and intuitive, the Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon personality reads everyone like an open book although their sensitivity might stand in the way of their objectivity.

Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon

People born with their Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer are sensitive and more intuitive than the average. It’s easy for them to feel what other people are experiencing. Also, to identify when someone’s lying or trying to be deceiving.

They prefer to carefully analyze a problem. This, coupled with their sensitivity, makes them efficient at dealing with matters of the heart in a practical way.

Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Deliberate, diplomatic and enthusiastic;
  • Negatives: Cynical, presumptuous; shallow;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who takes them very seriously;
  • Advice: Remember that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

These natives never waste their time with people who can’t understand them and whilst they may be patient at first, they don’t hesitate to walk out on anyone who is not on the same wavelength as them.

Personality traits

The Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer means the two astrological planets are in opposite signs. The natives of this combination can be a little bit cruel from a young age.

Self-sufficient and independent, they are rather cynical than tolerant and understanding. But this is only a mask they are wearing, for behind the calm, reserved and tough exterior, they are in fact emotional and soft.

These Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon natives are very insecure. They feel like their skills and abilities are never enough and that they are never doing what they’re supposed to do.

It’s easy for them to become pessimistic or to surround themselves with a protective wall that keeps them away from any pain and suffering.

A lot of what makes them anxious as adults has its roots in their childhood. It can be challenging for them for determine their strengths and to come forth based on their most powerful traits.

It’s a shame they can’t see how competent and gifted they actually are. What these natives need to learn most is to accept and love themselves more. After all, they have an incredible charm and can lead people to do great things.

The thing is, they don’t see the point in people being led and they refuse to follow or to be the ones who are being followed. They are loners who are more efficient on their own. But too much isolation can lead to despair.

It doesn’t matter if they go out in the world playing the role of their own boss, these natives still need to be socially active. When it comes to romance, they feel the need to be loved but they can be too emotional for their relationships to be harmonious.

At least they have great affection and compassion for the one they love. Because they can make use of their impressions of others and they don’t mind change, it’s easy for them to understand what people may be going through.

Their road to success is guaranteed if only they stop doubting themselves so much. They have a great memory and they are intelligent enough to easily achieve success.

There isn’t a single detail that can escape their attention. Not to mention they are open to express themselves when they have something to say.

Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon people could rule themselves easier if they would pay more attention to their feelings. Not that they should rely only on feeling, but they can surely start with it.

The more knowledge they gain, the more they will be able to get things in their life happen. Especially since they have a way of being practical from the Capricorn’s side.

They will educate themselves by helping others and allowing themselves to be helped. The understand everyone’s accountable for their own mistakes and choices in life.

What holds them back is their imagination for they sometimes think they have other obligations than the ones they are actually responsible for.

Good with money, they know how to invest and to hold on to finances. Because they don’t want to deceive, they will keep their hopes and dreams to themselves until they are sure they can fulfill them.

It’s normal for them to retreat in their own world because they need to introspect and to think in peace about problems. But they need to be more expressive and open.

Very domestic, people with this Sun Moon combination are very attached to their family and home. Their need to have a peaceful and close relationship is at all times felt.

They would be more popular if they wouldn’t be so reserved all the time. These natives get their energy from their determination and purpose. It’s all right for them to trust their instincts for these can guide them to achieve great things.

A nurturing love

Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon lovers know exactly what they want from their significant other. Even their love life can be broken down to small goals that they strive to achieve.

As soon as they have found a suitable partner, you can be sure they will work hard to establish a fruitful union. They don’t want someone who doesn’t take them seriously.

And they can be too serious sometimes. It’s like they are working with their managerial upbringing to solve the problems in their love life. That’s why they need a partner to balance them emotionally.

Moon Cancer people are all about nurturing and being nurtured. Depending on what’s happening in their lives and how mature they are, they will become smothering and even clingy.

These natives feel the more secure when their partner needs them. This means they will watch out their other half all the time. Expect a lot of food and many hugs.

When they are faced with any kind of opposition in their love life, they will start asking for reassurance.

The Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon man

This man is not the most cheerful and fun person in the zodiac, he’s more like the reserved type when it comes to meeting new people.

He can take good care of himself. The more this guy ages, the less reliant on others he becomes. This Capricorn man can survive any difficult situations without asking for help. It’s very likely he has learned from a young age how to be self-sufficient.

He knows whom he can count on in life, but he doesn’t use this information because he has probably been disappointed at some point in his life.

The Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon man is very hard to understand, perhaps by anybody. Maybe people who are influential and as ambitious as him could have better chances, because they would know what he’s all about.

It’s good that he doesn’t talk before being sure of something. But he can sometimes be so quiet that he becomes annoying.

Because he’s so serious, it doesn’t mean he can’t be emotionally intelligent and attentive to what others need. Putting family first, this guy will make enough money for everyone at home to be happy. He will never act foolishly or carelessly when someone will come at him with a problem.

His ideal partner should be a mother figure that cares for him. He doesn’t give too much importance to looks, and his ideas on how a woman should be are very clear. As far as work goes, he could be a great psychotherapist or teacher. Because he has good taste, he could excel in the artistic domains too.

The Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon woman

This woman can’t stand being far away from her family. She’s very attached to her home and wouldn’t accept someone to interfere with her folks and the place where she has lived her childhood.

As a kid, she has most likely been cautious. As an adult, she’s shy and reserved. It wouldn’t matter if she’s an executive in charge of many people, she will still have some insecurities and fears her colleagues and friends would have no idea about.

Not to mention that when she becomes moody, the Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon woman can confuse everyone, even people who know her well.

Conventional and a traditionalist, this lady is definitely not the life of the party. But she’s the perfect mother, sister, child and wife. If a man wants to get her, he needs to get along with her mother first.

She’s very intuitive and can see if someone doesn’t like her or her closed ones. That’s why it would be better to be sincere and open with her. Getting to know her family will only make her like you more.

It’s easy to get her attention because she doesn’t have too many friends and she never pays too much attention to her admirers. She chooses her friends carefully and is not very popular.

Those who like innocent women who are also ambitious and able to lead others should definitely go for this lady.

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