Capricorn Sun Aries Moon: A Spontaneous Personality

Impulsive and confident, the Capricorn Sun Aries Moon personality doesn’t accept to be held in one place and will always seek to advance in life.

Capricorn Sun Aries Moon

Capricorn Sun Aries Moon people think and act so fast that it becomes very difficult for others to keep up with them. These natives are energetic and always ready to take on a new challenge.

That’s why they are dealing with problems in a fast and efficient way. But many will see them as impulsive and unresponsive because they are also aggressive and detached.

Capricorn Sun Aries Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Thorough, vivacious and glamorous;
  • Negatives: Unappreciative, tactless and vindictive;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will allow them to take the lead;
  • Advice: Be careful to not end up regretting the chances you didn’t take.

When they need to deal with something, they no longer seem to care about anyone else. Unconventional, they won’t hesitate to put their progressive ideas into practice.

Personality traits

Although kind and generous at heart, Capricorn Sun Aries Moon people often forget about their loved ones when they need to deal with their own problems.

They can be self-centered but never selfish. What they believe is that people need to help themselves. It’s difficult for them to put up with those who don’t care about anything.

Their determination and power to focus are famous. These natives never accept defeat. They may seem distant and cold, but they’re in fact passionate, combative and eager to succeed.

As Capricorns, it’s easy for them to deal with administrative issues. Everything they do is systematic and they think of everything as a business.

They will always be ambitious as they get their energy from investing all their efforts in achieving a goal. They appreciate people who are the same. If these natives are to make friends with someone, they first need to see these people’s life-work and how they rose to a good social position.

With their Moon in Aries, these Goats become more competitive and eager to get everything done fast. Not that both these signs aren’t efficient. One wants status and the other to have an impact.

It’s normal for the people born under this Sun Moon combination to feel a tension and some stress. This is a combination that produces individuals who calculate risks and at the same time have enough courage to deal with adversity.

They will work hard be the first at everything.

Forceful, they will never live their life without having a well-established purpose. Their wish to succeed will help them make their dreams come true. Another thing they are fighting for is being someone important.

They like to impress and to serve, but you will never see them flattering in order to get a good position.

Capricorn Sun Aries Moon people can agree with what others say and at the same time hold on to their opinion because they are tactful.

But they need a lot of experience and to be more patient in expressing themselves when they have to deal with people who aren’t as efficient as them. Intelligent, these natives know how the world works and can sometimes be impatient when seeing others aren’t the same.

It’s suggested they become softer and that they combine diplomacy with their aggressive ways. It’s more than clear they always have solutions to problems, but there are many people who don’t understand them.

When it comes to their personal life, they are like the protagonists of a soap opera because they are stormy and very passionate. They will not be able to have harmonious relationships because they will focus too much on their work.

While they don’t mind being loved and supported, they simply don’t have enough time to be romantic. They barely find a few minutes for their intellectual and spiritual pursuits. What makes them happy the most is their professional life.

Not that there’s something wrong with being ambitious, but they will miss on other great things in life. Slowing down and taking interest in other activities than work will help them a lot.

They are cautious like all the Capricorns, but the Aries in them will always let an impulsive side out. As soon as their life will become too smooth, they will start to become restless.

And they surely know how to make themselves heard when they are feeling something more intensely. That’s why they need to avoid being harsh and impolite with those who can’t keep up with them.

Constant changes needed in love

When it comes to love and romance, people with their Sun in Capricorn and their Moon in Aries are all about passion and new experiences. They like to try new techniques when it come to the bedroom too.

Not the most romantic, it’s difficult for them to commit to only one person. It doesn’t matter if women or men, they will still be authoritative and tyrants in love. That’s why they like partners who are less aggressive and more passive.

Sun Capricorns are the most determined and ambitious people in the zodiac. They are organized, disciplined and very good with money. That’s why they need a lover who’s ready to support them when they will fight for success in their career.

Goats have a tremendous need to achieve a good social position. They will work hard for their lover to have everything, but they will ask for emotional support in return.

The influence of the Moon in Aries makes these people need new challenges and for things to constantly change in their relationship. These are definitely not the people to enjoy routine and comfort.

Their partner should understand they have high energy levels and that they never want to rest. Fiery and aggressive, these people tend to become temperamental when they are feeling bored or tied down for long.

The Capricorn Sun Aries Moon man

The Capricorn Sun Aries Moon man will be the first at everything. And he won’t feel happy unless he can achieve more. It’s not in his way to ever stop or give up. The more he can accomplish, the happier he is.

You may think he doesn’t have any passions or desires besides the ones that make him more successful. But you would be wrong. He’s the type who wants it all. Cars, houses, money and a good relationship, these are all on his list.

He has a fiery temper that he hides under a reserved and cold exterior. A worrier, this guy is insecure about his own abilities. He sometimes doesn’t sleep because he stresses he won’t succeed at what he’s trying to do.

And this attitude will influence his health in time. That’s why he needs friends and a lover who can help him relax. With the right people, he will learn how to play silly and laugh at trouble. Someone who plays practical jokes would be perfect for him.

He’s not at all romantic, but he’s good at this role if inspired to. If it’s for him to fall in love, don’t expect total dedication because he usually has many admirers. His lady should be ambitious and practical. This guy likes only people who know what they want in life.

The Capricorn Sun Aries Moon woman

This woman wants to be the first at everything. She’s a combination of the determined Goat and the energetic Ram. This lady can get to the top of the mountain on her own. It’s true she can get discouraged when she faces matters of the soul, but she’s too determined to ever give up.

The only way this girl knows is up. Giving a lot of importance to her own time, the Capricorn Sun Aries Moon woman thinks and acts fast. You may believe she thinks of only one thing, but she pretty much wants it all: from a good career and prestige to harmony and a quiet family life.

While interested in making a lot of money, she’s also into spiritual experiences. No one can analyze her better than herself. When it comes to what she needs and wants, she knows it from a young age.

Because she’s such a talented and hardworking person, you may think she doesn’t know how to relax. But she can have fun and work at the same time.

With her friends, this girl will joke and attend as many parties as possible. When she will organize something for her colleagues and clients, you can be sure her career is about to change and she’s about to be advanced.

Everyone will like her: from friends of friends to bosses and colleagues. She will pay attention to her loved ones’ problems.

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