Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon: A Vivacious Personality

Observant, the Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon personality thinks twice before getting involved in anything but can also succumb to joyful impulses.

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon

Those born with their Sun in Capricorn and their Moon in Aquarius are intuitive, intelligent and charming enough to attain success in everything they are going for.

They will always be surrounded by friends because they have a good sense of humor and are nice. Not to mention they will surround themselves by people who are essential for their ascension at work.

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Attentive, honest, idealistic;
  • Negatives: Disruptive, egocentric and hedonistic;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who supports them with their social ascension;
  • Advice: Remember that nothing worth having comes easy.

They prefer to observe a situation from far away before getting involved. Everything that’s old-fashioned and out of date bothers them, preferring to bring innovation to other people’s lives, responsibly and in a realistic way.

Personality traits

With a Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon combination in the natal chart, there is a great chance of combining tradition with innovation. Sun Capricorns like to follow well-established methods that have been efficient in time. Their development is slow and gradual, but steady.

What these people want to apply as a method will be tested long before they would have approved of the strategy. Their values and principles would be known to them through many experiences that have helped them satisfy their needs in life.

The Aquarius Moon knows how to use the Capricorn’s determination and ambitions in order to do things honorably. People with this Sun Moon combination will express their individuality without hurting anyone.

Moon Aquarians are driven by the unusual. They are eccentric people who don’t want to follow a well-established path. These natives prefer to make their own way in life.

When their traits are combined with the ones of a Sun Capricorn, you get honest, attentive and accountable people who are nice to others.

The more they will respect themselves, the more people will take them into consideration. Because they are sincere and they like spending time with other individuals, they are very popular and great at public speaking.

Goats are pure traditionalists who would never try any untested method. But coupled with the Aquarius, they become unafraid of the future and appreciative of innovative ideas.

Knowledgeable of the human nature, these natives know who to associate themselves with. When involved in group activities, they are the happiest and most efficient. People are drawn to them like moths are drawn to flames.

Their main skill is dealing with people and selecting them to be their friends and associates. Curious about the unknown, Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon people are not afraid to jump in and help those who come up with all sort of new concepts.

Their Moon gives their ambitious Sun the sense of freedom they need in their journey to becoming someone important.

These people are very attached to their family and their past, so they will work with what their parents have taught them in the most efficient way.

It’s true the rebellious nature of the Aquarius in them will try to do things differently, but this contradiction will be fixed with age.

The more sociable and confident Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon natives are, the more they will be stimulated to do a great job at work. But it’s important they get together with people who can support them emotionally and also who encourage them.

Having an occupation that makes them happy and helps them climb the social ladder seem to be like the only thing they would wish for.

While caring, it’s possible they become workaholics and forget all about those around them. Since they are charismatic and nice, those of the opposite sex will find it difficult to resist them.

When they will express themselves freely and inconsiderately, they will feel guilty. But it would be a shame for them not to follow their instincts because they have all the talents and resources necessary to obtain success.

It would be a shame for them to be inhibited as they would no longer be able to enjoy self-fulfillment. They can feel insecure because they worry and aren’t certain of their own abilities.

This is typical for all Capricorns: It doesn’t matter how cool and confident these natives seem to be, they will always panic. And the Aquarius in them only accentuates these fears with suspicion and all kind of phobias.

Because they are disciplined and good with people, natives with this Sun Moon combination make great businesspeople. Independent creatures, they are more prosperous when working without supervision.

These natives never hurry to judge, they always take their time to reflect. As a matter of fact, by analyzing the past, the present and the future, they make it easier for the progress in their life to happen.

Their determination, pride and struggle for the social status will always be felt by others. Especially since they are never emotional, and they are only applying intelligent and pragmatic methods.

A love that offers space

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon lovers need to always be in control. They are authoritative and focused more on their career. Their partner can trust them to always be loyal, attentive and the traditional type of lover.

Their need to respect rules will be noticeable. Sun Capricorns, in general, need to have things done a certain way when it comes to their love life.

Their other half will support them in their social ascension. But they also need someone spontaneity because they are too ritualistic.

Moon Aquarius people need enough space to express their individuality. They are extroverted people who hate obeying rules. But when their Sun is a traditionalist, they are more respectful towards norms and conventions.

Lovers with this Sun Moon combination will always want their significant other to recognize the fact that they are independent. As long as they have enough time for their own interests, they will be committed and able to stick to a routine.

But they would still have to do things their own way and their ways are often very different than those of others.

The Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon man

This is a really unconventional man so his eccentric ways can make him a misfit. It’s difficult to predict what he will do because he’s pretentious and always changing.

The Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon man hates restrictions as he’s a free spirit. He will probably do photography, blogging and deal antiques, or he will teach. He may have two jobs at once because he has many interests. Not to mention how eager he is to experience everything.

His electrifying moods will have him change his way of thinking many times. A forever student of life, this Capricorn won’t hesitate to do whatever he desires. And he’ll surprise everyone while doing it. Life next to him can be very exciting.

And don’t think he won’t keep his word, because he will always do what he says. It’s true he won’t make promises too often, but when he will, you can be sure he will do the impossible to keep them.

As a partner, this guy needs someone adventurous and confident. He’s a good man once he settles with someone.

The Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon woman

The Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon woman will always wonder if she should be conventional or not. She likes to work hard but she’s strange because she appreciates convention but at the same time resents it.

Ahead of her time, her intelligence will help her come up with many innovative ideas. But she’s pretentious because she knows that she’s talented. When it comes to advertising herself, she doesn’t know how to do it.

However, she will always impress her colleagues and bosses with her efficiency and determination. It’s true this lady has odd ways of doing things, but she’ll always use her organizational skills and get a good position in society.

Reliable, the Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon woman will make good money and keep her loved ones comfortable. It’s amazing how productive she can be. In her free time, she will travel and even read tarot cards or do some magic.

While usually private, this lady doesn’t mind having many friends either. People will be curious about her and what she does in her private time.

The Capricorn Aquarius woman has the touch of genius and loves sharing ideas with others. She likes being appreciated, but don’t expect her to be the boss’s pet. Starting with her thirties, she will start being less extreme and more down-to-earth.

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